Cats are quite fancy. That means they don’t need your gifts and the demands they put on the gift from the owner are also quite high. But nothing is impossible and hopefully, the experience I have accumulated through “fighting” with Alesha (my British Shorthair) will help you. This is my list of great treats to give your cat.

Training any animal takes technique and perseverance. Personally, after owning both dogs and cats, I find cat training to be more challenging if you want them to understand what you’re saying. Are you thinking of giving your cat a treat to “bribe” them during training? It’s not that easy, my friend.

Have you done enough research on training a cat?

This article won’t go into detail on how to train a cat, but I think we should have a bit of a basic foundation as well, right?

1. Reasonable time to start training

I always advise my friends to try to take the time to train someone from a young age. Because then their ability to think and adapt will be greatly influenced by external factors. And the same goes for cats. The best time to start your campaign is when your cat is completely weaned. That is about 8 weeks from the time they are born. And before those 8 weeks? here was a mother cat to take care of that.

Great Treats to Give Your Cat
Cre: Blue Bird

This is the time when the mother cat teaches her kittens how to survive and practice basic skills like eating, urinating, etc. This is also the time when you can assess whether you can train her/him not because there are many cats whose wild instincts are too high and are difficult to adapt to the human environment.

2. A few notes

When training you should not put too much pressure on the cat. Actions like scolding, hitting will do nothing but scare your little friend. This inadvertently makes them think that only when you are there will they “reluctantly” do the things you set out to do.

Besides, “gifts are not as important as how you give them”, you also need to do a bit of research on your cat’s preferences to get them interested in your gift.

If you choose treats like food, you should also avoid overfeeding outside of the main meal time to create a feeling of fullness for them or make them fat. You can reduce your cat’s dependence on treats by slowly removing treats from your training. But this must be done very skillfully because they will scream for that gift!

The cat’s expression during treatment training is also very important. If your cat is showing fear or disliking, you can change the treats or consider not using the items anymore.

Great treats to give your cat – Secret life makes every training easier

1. Small actions

There is nothing more wonderful than after a tiring day at work, we can come home and hold our cat in our lap, stroking their soft fur. Oh, that feeling! It’s a simple way to establish a bond of affection and trust between you and your cat. Because according to veterinarians, your care and consideration are no different from spiritual medicine for furry friends.

And you can apply those actions right into the cat training process. For example, when you train your cat to move on call, if the cat can get close to you, don’t hesitate to give her/him a hug.

But don’t lift them or you’ll get a scratch combo in the face! Or when they practice shaking your hand, if they stick their paws in the right place you ask, don’t be afraid to pat their heads. Such interactions are interpreted by cats as an incentive to encourage them to do more of the requests you make.

But as I have analyzed cats are quite fancy animals, so sometimes they are not too excited about such spiritual treats.

2. Conquer your cat with food

Do you see the cat’s eagerness every time you feed them? And you can apply this right into the training process.

What do we have? Pieces of cat biscuits or pieces of chicken breast, one or two pieces of tuna will be an extremely attractive treat. And of course, like the above acts of praise, cats will establish a relationship between good performance in training and being rewarded.

But this treat also comes with many inadequacies that require the owner to be extremely skillful in how to use it. They are similar to cats’ small meals throughout the day. And many small meals add up to one big meal. You don’t want your cat to be overweight or turn away from the foods you have worked so hard to prepare at the main meals?

In addition, if you overuse food during training, it will make your cat dependent on this. That is, only when there is food will they fulfill your request. You can mix food with motivational behaviors. And then as they get used to it, gradually reduce the food treats.

3. Toys

Toys are treats that you both use to reward and interact with your cat. Instead of the boring rolling or handshake practice sessions, you can use toys as an example. Show your cat how to perform the behavior and they’ll understand it faster.

After the cat has mastered the requirements that you set, don’t be afraid to treat them with those lovely items. I think a biting toy will have a lasting effect on stimulating the cat’s interest in the tasks you set.

Cre: Dorothe Wouters

Besides, cat trees can also be the perfect choice for cats who start training at an early age. This is an item that both helps cats scratch, bite, and helps them stretch and relax after a long day of activities.

Another thing that I also love to use is the control mouse. The control mouse has the same shape as a real mouse, manufactured from high-quality and safe plastic materials. Inside there is a control system that allows you to remotely control them to move. When the cats see them, they will chase them without thinking.

This is a very suitable toy for naughty and hyperactive cats, the constant movement will give the cat’s hunting instincts a strong rise. Thus, the cat will chase tirelessly, exercise flexibility, maintain a sense of excitement and fun. This is also a pretty effective exercise method there.

You can also think of simpler items like spools of wool, laser pens, or toy balls

4. “Stimulus”

That’s right, you got what I mean. Several substances will irritate cats for a certain period and the easiest to find among them is catnip. After practicing, you can take a few grams of catnip and wrap it in a thin film. I guarantee your cat will be “high” for hours.

However, you should also note that not all cats like this plant, so pay attention to their expressions.

5. Picnic trips

It’s not good if you just keep your cat in the house all day. Cats need space. So I encourage my Alesha to go out whenever I can (with a bit of my supervision, of course). A small yard, a sandy beach in the garden can also be a reasonable place to exercise for cats to relieve pressure when locked in a cage or too narrow breeding/confinement space.

6. Spa

I don’t know how effective this treat is but I think you can give it a try. No one can resist the charm of beauty treatments, especially the female cat.

A steam session, massage, or a bit of exfoliation along with a neat nail and coat will be a great treat after your cat has mastered all the requirements set forth.

Your cat may be shy at first, even having overly negative reactions such as meowing or, more dangerously, attacking the handlers. However, you can rest assured that doctors always have their way to satisfy demanding customers like your cat.

However, you also need to consider because the price of spa sessions is not cheap.

You see, the Great Treats to Give Your Cat that I recommend to you can be an effective catalyst to make hard training sessions more enjoyable. But what I still need from you is a genuine concern. This helps cats trust their owners and understand that these are jobs that will benefit them. You should only use treats as a means of support because any dependence will only bring bad consequences for your cat.

Closing Thought

Depending on your cat’s habits, choose the right great treats to give your cat. But if you want an austere training like in the barracks, that’s up to you. If there’s a way to increase the effectiveness of your training sessions, don’t hesitate to share!

Thanks for reading!


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