We already know that dogs are a very loyal animal. They are loyal to their master. That loyalty comes from my master’s affection and gratitude. So are all pets the same? We ask that question with cats. Many people think that cats are lazy, cold, or tall animals, always indifferent, etc. Are those things right? Is that all about cats? So, cats do not have loyalty? How do they show their loyalty? The following article may help you answer some of them.

Do Cats Have Loyalty?

According to researchers from Oregon State University, like children and dogs, cats form romantic relationships with their caregivers. It includes a sentiment called attachment security – security based on the presence of their caregivers in their sight, letting them know they are not alone or abandoned.

But the difference between dogs and cats lies in their thinking. Since then, it is not the same to show affection. If you’ve just returned from work, your dog will show its joy by wagging its tail repeatedly, jumping up and down on its tangerine-covered friend. That with the cat is manifested differently. It will also be fun when its caregiver returns home. However, instead of rushing towards you wanting to hug and kiss, the cat will quietly watch you from afar, arching its tail high to greet you. Besides, cats have their own sense of time. It is fully aware and remembers when you return home from work (Why? We will put the reference article link for you below). It will stand in front of your door and take you seriously. Maybe it has been waiting for a long time. That’s how the cat shows that he is always your relative, still in your sight. Their joy or the way they show affection to people is so gentle and delicate.

On the other hand

A cat is an independent animal. Although they seem to like being pampered and entirely wrapped up, they do not seem to depend on you. Cats think that you and they are altogether equal; you are not better than them. They are very independent of the way of thinking.

So, do cats have loyalty? Cats have, but the commitment to cats is not the same as the loyalty you see in dogs. For dogs, their loyalty comes from their genuine desire that they want to be submissive to you, they are absolutely loyal. Your relationship and they are here as masters. Dogs will obey and protect you like a faithful bodyguard. Cats won’t. Because in cats’ minds, they and you are neither better or more unique. Therefore, the relationship between you and them is the type of partner, who takes care of them, gives them a sense of security. They may be loyal to you, but it’s a kind of loyalty-based loyalty. They must gain love and care from you, then they love you back, faithful to you. You have to be the one to start the relationship. Once the cat feels that the relationship is real, it is sure to reciprocate your affection.

Reference source: https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/26/cats-know-time-12123850/

How Cats Show Loyalty

Close-up portrait of a blue-eyed cat in the hands of senior man

Cats are very different. Even the way they show their loyalty to the owner is not easily recognizable. For example, the way cats wait for you at the door and welcome you back from work. That image was like a faithful servant waiting for his master’s door to return. It is an expression of loyalty in cats.

The loyalty of cats is quite simple, not as bright and intense as that of dogs. As analyzed above, cats’ loyalty can only be achieved when their owners have given their true love, and they reciprocate it. Therefore, we can understand that loyalty in cats is a way to show affection to those who care for them.

You protect them, and they will protect you on their own, such as anticipating and signaling to you what they feel: a bad omen or a bad thing going on. Not only that, but cats will also quietly come to you, by your side when you are weak like you are sick, or when you are crying, or you are lonely (curled into your arms and silent).

Cats show loyalty by the following possible actions:

  • Get attention and attention from the owner
  • Always let yourself appear in your sight
  • Being proactively close

Always act as a pet and desire to be caressed and pampered. Always with you when you have a problem. Cats use their presence right next to you to say that they are willing to listen to you; they are always with you.

The above expression is not all that loyalty in cats, and they have a lot of other small actions to show that loyalty. You have to be the owner who cares and loves them, keeping an eye on them; you will notice how cats love you. Be the most worthy and happiest cat breeder when you receive the affection from the small and lovely cats.

The Bottom Line

Although cats always seem to be distracted, lazy, or sleepy and seem not to care about you or their surroundings, they love you. Remember, you are not only the person who cares for them, their companion in life, but also the person who makes them feel safe and calm. Because you are their only relative. Do not leave them alone! Do not be afraid to give away more love.

If you notice, you will see that loyalty in cats for you is very simple, but under a variety of forms and ways. So interesting!

Have a nice day with you and your lovely little friend. Visit https://www.kitty-cats.blog/what-do-cats-think-about/ to get more information about your cat.


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