As a cat owner, you always have many concerns, especially about his/her health. With any animals, including cats, you need to take care of them as gently as possible. They are little babies. You cannot know exactly what they feel and what they want.

how do cats get worms

As a result, it is hard to diagnose any disease your cat gets until it gets worse. A better choice for you is inquiring about what causes that illness to avoid. Let’s see how do cats get worms and ways to deal with them.

Are you ready? Let’s check it out. 

What Are Worms In Cats?


Worms in cats are simple organisms that feed off the body of your cat. Like worms in humans, worms in cats can cause many symptoms and be divided into many types.

What Are Types Of Worms In Cats?


This type of intestinal parasite is most commonly known in cats at any age and in any country. Eggs from these worms are passed in the dung and can remain alive in that condition for a very long time (up to years).

The infection of roundworms in cats occurs in two ways: direct and indirect. Cats can eat the eggs from worms in a contaminated environment or the intermediate hosts. Those intermediate hosts may be other animals eating the eggs before.

Two common roundworms in cats are Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina.

how do cats get worms
How do indoor cats get worms?


Hookworms are a typical type of roundworm that can be found in most countries throughout the world, although each country’s level is different. Hookworm infection is especially well-known in Eastern countries, while in Western countries, it rarely occurs.

Hookworm infection occurs when a cat eats the worms’ eggs from the environment or when his/her skin contacts with the eggs.

Typical hookworms in cats can be mentioned are Ancylostoma tubaeforme and Uncinaria stenocephala


In general, tapeworms are long flatworms composed of a lot of segments. Eggs in each mature segments are released at the end of tapeworms. These segments sometimes look like grains of rice and are seen on the cat’s bed.

Two tapeworms found commonly are Dipylidium caninum and Taenia taeniaeformis.

How Do Cats Get Worms?

As you can see, worms have a wide variety throughout the world and especially seen in animals, including cats. Worms can be picked up in many ways, and we can tell you about some of them below.

Cat Mother’s Milk

Kittens need milk from their mother to remain alive, and unfortunately, it is one of the most common ways that they can get worms.

As kittens are especially small and vulnerable, their mothers’ passing roundworm larvae via milk poses a huge threat, which even can lead to death if not diagnosed soon.


Flea is one of the most popular types of intermediate hosts that make your cat have tapeworms since most of the cats have fleas. Infected fleas carrying the larval form of tapeworms are ingested by cats, then the infection occurs.

Eating Eggs Of Worms In Daily Activities

Cats have many activities every day, such as hunting, playing in the garden, climbing. Each of those activities poses a risk to your cats to be larva infected, and they can eat eggs from worms.

What Are The Symptoms Of Worms In Cats?

Some symptoms tell you when does your cat have such creatures. Here we show you some of them.

  1. Illness
  2. Tiredness
  3. Sore bottom
  4. Breathing difficulties
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Vomiting
  7. Coughing
  8. Loss of weight
  9. Loss of energy
  10. Dull fur
  11. Unusual behavior
  12. Distended stomach

Treatments For Cats Having Worms

Of course, prevention is always than treatments. However, if your cat shows some signs of worm infection, that’s the time for deworming. Luckily, the treatments for cats having worms are quite easy and simple. 

how do cats get worms
How do cats get worms indoor?

When you take your cat infected by worms to the vets, they will give you some medicines depending on the types of worms that your cat was having and which age is she/he at. 

The most important thing is to keep your treatment on a regular basis as it let your cat feel comfortable enough to boost the effectiveness of that treatment. 

For example, with cats having roundworms, they need to be treated every day in at least three days in combination with different medicines.

During the treating process, the vet will do some follow-up fecal examinations continuously and one month after the treatment. 

Some of you may think of trying home remedies, but you should know that they are always risky, especially with animals as they can’t talk, they can’t tell you what they feel. What’s more, those home remedies haven’t been proven effective. All of them can lead to unwanted results. Of course, things will be fine if you are a vet.

Doing annual examinations is recommended in case you want to prevent your cat from having worms. You cannot avoid them to play with objects or climb the trees, but you can diagnose the worms as soon as possible.

Another thing you need to know is that sometimes worms in cats can sicken people, so take care of yourself as well. It will be quite a bummer if both of you have an infection at the same time.

Products To Treat Worms In Cats

Worms in cats may be hard to tell, especially when you look at your cat trying to find out any symptoms. However, this does not mean that parasite infestations are not popular among these fur friends. Veterinarians from Cornell University have shown their data about these conditions, in which claims that about 45% of cats have worms at any given point of life.

Those intestinal parasites usually end at the moderate digestive symptoms, but some of them may be too heavy that can lead to more serious conditions such as weight loss, breathing difficulties, and even malnutrition, especially in kittens.

Sounds very bad, right? But the treatments for worms in cats are surprisingly easy. They are called ‘the dewormer.’ These dewormers come with a wide variety of formulas for executive treatments based on cats of different ages and different types of worms.

Don’t be confident that you can identify the type of parasites that are making your cat get problems – it is the vets’ job for a couple of reasons. You want a physical exam and a fecal one. Once you get the result, you can treat your cat at home. 

However, there would be another question besides how do cats get worms: How can I choose the best product? Here we show you some high-ratings dewormers that can help you a lot.

Bayer’s Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer

Almost the people who saw this product for the first time were surprised by its price. It’s abnormally high, right? But if you care for the safe and the reliability of the eradication for various types of intestinal parasites, this is well worth it.

Bayer Drontal is one of the highest recommended brands to produce broad-spectrum dewormers with the best quality, especially when you do not know exactly what type of worms your cat has. The product comes with two amazing active ingredients that quickly bring about the best result, and it lasts very long: pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel. Both of them are popular medications for many types of worms. This product also impresses users by its simple tablet form, and it is totally safe for almost cats at any age, including kittens that have more than 2 pounds weight.

Let’s come back to financial problems. We need to pay more than $200 for 50 tablets, it’s an amount of money that not all people can afford. However, if you think about it more carefully, that would be a blessing for those who are getting a problem with a cat that usually has worms or one having more than one cat. Instead of purchasing a bunch of products for each type of worms, here you can use one for almost all – it’s quite economical. 

It’s generally rare when a broad-spectrum dewormer leads to side effects, so you know how safe is it. You may see that this product only has a few reviews, but it comes with such high ratings (4.7/5 stars) and an Amazon’s Choice award, which every brand wants to own. Of course, we have seen bad reviews complaining about the bad taste and the price, but no one can deny how well it works.


  • Kill several types of worms in cats thanks to the powerful active ingredient list;
  • Being very economical with ones who have more than one cats;
  • Work well and bring about a few side effects;


  • High price;
  • The taste is not very good to some cats;

HomeoPet Feline WRM Clear Drops

Just like human babies, kittens are very vulnerable. Any medical solutions applied to kittens need to be particularly developed, and so do dewormers. Worms are very popular in cats at any age, including kittens and their owners are usually concerned about the side effects caused by those not made for only small cats. If you are one of them, the dewormer from HomeoPet would never let you down: the homeopathic formula helps a lot in targeting an amazing number of worm types.

As we just said above, worms are very popular in cats but do know why we need a special dewormer for kittens? Because they can get worms in many different ways, such as nursing from their infected mother – the most popular one. In case you have a kitten, the dewormer above from Bayer does not work, she needs another one easier to take, so we have a dropper. 

Different from the one above, HomeoPet Feline WRM Clear Drops has more than 500 reviews on Amazon; thus proving that it is among the most popular choices, although users sometimes don’t like its long doses (14 days).


  • Natural homeopathic formula;
  • Safe for kittens;
  • Cause a few side effects;
  • Prevent various types of worms;


  • Require a daily long dose (14 days);

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

Tapeworm infestation is not difficult to diagnose. You can know how do cats get worms in many ways. The easiest one to know whether your cat gets tapeworm is trying to pay attention to her feces to find out small white pellets or notice her licking the area under her tail.

The most popular way that tapeworms are passed into cats is through the digestion when they eat infected adult fleas. Their growth can lead to the break of segments, and then they would pass through the intestines in the cat’s stool. It’s quite easy to be infected, right? But it is also easy to treat. However, this does not mean that we don’t need to consider when coming to a specific dewormer, especially among hundreds of companies in the market. For a couple of reasons, we recommend Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer.

This is the second product coming from Bayer appearing on this list. As you read above, Bayer’s products have high ratings and are highly recommended by many people, including cat owners and veterinarians.

The product comes in tablet form, which is very easy to administer. We have three packs on each tablet, and they also offer the powerful ingredient praziquantel, which is a particularly effective treatment for the two most common tapeworms in cats – Dipylidium caninum and Taenia pisiformis. Many reviews were mentioning how well it works in eliminating tapeworms in a single dose and how safe it is. And you know what? The last time we searched this on Amazon, there were over 1200 reviews, and most of them wrote about its pros. 

In addition, we have two products above are produced to eliminate various types of worms in cats, which is quite beneficial. But you should know that there would be some of them in which they don’t work, such as two strong tapeworms we mentioned right above.

However, remember that this product is very effective and strong, so it should be dangerous if your cat is under 6 weeks of age. 


  • Effective and strong formula;
  • Easy to administer;
  • Powerful ingredient praziquantel;


  • Be dangerous to too young cats (under 6 weeks of age);

NaturPet D Wormer

If you are very concerned about those products’ ingredients and even one from HomeoPet (which is particularly produced for kittens) still makes you worry, this would not let you down.

Coming with all-natural and plant-based ingredients, NaturPet D Wormer can please the hardest customers while not only helping expel a wide range of worms in cats but also soothing the digestive system of even the smallest kittens, which is very difficult with any chemical ingredient. This is a perfect choice for people who don’t mind that it would take time to work and worry about the other dewormers’ side effects in the market.

You can even use this product for cats of all ages and sizes to treat many types of worms thanks to the amazing number of plant-based ingredients included in it. We can mention some of them: wormwood for parasites, black walnut for worms, and additionally sage to clean the digestive system.

According to the company, the standard dose for this product is twice per day, and it often lasts for a week. This time is long enough to naturally remove all worms away from your cat’s body.

Let’s come back a little bit to the problems caused by chemical dewormers. The doses are usually strong and effective within a short time (24 to 72 hours). This can lead to some injuries in cats’ digestion. With this NaturPet product, it soothes irritated intestines, thus repairing the digestive system. You can see more of its benefits on over 120 positive reviews on Amazon. So how about the negative ones – people complained about the slow result while ‘it takes too long to work.’


  • All-natural, plant-based ingredients;
  • Treatments for various types of worms in cats;
  • Safe for even the smallest kittens;


  • Takes at least one week to work with twice-daily dose;
  • Remove worms instead of killing them;

ProSense Liquid Cat Dewormer

Roundworms have been found in a lot of cats. In the United States, people accounted for that each year, there must be 50% of the infestations are roundworms infection, which is not a small ratio. How do cats get roundworms? Well, in most cases, cats get roundworms when eating substances containing roundworm eggs such as rodents and feces. As you can see, cats are infected mainly through the digestive system, which plays an important role in malnutrition. To prevent the condition from becoming more serious, it would be better if you treat it as soon as possible. And ProSense Liquid Dewormer totally meets this requirement. 

As long as your cat is of over 6 weeks of age, she can use this product. Toxocara leonina, which is known as the largest roundworms species and usually requires surgical removal, will be eliminated in a short time. This is really easy to administer with the liquid form while you can both feed it directly and mix it with your cat’s food and water.

You may be very impressed by its powerful ingredient, piperazine citrate, while one-teaspoon serving contains 250 mg of it. For this reason, you need to take caution because higher doses can lead to vomiting in cats.

In addition, this product got the Editor’s Choice award due to its effectiveness in treating roundworms. Its price is quite affordable, as well: about $13 for 3 packs. 


  • Affordable price;
  • Effective in eliminating even the largest species of roundworm;
  • Powerful ingredients;


  • Not safe for too small kittens (under 2.5 pounds) and too young ones (under 6 weeks of age);
  • Side effects (vomiting) may come from high doses;

What I think

With help from those 5 highly recommended products to eliminate worms, when you notice any sign of intestinal parasites in your cats, all you need to do is find out how do cats get worms and then pick up the most suitable one. Each of them is effective in its own way, and everything depends on your demands – we provided you the pros and cons of each one. For example, your kittens cannot handle the high doses from ProSense Liquid Cat Dewormer, and HomeoPet Feline WRM Clear Drops will not be enough for the adult one. 

It depends on the types of worms, as well. The first three products are fine – they work for various types of worms, but sometimes you need a specific treatment. Toxocara leonina, for example, won’t be eliminated by NaturPet D Wormers. 

Remember that there would be many other good choices, with higher ratings that we did not figure out, so if you are using another one that you see, it works, but it, on the other hand, is not included in this list- It’s totally fine. Feel free to share with us, and we will talk about it together. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see from the post, worms in a cat cannot be absolutely avoided, but there are many symptoms that will let you know whenever your cat has worms, the treatments for them are also easy and effective (as long as you don’t try home remedies – unless you are a vet) and how do cats get worms

I hope you will find this post useful and know what to do when your cat gets worms. Have a nice day, and enjoy the world of that lovely animal.


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