Recently, we have received the hot question about “How do I know what kind of cat I have?” from many audiences. 

Of course, your cats’ breed will not affect your love for them, but it can give you some useful information on how you should take care of them or call their names.

Some breeds of cats look nearly the same!

Let’s jump to the way you determine your kind of feline.

What kind of cat do I have? What are its traits?

In this part, we will explore common cat breeds from domestic to pureblood cats. Although this isn’t a list consisting of all cat breeds, you will have some idea about the most common types of cats and their differences to know what kind your furry babies are.

Is your furry friend pureblood or domestic?

Cats come in a lot of different coats, colors, and sizes. Here, we will distribute the popular cat kinds by their coats. Though this method will not always work, it is enough for us to differentiate most types of cats. 

Tuxedo Cat Breed

A Tuxedo Cat

Cats in this breed often have a dark body beside white socks and bib. It is straightforward for you to identify them as they are somewhat unique.

The American Short Hair Cats

An American Short Hair

Unlike Tuxedo Cats, American Short Hair Cats share many similarities with several cat breeds. You can see it as a type of cat with short hair and a bright striped coat.

Tabby Cats

What kind of tabby cat do I have?

A typical Tabby cat should be either a black cat or the one with multiple dots, spirals, stripes, or dashes. However, they may feature various colors and recognizable patterns, too. 

Otherwise, you can see them as cats with an M shape on their foreheads or tiger-like stripes.  

Calicos Cats

A Calico cat looks almost exactly like a tortoiseshell cat except for their white color. Also, it could have a mixture of black and white, orange, or flaxen colors. 

Tortoiseshell Cats

A Tortoiseshell Cat

As I said above, this breed is like Calico cats, yet it has two major patterns. Most of them are black and red or several similar variants. In some cases, ginger and cream colors can replace the lighter red. And, the dark shades can consist of black, brown, blue, or gray.

They usually have either a brindled or patched coat pattern. A few might get tabby patterns, but they have patches instead of the full model.

Unique Cat Breeds

The followings are more distinctive cat breeds you can frequently see on social media. These cats feature unique traits differentiating them from ordinary home cats and are often bred to highlight these characteristics.

Below are some of the mass-market cat breeds that you may meet in your life.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat

These cats are gifted with a long and beautiful coat in a pale color. Typically, a cat of this breed has a silky gray and white fur. Their faces are also flat yet not as much as Persian Cats.

Maine Coon Cats

A Maine Coon Cat

You can find these cats everywhere in American. Maine Coon cats are incredibly huge, silky, and hairy with a couple of tufted ears on their heads. These creatures may have plenty of coat patterns and sizes except for color spots.

Siamese Cats

A Siamese Cat

Identified by their color-spot coats, capturing blue eyes, a slim body, and a long head, these intelligent cats are very loyal.

They even tend to bond with a person more than others in one family and are willing to welcome new members like babies or other animals. You can even let your Siamese cat makes friend with a dog.

Persian Cats Longhair

A Persian Cat Longhair

Most noteworthy, these cats feature a fat and short body apart from a flat face and nose. Their long fluffy fur coats are likely to have only one pale color. 

Because of their special coats, these cats need daily brushed and bathed. They also regularly tear up furniture, so you had better trim their nails weekly. 

Himalayan Cats

A Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats share the same coat length, body construction, and flat face with Persian cats. Their difference is that Himalayan cats feature a color spot pattern, and maybe also contrast socks.

They also love grooming and luxurious living like each other.

Manx Cats

A Manx Cat

These furry companions are adorable and easy to realize. Your feline will have a lovely short tail, two longer hind legs as well as a round head.

There are a large number of different points, patterns, and colors on the coat of Manx cats. Plus, they are well-known show cats and hunters. Therefore, if there is any mouse in your house, a Manx cat is a perfect pet to keep your home safe and clean!

Russian Blue Cats

A Russian Blue Cat

The famous cats from Russian have rare blue-gray fur and brilliant green eyes. In comparison with the Korat or Chartreux cats, they have the same color but shorter hair. Hence, you will not need to groom them frequently.

As a very intelligent and loyal pet, Russian Blue Cats are very worth breeding.

Sphynx Cats

In my opinion, these hairless cats have old-people skin. They may not look as much cute and appealing as other types of cats but are very loyal and caring.

Furthermore, they are very appropriate for fur-allergic people because they have no fur. Additionally, you can save a lot of time grooming them or cleaning hair in your house.

However, these cats may need a heated cat bed in the cold winter.

What kind of cat do I have test

It is possible to check your cat’s DNA.

What kind of cat do I have?” is one of the most popular questions in veterinary clinics and in cat forums. Though the above information is sufficient for you to distinguish most cat breeds and know what kind of your cat is, the most effective way is to have your kitty take a DNA test.

You can know if your furry baby is a Turkish cat, a Norwegian forest cat, a Bengal or British shorthair cat, one of the Abyssinian breed, or any mix with a DNA testing kit bred else. Commonly, you can cut a little fur or take a cheek swab. This depends on your case, which is recommended to use the best method for your kittens.

Once your vet gives you the sample kit, you now should put it in the provided container, and send it back later. After several weeks, you can get the critical answer to solving your curiosity about what breed your feline is. 

Wrapping Up on what kind of cat breed do I have

Whether your cat decides to choose you and move in to live in your home or determine to adopt the cat, its personality but not its species is what you love. Their ancestor variety is not essential and considerable if you do not need to train your cat to show up on the TV. 

Whatever, without the right documents, you can not take your cat to a show anyway. Nonetheless, taking a DNA test is not too pricey, and it is exciting for you to find out your cat’s genes.

In some cases, it is also vital for you to know how to look after a particular kind of kitty.

If you still have any further questions around the topic “How Do I Know What Kind Of Cat I Have?”, feel free to comment below. We are very willing to interact with you. Thanks for reading!


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