Have you ever questioned whether the number of cat teeth is equal to the number of human teeth? Does your domestic feline have the same number of teeth as a neighbor’s dog? All will be answered in the article below. Let’s read and learn interesting things about kitty’s teeth.

How many teeth does the cat have?

Just like humans, kittens are born with no teeth. After a while, the feline began to sprout milk teeth, and it gradually fell out. And they start life wonderfully with a set of permanent adult teeth soon after. Very strong adult teeth are used to chew, and it will not fall out. So, how many teeth does the cat have? In fact, adult cats have a total of 30 teeth after their bodies are fully developed.

How many sets of teeth do cats have?

Just like humans, cats have 2 sets of teeth to chew on. Cats have a total of 26 milk tines and 30 adult teeth (much less than 42 and 28 of the dog and 32 and 20 fewer than humans). At the beginning of teething, the kitten has 12 incisors, 4 canines, and 10 molars. After the kittens develop into adult cats, they have 12 incisors, 4 canines, 10 molars, and 4 molars. Therefore, the difference in number is calculated by 4 new molars. The fangs of cats often protrude like small and sharp knives. It makes cats have very scary smiles and are not friendly even when small cats are born.

How many baby teeth do cats normally have?

In fact, kittens have the number of tines depending on their age. After about 6 months of age, the number of baby teeth in the kitten begins to fall off instead of being a permanent adult tooth. Kittens will have 26 baby teeth in the first 6 months of life, 4 fewer than adult teeth. However, kittens were indeed born without teeth. They begin teething between 2 and 4 weeks after birth.

How many baby teeth do cats normally have?

During this time, kittens develop very fast on their teeth, so you should feed them a reasonable diet with lots of vitamins and high-quality foods. Avoid shoddy food, cereals, or alternatives to real meat.

Do you know? A healthy oral cavity depends on healthy teeth. We recommend brushing your cat’s teeth as soon as they are born or when you first bring them home. This is really helpful for felines because they will feel very uncomfortable when they start to grow their first teeth. If you start brushing your teeth when they start teething, they will feel uncomfortable. So you should form this habit as soon as possible.

How many adult teeth do cats normally have?

After all the milk teeth have fallen out and replaced with adult fangs, the cat has a total of 30 teeth if the cat does not have any dental problems. This development process takes 3 to 4 months. All of them are shiny and very strong.

How many adult teeth do cats normally have?

It is a fact that cats’ teeth are not meant for salads. Keep in mind that cats’ teeth are designed to chew meat, so these mature teeth are really sharp to shred and grind meat masses. They do not easily fall off like baby teeth.

What happens during teething?

Your cat looks so cute when they haven’t had any tines yet. But after a period of development, cats begin to teething. Baby teeth are sprouted by tooth buds located in the upper and lower jaws. When the adult teeth begin to grow, they press on the cat’s paws and cause the little tiger to lose all the milk teeth. The root of the cat’s teeth then weakens and disappears. When an adult tooth pushes through the gums, the kitten’s crown will fall off. You will sometimes find empty shells on your cat’s teeth or somewhere around your home.

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Your kittie may be drooling a lot when he starts teething, not wanting to eat many times, or stop eating. You know, the beginning of teething is when the kit feels very uncomfortable and stressed. If you do not watch your cat carefully, he can chew anything he sees, such as shoes, sandals, and other people’s belongings. Therefore, keep an eye out for cats at this time. You should also allow your cat to chew on acceptable things.

Protect your cat’s teeth from a young age to a tooth replacement

The kitten’s lower incisors will begin to hurt and wear out after 1 year. After 7 years, fangs will gradually happen aging. Subsequently, the lower incisors during the process they eat and chew will be sharpened. And for felines 10 years of age and older, the front teeth of the upper jaw will fall out. They will be distorted like humans.

At this time, not all food is suitable for them anymore. Therefore, the owner should carefully observe and pay attention to them regularly and monitor the change of little. After that, you should prepare different foods to suit the dental condition as well as the health of cats.

Final Thoughts

When raising cats, we will inevitably lack knowledge of caring and nurturing them, especially about the changes in cats’ bodies. You need to pay attention and spend a little more time with them to be able to maintain and protect the health of your family cat. I hope after reading this article, you will know how many teeth do cats have and the health problems of felines. Wish your cat good health.


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