Cats are a valuable asset of those who raise them. Therefore, its health manifestations all make you pay attention to. From little things like eating, sleeping to outside activities, you always pay attention bit to bit to protect your cat from bad problems. You can know whether your cat is healthy by urination of your cat. So how often should cats pee? Let’s read this post to know more about this issue.


Urination is the normal physiological activity of all species of animals, including humans. Pee is the operation of the agency urinary excretion via the catheter. The liquid from the drinking water will be stored again and then exited through the genitals. Cats often opt for urination or defecate where they feel safe. Therefore, you have to notice about it to know how often your cat pees.

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How Often Should Cats Pee?

Cats, as well as other animals, need to go to urinate every day. The amount of urination of a healthy cat averages 2 to 4 times a day. The intake of drinking water and several other factors affect frequent urination and the amount of urine.

However, what we need to care about is the regularity of this problem for several consecutive days. If your cats have unusual expressions like urinating too many times or too little, let’s take appropriate measures to help your pet.

Although some factors like fluid intake, age, and home temperature affect the cat’s pee schedule, the change inside their body is the most important thing to concern.

Cat Drinking Or Peeing Too Much

How many times a day is called peeing too much? You wonder how to know your cat by drinking plenty of water or having health problems that are urinating much. We are sure that many cat owners notice this problem. Your cat must be thirsty, so it drinks a lot of water. When you see it drinks more water and pees more than usual, it might be a representation of some health problems. What should you do when your cat is peeing more than usual? There are some diseases associated with this problem, such as polyuria, kidney failure, diabetes,… that all potentially fatal. The best way to help your cat is to ask your vet. Tell them about these expressions then they will examine your kitty to check its issue.

Your Cat Just Peeing A Little Frequently

In addition to the case of cats peeing too much, there are many cases that cats pee continuously with little volume. Do not drink enough water because it is one cause of cat’s problem that constantly pee with little volume. Water is really important for the excretion system and other life activities of animals. Let cats often see the water spot and remind them to drink water. Besides, another way we can apply is for cats to eat liquid food. It also makes the cat easier to digest and provide water for them indirectly through the food.

There is a special point that may also be why cats pee just a little more than 4 times per day as they use urine to mark sovereignty. They want to warn people and other animals not to come to this place when they see a lot of people crossing there. Is it weird to cat mark their territory by urine?

These above reasons that you can change the way you take care of it help your cat back to the normal routine of a healthy cat by supplying water. Besides, cats pee small amounts frequently stretching is a serious illness that you have to take your time to bring it to the veterinarian. In this way, you can help your cat get out of bladder or kidney diseases. A cat’s defecation schedule may be affected by diet, medications, activities, and so on. However, you should not belittle these small signs that only for home treatment.

How Often Should Cats Pee And Poop?

So how many times a day should your cat pee and poop? This problem depends on your cat. If your cat goes 3 days without peeing or pooping, you should have your cat check by the veterinarian. In case you see your cat try to pee painfully, it can get urinary obstructions. We often see male cats meet this problem. This is strange, isn’t it? Some cat owners said their healthy cats should pee twice a day normally and poops once. This seems very interesting when counting how many times a day cats pee and poop; however, if you want to know your cat is healthy or not, this is one of the best ways to know. How about your cat not peeing at all? What awful news! Your cat is probably seriously ill, so your cat needs emergency veterinary care. Don’t wait until late!

How Often Do Cats Use The Litter Box?

There are a lot of cats that regularly pee around the house. This is annoying to everyone who cleans up. You can use the litter box and guide the cat to urinate here. This means that you have to regularly clean up the litter box. You should put the litter box in a quiet place where your cat often plays near to help them easily pee here. Last but not least, keep the litter box clean and pleasant for your cat. That is also a way to keep them away from bad effects.  

The Bottom Lines

After you read this article, we hope that you will have the answer to how often cats should pee. This post will not contain enough information with the big heart of you for cats. If you want to know more about your cat’s pee habits, leave a comment below this post. Anyway, we’ll try our best to answer your question as soon as possible. Have a nice day with your lovely kitty!


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