As a cat lover, you probably know that cats love sleeping and climbing. Usually, they sleep about 12 – 16 hours a day, so it’s essential to make them a comfortable condo.

Honestly, it’s not hard to build a cat condo at home. You can take advantage of some materials in your house to make it within fifteen minutes.

This article will show you several ways of building a cabin for your cat. Let’s see.

cat condo

How to build a cat condo with cardboard

Step 1: Choose fit cardboard for your cat size

Cats are easier to get cold than people, so help your cat get warm by creating both cold-resistant and safe shelter that allows her to hide and rest.

You can buy colorful and floral prints cardboard boxes with classic or modern designs. If you build a cat condo with cardboard boxes, choose the type of box that fits your personal preferences and interior decoration.

Also, you can use cardboard boxes from supermarkets or grocery stores.

Step 2: Make a hole in the front of the box

Use scissors or a craft knife to make a hole. You should make doors close to the ground for old and slow cats, but for kittens or naughty cats, design circular doors in the middle of the front of the box.

To make it easier for your cat to get in and out, create an appropriately-sized door.

If your cat likes to crawl into small places, make the door small. If your cat is sensitive to restricted areas, you should make the door big.

Step 3: Make this hideout according to your cat’s references

Does your cat like dark and quiet places? He likes to watch things around? Or stays in a dark and tight box or prefer to stay in a sunny spot? Understanding these matters above can help you answer the question “how to build a square cat condo.”

If your cat likes to look at things around, cut off the top of the box and the door so that they don’t feel isolated.

If your cat likes to be alone, you should attach a soft cloth at the door to make curtains.

To build a cute condo, you can use the same fabric to place inside the box.

Use scissors or a knife to make a tube for placing food by cutting a hole on the box’s top. Put the toilet paper core in it to drop snacks into the box without disturbing them.

Add a soft and smooth lining to the condo. Cats will happily love it. Their sensitive whiskers and footpads indicate that cats love the soft places. Think about the surfaces such as pillows, fur mats, fur fabrics, or even traditional curtain fabric.

Add in your smelly things like an old T-shirt or sweater. Cat’s favorite toys or grass can be used to attract its sense of smell.

How to build a cat condo from a T-shirt

How To Build A Cat Condo At Home
A T-shirt condo

Create a perfect “hideout” for brave cats

Only with the items available you can build a cat condo at home with T-shirts, clothes hangers, old rags, and safety pins.

You can use an old T-shirt that cats like.

You can choose a shirt that suits the interior.

And you can change it whenever you want.

Make the frame

It is a way to shape the condo. It will have to bulge for the cat to get inside, so you have to bend the clothes hanger into a dome.

Calculate the cat’s height and make sure the condo frame is bent high enough to make the cat comfortable. If you want to create a smaller tent that fits your cat, cut the ends of the hanger.

Cover the T-shirt on the frame

The T-shirt must be large enough to cover the entire structure and still have a little extra.

Pull the T-shirt over the tent, keeping the collar at the front and center. It is the door.

Fix the T-shirt with tape to make it easier to wash later. 

How to build a winter cat condo

Cats easily get cold, so it’s important to know how to build a cat condo for winter. You can stitch a condo from a sweater.

Choose an old sweater or fleece coat

You can create an excellent condo with a needle and clew in less than 30 minutes. If your cat likes to sunbathe and watch everything around, this is the perfect condo.

Make sure the sweater has long arms.

Stitch the edge of the sleeve on the side of the shirt

You only need wool and a needle to sew wool. You can choose a different color of wool (such as using red wool to sew the black shirt) or use the same wool color not to reveal the seam.

Stop when you have sewed about half of the arm from the armpit section.

For the other hand, do the same process.

Fold the lower part of the shirt

Put the sleeves forward and roll up your shirt from the bottom up. Make sure the cuff of the shirt is a little overlap. So you’ve created a border for stuffed.

Join together each sleeve and the rolled shirt’s edge. At the position where the cuffs overlap in front, insert a sleeve into the other tube. Stitch them together in circles along the circle of the wrist edge.

Stitch a line to connect two armpits

Stitches can be submerged or stand out depending on your choices. Stitch a slightly curved line forming a semicircle.

Both layers of wool are needed to sew. The more curvy stitches are, the more rounded the cat condo.

Stuff onto the condo edge until you have a sausage-like circle.

Use old carpets, cotton or rag cut from old clothes to fill the edges.

Pad a little bit of cotton at the bottom of the condo and sew the mouth of the collar.

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With just only some simple steps, you can make a fancy living space for your cat. After reading this post, we hope that you can answer the question “how to build an elaborate cat condo.” If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to share with us and others. Thank you!


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