Unlike dogs, cats are always on their high nerve if there are things untie them from their secure state of mind.

And the way they react to transporting may get us stressed along the way. Frightened cats may bite, scratch, and impede your driving. A hyperactive cat can bolt from the car and get injured before you can act.

Even less nervous felines aren’t able to resist their desire to explore the new area in your vehicle.

So, the best way to keep them off your driving concentration is to confine them into the best secure cat carrier.

If you are being confused out there among the choices, this article will help you choose the right one. Just scroll on and read.

How to choose the best secure cat carrier in 2020

Considering cats’ nature of preferring warmth and coziness, it seems easy to pick a carrier that features those criteria.

But in fact, there are actually more factors that matter.


You don’t need the Main Coon size for a tabby kitty of 7 months. The carrier should just have enough room for the cat to stand up and maybe move around a bit.

If you’re going on a long trip, make sure the carrier has sufficient space to accommodate food and water bowls.

It’s reasonable to buy a large cage if you can estimate the size of your cat when he reaches his adult size to save for later. To aid the little kitty in a big carrier, you can line a sheet and lots of towels to make a nest for the cat.

More on the side, when you are carrying more than one cat, you may need two separate carriers. Don’t constrain them because it only causes them more nervous.

Types of carrier

Secure cat carriers should have walls to lock up escaping. There will be a door for entering and windows for airflow.

Mainly, cat carriers come in two types:


These are plastic containers that are quite durable and sturdy. Ideally, they are easy to clean and use. However, this type of carrier is quite bulky and hard to fit into a car seat.


Made of fabric, these soft carriers are foldable for storage. They are also pretty light in weight, making them ideal for carrying.

But on the downside, a fabric bag can sag a great deal on your cat due to the frameless construction. More than that, its floor may not be hard enough to handle the mass of your cat, turning the transportation an uncomfortable experience.

Either of these types is fine for cats. But you may need to testify their quality, versatility, and construction before buying.

Besides these traditional styles of carriers, there are more creative bags on the market offering the same service and being cute at the same time.

For example, the kitty backpacks, cat trollers, and shoulder bags.

Those can be adorable to have but won’t give the cats the comfort they need. Therefore, they are not for distant travel and settling in a car.


Most carriers have windows for cats to breathe. On a soft-sided bag, there should be mesh windows made of durable material to tolerate scratches.


Many cat owners are familiar with the door opened in the front of the cage.

However, if the cat is reluctant to get out, an open at the top is quite helpful. Picking kitties from above reduces the risk of you getting bitten and scratched.

A better idea for a secure cat carrier?

It’s great news that cat carriers aren’t just in those varieties. People are working on finding the best solution for pet carriers.

Because at the end of the day, we only want our pets to enjoy the ride as much as we do. And the way people make it happen is to improve existing characteristics and add new features.

That is how SureLoc Pet Carriers comes to launch, offering the best solution for carrying your pets.

The idea popped out from the situation in which the creator struggled to secure his pet, then the kids in the car. Out of the blue, he wondered if the pet carrier can have the same buckle-in system that is proved to be secure for children.

This marvelous concept is coming live soon , and we can expect the first carrier in the world that keeps your pet safe on the car seat. Get Products Updates by Subscribe on SureLoc Pet Carriers email list

Not only that

This SURELOC promises tons of features that are missing on old-school carriers.

You will have a carrier that is easy to install and remove from the vehicle. It’s a snapping and sliding joints system, like locking up your backpack, which is quite straightforward.

Better than that, it is not as hard as a plastic cage nor as flimsy as a fabric bag. It makes use of lightweight materials with construction inside to keep the carrier up.

There will be no more covering your cat’s view, unlocking privacy so that your little fur fellow can look around, see you, and feel safer.

Can it be better?

Yes. You don’t have to doubt the quality of the latch system utilized in SureLoc Pet Carriers. Until now, the seat belt was the only way to anchor your pet carriers.  SureLoc Pet Carriers are the only pet carrier to use government approved latching system for children’s safety and booster seats. In September 2003 it was mandated for all car makers to install the anchoring system in new cars. It’s in your car. Furthermore, it’s airline allowed. That means SureLoc Pet Carriers is a one-for-all carrier that is worth expecting.

Read More : https://www.kitty-cats.blog/how-to-travel-with-a-cat/

Bottom line

There is yet to be the best secure cat carrier to determine. Still, if we can make a comparison, we always put benefits we can get from the product on the scale.

That surely makes Sureloc Pet Carriers the winner over the traditional choices.

Let’s wait for this innovation and get our pets, dogs, and cats the best gift for their holiday. SureLoc Pet Carriers is created to make that happen.


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