You should learn how to determine cats’ mites then remove them from your cats, house, and yard. In general, you should know how to clean mites from cat ears. Because these parasites can suck blood and pass the disease to cats as well as owners, it is essential to handle them.  

Find signals of mites at cats

When biting cats’ ears, mites will firmly attach to cats’ ears until they complete the blood-sucking process. It is challenging to know that you see a dark nodule or a mite on the cats’ ears because you cannot see the mites’ heads when they are sucking blood. Mites often crawl on the cats’ bodies as they do not know how to leap or fly. Just see their legs to distinguish. Mites often gather at warm parts on the cats’ bodies such as in ears, toenails, or under armpits. However, you can find them anywhere on the cats’ bodies.

If cats come to places where they may have mites or go outside, you should check them carefully. If you do not make sure that kind of bugs is a mite, you can put it in a sealed plastic bag and bring it to the veterinarian. 

Understand about the mites’ shape

Mites are often dark brown, reddish-brown, grey, or black. Almost all kinds of mites have small heads and oval bodies, although many types of mites have different characteristics. Commonly, their length is less than 6 mm; some types can be smaller. Note that when sucking blood thoroughly, the female ones can have a length of up to 12 mm.  

Mites are not insects. They are like spiders; therefore, the mature mites have eight legs. The young mites or youngest mites (larva) have six legs. 

Clean mites out of cats’ ears properly

If you see a parasite seeming to be a mite at cats, you need to know surely that it is a mite. You should see its legs to be sure that it is a mite, not a nodule on the cat’s ears. Just wear gloves and use small tweezers to pin into it, as close to the cat’s skin as possible if you can be affirmative that it is a mite. Then pull it out gradually and don’t twist your hand. You should raven its head accompanying with its’ body. If not, its head can cause infection.  You should also put it into a small alcoholic container to kill it.  

If you see that your cats have just discovered areas where mites can live (like high meadow) or have signals of mite infection, you should check them from their heads to tails every day to seek mites. 


Since some medicines at pet shops can be dangerous for cats, you should buy drugs directly from veterinarians. Veterinarians will help you choose effective and safe products. There are not any oral medicines that can kill mites; the only topical medication can. If there are pregnant women or children, just let the veterinarian know. This is a significant element to determine the safest treatment for both your cats and your family. 

When choosing a type of topical medication for cats, you may have a lot of choices. If you use medicines for dogs, your cats can be sick seriously (or even die). So, you must ensure that the product you select is for cats, not for dogs. To clean cat ears mites, you should use the topical medicine directly on your cat’s skin. Several types of drugs include:

  • Selamectin (known as the name Revolution): This product can kill not only mites but also ear louse. Note that it is not licensed as a mite treatment product. It is an only useful part of killing several kinds of mites and not valid to Ixodes mites – one type of mites carrying Lyme disease.
  • Fipronil and (S)-methoprene (known as the name Frontline Plus for Cats): This medicine can kill both mites and fur louse.

Vet tips

Generally, to prevent a medicine from spilling, you need to hold the medicine bottle vertically. Just turn the bottle upside down and squeeze it all in one spot on the cats’ skin. You must ensure that medicine absorbs into their skin, not only on the fur. To be sure that the bottle runs out of medicine, check it. Because each kind of drug has different usage, you must always read the product label carefully to know how to use it exactly. 

Veterinarians can introduce other tips to prevent mites for cats. Therefore, you should ask the veterinarian for this problem. A popular choice is a Seresto necklace from the manufacturer Bayer. It can kill mites within eight months. You can use this kind of accessories for mature cats and kittens more than ten weeks old. 

Moreover, there are necklaces killing mites from other brands. To know which one is appropriate to your cats, you should refer to veterinarians.  

Ear hygiene for cats

You can purchase ear cleaning solution for cats at reputable pet shops supplying pet belongings or veterinary clinics. A right cleaning solution often makes cats’ ears dry fast. If you need a cleaning solution urgently, you can make it by yourself. If you sparingly use a mixture including a part of alcohol and a part of white vinegar, it will be useful. However, you need to keep in mind that it can make cats uncomfortable if they are infected or scratched. 

Don’t use water for hygiene as it can remain in the cats’ ears and allow yeast fungus to grow. To make the outer surface of cats’ ears clean, you can use a cotton swab moistened with olive oil or hydrogen peroxide.

How To Clean Cat Ears Mites
Use a cotton swab moistened with olive oil or hydrogen peroxide to clean the outer surface of cats’ ears 


The grooming habit of cats is so meticulous that they can clean the whole of their earlobes. Nevertheless, sometimes, they still need to ask for help in the hygiene of this part if there are mites in their ears. This is a chance for owners to check cats’ ears regularly and recognize some affairs. This can prevent these affairs from being more serious.  


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