I know when seeing the title, some of you can immediately click on it. How to clean cats’ ears naturally is one of the most concerned questions of those who have cats. 

How To Clean Cats’ Ears Naturally

You may have already gone through a couple of cleaning guide with many other ways to do this task, but I promise this will be much different. 

And now, all the information I give you in this article will be under the form of an answer to your conceivably concerned point. Let’s go into the world of cat lovers.

Cats’ Ears Cleaning Overview

Why We Have To Clean Cats’ Ears?

Some people may say something like this: “Cats have an excellent grooming habit, so they don’t need any ear care.”

In fact, not all the cats are well in self-grooming. You need to decide whether you need to clean your cat’s ears, depending on his/her habits and environment.

Generally, some cats have a weak resistance, so it’s not hard for them to have an ear infection. The cleaning routine can help in warding off it.

How To Clean Cats’ Ears Naturally

How Can We Know It’s Time For A Cats’ Ears Cleaning?

Whenever you notice any dirt or other debris, it’s probably high time to clean your cat’s ear. 

How Often Should We Clean Cats Ears?

To a cat, the demand for ear cleaning varies a lot due to the changes in his/her ‘personal’ condition such as health, and in the environment such as weather.

As a result, you clean your cat’s ears twice a month, but you may need to clean your friends’ ears once a week. That’s totally fine.

In general, once a month is recommended for a healthy cat’s monthly ear cleaning to remove the debris, it will be more dependent on your cat’s health. 

How To Clean Cats’ Ears Naturally?

Don’t wait for giving your cat a pill when he/she has an ear infection! Please wash your cat’s ears as soon as possible. Here we share with you some information on how to clean cats’ ears naturally.

How To Clean Cats’ Ears Naturally

First of all, I want to say that: if you are too busy that you can’t spend at least 15 minutes washing your cat’s eardrums yourself, you should take him/her to a vet to receive bits of help. 

So be ready for this instruction.

Take It For Preparation

Before you start cleaning the ears, make sure that you kept your cat’s hearing canal and auricle flap clean. Excess, dirty and matted hair will prevent air from flowing to the ear canal, thus causing some problems such as the impairment in listening ability.

What We Need

As you will do the ear cleaning at home, we want you to prepare some household supplies:

  • Commercial feline ear cleaner (you’d better buy a one for pets, if not a baby cleaner is also fine. Olive oil will be an acceptable alternative in case you can’t buy any cleaner).
  • A dropper (in order to put the liquid into your cat’s ears)
  • Cotton balls
  • A water container
  • A warm pan of water

Ensure that all these supplies are cleaned, and you may need something to make your cat feel comfortable such as some hand treats or catnip.

Step-by-step Instruction

On average, an ear cleaning takes about 15 minutes, but sometimes there will be some problems happening, so you should spend at least 25 minutes in total. This instruction includes 7 steps, and now we will tell you about them.

How To Clean Cats’ Ears Naturally

Step 1:  Cats’ ears are comparatively sensitive, then you need to warm the ear cleaner or olive oil.

 Place the container into the pan of water that you have prepared before until it reaches the body temperature.

Step 2: Place your cat on a table (or if he/she shows some signs of fear, you can let him/her sit on your lap). 

Step 3: Take one or two drops of cleaner or olive oil and get them into the round opening of your cat’s ear canal. 

Step 4: Gently massage the base of your cat’s ear until you see the liquid comes all around.

 (It will be better if you do step 3 and step 4 with two ears at the same time. If not, do them in turn).

Step 5: Your cat will likely strongly shake his/her head. Don’t try to stop your cat, leaving him/her alone for about 5 minutes is recommended.

Step 6: After your cat stops head shaking, use cotton balls to remove dirt and liquid from the ears.

Step 7: Make the cat feel comfortable with some catnip or hand treats.

Some Small Tips

If you find this ear cleaning too difficult, we have some small tips for you.

  • Keep the cat stay in the place with another person who will hold him/her.
  • Avoid using Q-tip to clean the ear canal as it can damage the eardrum and push the dirt deep inside the ear.
  • Wrapping your cat in a towel can help in keeping the cat still.
  • Don’t make too much use of catnip since your cat may be ‘too comfortable’ to stay in place. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, after reading this article, cat’s ears cleaning is an easy task, but it will come a little more difficult for the first time you do this. However, make sure that you keep cleaning ears for your pet (not just cats) on a regular basis to avoid any unwanted infection.

How to clean out a cats' ears

I hope that with the information given in this article, you will know more about how to clean cats’ ears naturally and never make them dirty anymore. And don’t forget to ‘take action’ whenever you notice any sign of infection in your pet. Enjoy a nice day with your lovely cat.


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