Weight loss is a tough mission for all of us and both four-legged animals. However, it is more challenging for pet owners when they have multiple pets. 

Many complained that they don’t know how to feed their cats when one of them is too fat. So how to feed two cats when one is overweight? Firstly, you have to find a new feeding routine for two cats. Or check with your vet healthcare provider for the best treatment. For detailed information, reading on to the end of this post. 

Tips and tricks on how to feed two cats when one is overweight

To control the daily amount of food for pets, you should create those with new prescription diets. Here’re some useful ways on how to feed two cats when one is overweight you can refer to. 

Determine the right amount of food for each feline

How to feed your pets? First but important, you have to measure the amount of food for your pets, especially the fat ones. You take the necessary amount of food for each cat and let them eat in different rooms. Please check with your vet so that he/she helps you find the exact amount you should feed each cat. 

With this method, you can ensure supplying enough nutrients for pets and controlling overweight cats. Often, you let your cat eat for about half of an hour, the fussy eaters may take a bit longer. When your pets finish, store the food containers until the next feeding time. To control the weight of your furry friends, set them a feeding timetable. Pet owners can feed their cats multiple times per day, it’s all up to their preferences. As long as you follow the feeding timetable, your pets stay happy and healthy.

Separate cats into different rooms

Another way to feed two cats when one is overweight is by using different rooms. Pet owners can create individual feeding locations for each of their kitties. We think it is a good idea if your chubby cat is likely to steal food from another.

But some review that they separate their pets when feeding, but one of them doesn’t eat alone. In this case, be patient. It may take your pets about two weeks to get used to this routine. Please spend your time and fully supervise cats when eating. Make sure that fat pets only eat in their bowl, not dispute others. 

Or you can feed them in the room but at different corners. You should place the feeders as far apart as possible and watch over them. This also helps your lovely pets focus on their diet instead of food competition.

Avoid high-fat diets and keep overweight pets active

Wondering how to feed two cats when one is overweight? You should not leave overweight pets to eat high-fat diets. Because it may increase the risk of health diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, or several types of cancer. 

Bear in mind that letting your pets eat their favorite foods is not a way you express your love, please feed them scientifically. Consult the veterinary healthcare team to find the best diet for fat cats and other fussy eaters. 

How much should I feed my pets when one is fat? To answer this question, bring cats to your vet for an examination. The pros will test and determine cats’ weight and the number of calories required for each cat. For overweight cats, we suggest buying canned diet foods and eating meals rather than nibbling all day long. 

After letting pets eat, you should teach and keep overweight ones active every day. This is a good idea to help cats dissipate excess fat and release energy in their body. In other words, it works to help pets lose weight. Buy some interactive cat toys, like balls, dancers, or chew toys, to entice them from the heated bed. Or buy something with the twinkle light, they can easily attract your pets’ attention. Don’t purchase too small toys as felines may swallow them. 

Other tips

One cat of your multi pets is overweight, please feed them with different foods. Here are creative suggestions you can apply to solve this problem: 

  • Place the food of the normal weight cat up high where the overweight one cannot reach.
  • Depending on the cats’ sizes, you can buy small food storage containers that fat and large animals cannot fit.   
  • Never let pets nibble food throughout the day. Store the cat food storage containers after the meal. 
  • Control their mealtime, too. How do you do that? In some cases, your pets get overweight as they are likely to steal food. Hence, it is effective to monitor your kitties a few times while they eat. If you are busy, ask for your children or family members to watch over them.

Why should owners follow veterinary weight-loss diets for cats?

white fat cat sitting with eyes closed

These above are all useful and interesting tips on how to feed two cats when one is overweight. To feed and keep your furry friends, including fat ones, healthy and happy, keep in mind that you have to find them an adequate diet. We recommend veterinary weight loss diets since they are approved by pros and entirely safe. There are a bunch of weight control diets out there but not all of them work effectively. They only work for cats that want to address a small amount of weight, not for too fat animals. 

Some weight-loss diets for cats:

– Purina Veterinary Diets Feline OM Overweight Management

– Royal Canin Weight Control

– Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

And more. All of these diets are high protein & fiber content, and low carbohydrates. They help pets feel full quickly and don’t beg for food. Alternatively, some new diets with specific nutrient formulas can stimulate the metabolism process, making pets burn more calories than usual. These products are created for the cat’s particular situation.

What foods are best for overweight cats?

Looking for a solution to control your obese cats? Firstly, you have to follow these above guides on how to feed two cats when one is overweight. It will work effectively for pets in all cases. Then, you consider investing in good foods for your kitties. In this part, we only focus on the best products for portly cats.  

The followings are recommended products for multiple pets:

Nulo Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Nulo Grain Free Dry Cat Food

As we stated, you should feed your fatty cats according to a specific diet. Nulo Grain Free Dry Cat Food is a top-rated product for pets as it contains no grain, with the majority of its protein coming from meat instead.

It is formulated with extra protein that supplies more energy for your pet to play all day. It works to help your pet ward off hunger, too. What’s more, pet food is the perfect blend of essential vitamins and minerals for mischievous cats. It helps you control the weight of your furry friends. 

For example, you have two felines, but one of them is fatty. So how to feed two cats when one is overweight. You can separate them when the meal is coming and feed them different food. For the overweight cat, you let it eat Nulo Grain-Free Food to keep your pet’s overall health in balance. 

We believe that most pet owners will be pleased with what this cat food gives. In general, it appears to have all the nutrients your kitty needs. 

AvoDerm Natural Indoor Weight Control Cat Food

You don’t know which food is good for your pets? Try this candidate. Made of chicken, tuna, oatmeal, pea fiber, it provides optimum nutrition for your cat needs. Many owners review that AvoDerm is an ideal option for the less active and fatty cats. Besides, this standard cat food is designed for picky eaters.  

In addition to helping cats lose weight, AvoDerm benefits for their coats that look so shiny, soft with less shedding. It may take a few days to transition your kitties to this food, and then they will beg for more. We are sure that your pets will lose some weight and be looking healthier. They will turn their noses up at everything, but they will eat this happily.

Royal Canin Appetite Control Dry Cat Food

This is a “diet” food that felines love! You have two pets, both fixed and 100% indoor cats. But one looks so obese, the other one is a healthy weight. The problem with feeding them is that the fatty pet ate all the food and packed on the pounds. 

Do you still wonder how to feed two cats when one is overweight? You should think about changing the brand of pet food. The product of Royal Canin Foods may be the best option. It contains high levels of fibers, giving your furry friend the feeling of fullness. Plus, it has moderate fat levels, reducing the risk of overweight. They stay at a healthy weight, as well as seem more active and interested in play. Normal cats may love it, too and they will not lose any weight. 

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

You take good care of your two cats, one of them has a prediction to be very active and hyper but the other is less active and fatty. You research a bunch of methods to help indoor cats lose weight but don’t know which one is the best.

how to feed two cats when one is overweight
A cat product from Hill’s Science Diet

Not too worried! The wonderful Hill’s Science Diet for felines is highly evaluated by pet owners. It is designed to help balance the pet weight and still retain its muscles. Let your felines eat food about 2-3 times per day, at night and day.

The product is rich in dietary protein and fiber, but low in fat. Why Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food? Because protein formulated in the diet will work to stimulate metabolism and energy expenditure. This gives your kitties the feeling of fullness. Hence, cats will not feel hungry again shortly after eating. 

Now you have two happy, healthy cats!

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Dry Cat Food

To control the health and weight of your multi cats, you have to follow your vet instructions. As one of the most prominent products appreciated by vets worldwide, a diet in Purina’s Pro Plan is good for your cats’ health. 

Both chubby kitties and picky eaters love this diet. Packed with real chicken, fish meal, soy protein concentrate, etc. it helps protect muscle during the losing weight process. Many owners shared that their furry friends seem to be more active since starting this food, and the cat that looks less chubby. They have definitely gotten back to a normal weight and look much healthier. Their coats are also soft after eating this diet.

How to feed two cats? You take the food into two feeders and let each of them eat alone. This helps you manage and control the amount of food for every cat.

There are a variety of cat foods available out there that are good for cats’ health. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food, Blue Buffalo Weight Control Cat Food, etc. are excellent alternate options.

In the bottom line

Feeding multiple cats sometimes is a challenging job. Follow our guidelines above to keep your pets’ overall health in the balance! We hope our share on how to feed two cats when one is overweight is useful for you. Are you ready? It’s time for your job. 

Have any questions or queries about cats’ health or products, let us know in the comment below. Or feel free to reach us NOW to get the most useful advice to take care of your furry friends. We are looking forward to hearing your voice.

And don’t forget to follow our well-built blog to update further information about how to care for your lovely furry friends. 

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