Get rid of cat odor in an apartment? It can be an intricate chore.

Cats can be cute at times, a sea full of positive emotions. However, along with all the fun of cats, we get a bunch of unpleasant odors. It may not affect people living in houses, but this becomes a big problem when you live in a small space.

Pet owners are very familiar with this scent, especially radiating from the tray. The question we will answer in this article is how to remove unpleasant cat odors from your apartment.

Why cats have bad odors

There are many reasons for this question. Depending on your cat, the following could be one of them.

Bad mouth odor

Get Rid Of Cat Odor In an Apartment

Since cats are animals that self-cleans by licking, they will spread that odor around their bodies if they have bad oral hygiene. Most unpleasant odors come from tartar build-up on the teeth and gums. Over time, it will lodge into the cat’s gum pockets and create bad breath.

Skin problems

Cats with skin diseases can also release a foul bodily smell. Although less common in cats, it’s still a possible theory. There are many skin infections, such as yeast or bacteria-infected areas. Symptoms of these problems include itching, visibly red marks, inflammation in the skin, and hair loss. If your cat seems to fit under these symptoms, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Infected glands

Since cats release feces from their behind, it’s always a good idea to clean your cat’s rear end regularly. This will reduce the chances of getting an infected anal gland. However, if you are sensing any unusual smell coming from your cat’s behind, there’s probably something wrong. Signs to look out for is any inflammation or constant licking and biting around the rear end. You should take quick action as leaving it for a long time will lead to an abscess.

A dirty cat

Cats are feline creatures that clean themselves through the licking method; however, sometimes, that’s not enough. You should take showers for your cat when recognizing that it’s releasing a bad smell to keep your cat hygienic. Always remember to check your cat’s rear end to see if there are any feces stuck around the fur area.

remove unpleasant cat odors from your apartment

Recommendations for fighting odor

Wash your cat’s tray regularly

You must be contemplating how to get rid of cat litter box odors in an apartment, but it’s actually quite simple. Just like how we enjoy clean toilets, cats also prefer clean trays. Being ingenious animals, they understand that they’re acquainted with a personal hygiene rule of using the cat litter box.

If this is the case, it’s always important to clean your cat’s tray regularly. Doing this will reduce the smell spreading quickly or avoid risks of your cat stepping on anything nasty and dragging it around the house.

Frequently vacuum

After a long period of time, pet fur and dander will get trapped in the small enclosed holes of carpets and fabric. The best way is to clean your carpets with a vacuum to suck all the lingering and trapped odors. This will help get rid of the smell.

Purchase enzyme detergent

This detergent has the sole purpose of removing any smell or stains as enzymes break down specific organic materials. By applying the enzyme solution on the smelly area for 10 to 15 minutes, odor removal should be successful. If not completely, you can repeat the step a few times until the smell is permanently gone.

Refresh the air

Experienced cat owners will know that a crucial factor in keeping a pet is always to keep the house open so fresh air can come in and the bad air exits. Another alternative is to purchase an air filter machine. The device’s purpose is to filter particles of dust and remove odors to improve your air quality.

Use baking powder to clean

The smell of cat feces is very persistent, uncomfortable, and usually very difficult to remove. So, it’s vital to get rid of it with an efficient cleaning liquid – baking powder. It’s also known as sodium bicarbonate and is a natural cleanser.

All you need to do is mix a solution of water and baking powder. As some detergent won’t remove all the odor, using this baking powder solution will ensure all the unpleasantry is gone. You can make a large batch and store it in a spray bottle.

Bathe your cat regularly

Sometimes, the smell doesn’t only come from feces or urine but from the cat itself. The best way to keep your house smelling fresh is to follow the handy tip of regularly bathing your cat. Although cats hate water, you will get rid of the stench by submerging and rinsing your cat thoroughly.

Periodic medical examination

Suppose you have any reason to believe that your cat is urinating abnormally. In that case, you should take your pet to visit a veterinarian to discuss any possible reasons and causes for your cat to urinate out of control.

Make an appointment, and take your cat immediately. If you ignore the symptoms and leave it for too long, it may develop into a urinary tract infection or kidney problems, which can be life-threatening for your cat.

The doctor will follow a step-by-step procedure, starting by checking your cat’s medical history. Afterward, they will have a close up look at your cat to see where the foul smell is emitting from.

How to get rid of smells in specific areas

The carpet

One of the most common places that cats go to the toilet is the carpet. Due to this reason, we must make stay clean and wash it carefully. If you’ve noticed that your cat has created a new puddle, first, absorb the excess liquid with paper towels. Start the cleaning process by washing with strong soap such as washing powder or dishwashing liquid.

The Couch

Removing smell on the couch can be hard as some couch parts aren’t removable. Don’t panic. We have a few solutions for you to clean your furniture. The first option is to use a slightly diluted vinegar solution.

Begin by removing any moisture with a napkin. After you’re done blotting the excess moisture, add the diluted vinegar onto the affected area of the couch and rub. In the future, your sofa might have to spend some time at the dry cleaner, but at least you removed as much of the stench as possible.

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Linen and clothing

Luckily, these items are machine washable, which means it shouldn’t be as time-consuming as others. Soak your affected clothes in cold water before putting them into the washing machine. It should get rid of some of the odor. Add some washing detergent and baking soda to remove more of the foul smell when washing.

If the first cycle has completed and you aren’t satisfied with the smell, repeat and rerun the cycle. It may take a few times to re-wash before it comes out smelling like usual again.

Wrapping up

You see. Get rid of cat odor in an apartment is not quite hard, isn’t it?

No matter how many cats you have, your house should never have an overpowering smell of cat odor. If you follow these tips, you’ll have an odor-free home. We hope you continue the rest of your pet-owner journey full of fresh smells and happiness.


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