You use medicines for cats in many different situations to help your pet have resistance to diseases. Usually, kittens are given regular deworming tablets from a young age. There are also some drugs such as small ticks, contraception, or eye drops. The drug may be in the form of tablets, powder, gel, or liquid.

Cats have a few points on the body that are sensitive and do not like firm bumps. It won’t be comfortable whenever you intend to give your cat a pill.

But do not worry! Follow us if you are wondering “how to give a cat a pill by yourself?” in this post.

Talk to your veterinarian

If your cat is sick, you should not diagnose them yourself. Take the pet to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

give a cat a pill

Meet the vet to have the most appropriate treatment for your cat

Before giving your cat medication, you need to consult your veterinarian first. The doctor will examine the cat and choose the best treatment for their condition. If medication is required, he will prescribe and explain how to give a cat a pill. If you are not sure about the instructions, you can ask the veterinarian directly.

The most frequently asked questions are:

“When should I give medicine to a cat?”

“Should drugs be combined with cat food or drink separately?”

“How to take medicine? Drink or inject?”

“What are the side effects of pills?”

And “What is the safe way when giving a cat medication? Should I wear gloves?”

If your cat needs to take medicine with an empty stomach, you may need to use a syringe or carefully place the pill in your pet’s mouth while restraining them. If you give your cat liquid medicine, use a small medicine bottle.

Use pills in combination with food

When giving your cat a pill, you need to know how to use it most effectively. If possible, combine it with food as this is the most accessible way for both you and your pet.

If the medicine is used with cat food, it’s best to choose Pill Pockets or other food that is suitable for your cat habits and diets. It is available at pet stores, but if you cannot find the product or the cat does not like it, you should switch to wet food that will curl and put the tablet inside.

Food needs to adhere to the medication so that the cat cannot separate it from food. If your pet spits food, you can use new foods or wet foods to round up small tablets.

To make your cat eat wet foods, you should feed them two of four pills that do not contain any medicine. Then feed the cat with the tablet and wait for them to swallow. Finally, give the remaining pill to remove the taste in the cat’s mouth. This pill works to prevent cats from feeling strange food so you can continue using this method.

Mix the medicines with wet foods to feed the cat

After the cat finishes eating, you should reward their favorite food. You can also caress and play with cats if they are comfortable and do anything to make them feel relaxed. They will then look forward to the next dose.

Give cat pills without combining with food

If your cat has to take medicine separately, you should prepare a small bottle with about 5 ml of water. Give your cat water after medication so that your cat can swallow the tablet and not get stuck in the esophagus.

Put the medicine in a position close to where you keep the pet to hold it tight as soon as the cat opens his mouth.

If your cat is not familiar with taking medicine, they can resist escaping, so you need to use a towel to cover the cat’s body, except its head. It also keeps you from scratching your pet.

Place your cat on a moderately high-level surface of a kitchen shelf, closet, or washing machine. Elevation should be at the waist level for easier dosing. Hold the cat tightly (still covered with a towel) while leaving their body on the surface. If you give your cat a pill by yourself, you need to lean your hips against the surface and arms around the cat.

Use the thumb and ring finger to squeeze the side of the cat’s mouth. Pets will open their mouths when you put pressure on this part. If they don’t open their mouth widely to take medicine, you can gently push your lower jaw with your other hand.

If using a pusher, you should push the medication into the back of the tongue. If using a small bottle, put the tip of the bottle between the cheekbones and the cat’s teeth. Do not spray the pet’s throat or tongue. The liquid can flow into the trachea, causing the cat to choke.

After giving your cat the pill, you can close your cat’s mouth and gently stroke the throat under its chin. This makes it easier for cats to swallow medicine.

Some important notes when giving your cat a pill

Place or drip pill into the cat’s mouth quickly before struggling. This is why you need to prepare the medicine in advance.

Try to please the cat before taking medicine, so they don’t panic and run away.

If your cat continually escapes before taking the medication, you should bring them into an empty room, such as a closet or bathroom, and close the door.

Consider recommending veterinarians to mix drugs into powder or liquid. You can combine the medicine with tuna oil. Tuna oil works to hide the taste of medicine.

Sterilize male cats, so they are less aggressive. Sterilization also helps to prevent AIDS, control reproduction, limit territorial behavior (urine discharge to mark territory), and help cats have a gentle attitude when exposed.


To sum up, each cat will react in a different way when we give him a pill.  Understanding the nature of your cat and various approaches will enable you to do the task effortless and quicker.

Hope that our detailed guides are useful for your pet’s situation. No matter which way you choose, you’ll find it easier to get used to the cat’s problem. Please like, share with others, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you need further information. Thank you.


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