As you know, cats realize their familiar things, and it would not be easy to introduce a new kitten to a cat, a new cat to a new home, and more. Although cats can make friends within a few hours when they first meet, they’ve sometimes know each other for two or three months, but they can still fight or threaten in front of you.

How To Introduce A New Cat

The reason why they act that way is perhaps you introduce them to each other too quickly. You have to spend more time on this process and build the relationship between them since this is an essential step if you want it goes as smoothly as possible and don’t want to see war every day. 

Get the details on How to introduce a new cat below!

The general information about introducing pet to pet


The scent is essential with any pet, especially in cats and dogs. A new pet comes into the other’s home, the unknown smell appears. And your cat will be grumpy about that. Your goal is to let your cat accept this scent. Thus, your new cat would also be allowed.

Living areas

Changing the new environment is never easy for pets, especially for cats. And the new place, they meet new friends, it could make your new pet more stressful. Your goal is to let your new pet get familiar with the new area and help her get pleasure from the others at home.

Introducing a new cat issues

Your grumpy old cats can easily accept a new kitten or even a puppy or not? Or submit a new cat to a dog; the keyword for this issue is patience. The secret of how to introduce a new cat is patience and step by step. Check out the problematic level in introducing a new cat for each different situation:

A new kitten to a cat

A kitten is less of a threat to a resident cat than an adult cat because it is still sexually immature. It can also be better to get a kitten of the opposite sex to the resident cat to minimize competition. If you are getting an adult cat again, it can be better to bring in one of the different genders.

A new cat to another cat

The important thing on how to introduce a new cat to another cat is the scent. Make an introduction slowly and get them to get in touch progressively.

A new cat to an old cat

It would not be stressful on how to introduce a new cat to an old cat! Your new cat and the old cats will smell or find each other, don’t worry, because that is the way they create connections and define which level they are. The scent is the most important of the cat’s senses for communication. You can figure out how your new cat has the smell of your home when your resident cat meets newcomer, he/ she will determine close fragrance. Besides, if you want the existing cats to accept a new cat’s scent, use a towel wiping a new cat, then apply it for existing cats.

A cat to a new home

Cats don’t refer to change in the modern living environment. So, it’s so important to prepare the necessary things to move a cat to a new home comfortably. 

Prepare a carrier

Cat carrier would prefer in spite of the temporary moving. It wouldn’t be suitable for cats when you move them by carton box. Cats feel uncomfortable and anxious in the small space.

Create the home feeling for the carrier

Remove the feeling of anxiety by handling the inside the scent like a home. For example, you can put your T-shirt, cat’s toy in the carrier. The smell of your T-shirt will make your cat safe and peaceful.

A new cat to a dog

Did you love both the cat and dog? And it’s so puzzling on how to introduce a new cat to a dog! You must avoid fear and aggressive in the first meeting between them. Control the meeting is necessary and note that you should let a cat-free to go. Your cat can feel free to explore and access your dog.

But, how about a puppy with a cat? How to introduce a new puppy to a cat? It would be more comfortable than introducing a new dog to a cat because a puppy is curious about anything, even your cat. They will not be aggressive with your cat and favorable access to your cat without a cat’s permission.

Helpful tips on how to introduce a new cat


As we mentioned, the keyword on introducing a new cat is patience. This process can take from two hours up to several months. So, the process of introducing a new cat needs patience, and you must always remember that your goal is to get them pleasure behavior towards each other. 

Keep the private places for each cat

Cats will be happy when they are the only cat in the home. As long as there are no resource competitions such as food, litter trays, sleeping areas, toys, they can get along with other cats and learn to accept each other peacefully. Making the space for the new cat will make cats feel comfortable and relaxed, and that also enables you to control how and when old and newcomer cats meet each other. Primarily, you should keep separating them at first. They don’t know each other, while their territorial sense is so strong, so you need to separate them first and let them get in touch gradually.

Let cats find out each other bit by bit

After a week, maybe you should let them see each other. Your cat can feed, play while seeing the other. They will progressively accept each other.

Sometimes, you can change their room together, explore the new office, and understand their friends’ place.

Your help to push this introduction quickly is to let cats smell each other. Rubbing the towel on your new cat and let your cat feel it. Thus, cats slowly accept a new cat’s scent. It means your introduction of a new cat is successful.

Keep on the eye in the first meeting

When you think this is the appropriate time to introduce them face-to-face, let them meet. But you must supervise the session. In case they make war with hissing, growling sounds, and the aggressive attitude, you have to interfere with the end of the battle.

They have made an acquaintance together, you also let them play but under your monitoring: Keep watching the cats and notice when one of them is starting to bully or annoy the other. If you think annoying activities began, don’t be afraid to separate them.

Creating a happy home with you, your family, cat, and new pets would be more accessible than ever. A new member will be welcome if you have the right introduction. We hope that this information and tips are useful for you.


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