Later on, your family has a new member, a baby, and you are also raising a cat. Can’t you bring the baby home?

You should know that cats are introverted and thoughtful creatures. If there is such a significant change, the cat may do something it has never done before.

Chances are, your dear cat will not go to the litter box anymore but go to the bathroom in a lot of ways, or it will go against what you taught him in the past, and then maybe it will harm the baby. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Let the cat get to know the baby; everything will be fine!

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Supervised interactions

You are the one responsible for monitoring the interaction between your baby and your cat.

Follow and monitor the cat’s behavior when you change the space or the cat’s expression to the cat’s crying baby.

You should show the cat to the baby room. 

No matter what happens, the cat will still be a member of your family. Welcoming a baby to your family also requires some preparation. Such as cassava baby clothes, towels, diapers, blankets, baby carts to eat to play, or decorate the baby’s room like a zoo or play area, or even mysterious gardens. Perhaps an ideal change for the bedroom?

Since cats are members of your family, cats have the right to know all the house changes to welcome the baby. Open the door of the room for the cat to visit. Let the cat freely walk around the house. And it will detect even the smallest changes by itself.

Trust me. It will get the situation less stressful.

And you must monitor all activities or gestures of the cat to see, the cat is on the right track or not.

You make your cat familiar with the baby’s cry.

Anyway, later, when you take your baby home, your house will be full of noise! It is still a child’s cry. Perhaps, with some families, the crying of children is forever an obsession! Maybe even showing up in the middle of the night, waking up everyone in the family. So let the cat adjust to the baby’s cries. You should actively play videos or videos about the child’s crying.

Indeed, doing so would serve as a mild warning to the cat about things to come. Watch the cat’s behavior. If the cat is upset, it is understandable because the child’s cry is like the cry of suffering from the kittens. In case the cat is observing it from start to finish, commend it actively. If the cat shows discomfort, repeat this process. However, change your strategy by having your cat play the games she likes to create a sense of comfort first.

little girl sitting at home on the chair near a little friendly cat

Sharing clothing items from the baby in your cat bed

We already know that cats are an animal with a perfect sense of smell. It sniffs quickly as well as communicates through scent. For example, it likes snuggling its body against you to mark you, removing other odors from your body, and replacing it with its smell. Or the scent of a cat also represents its dominance. Or it would bury its waste so that the enemy wouldn’t smell it.

The cat knows all its owner’s smells, but it seems that the baby’s smell is a strange smell to it. If you don’t want your cat to switch on strangers to babies, let your cat gradually get familiar with the scent.

You have a few suggestions.

First, you should apply mother-baby lotion or baby powder, or baby shower gel shampoo a few weeks before the baby returns to let the cat get familiar to the smell. 

Second, you can bring the baby’s belongings from the hospital to Make sure your cat gets his scent on the cat bed.

Or thirdly, you can put your baby’s socks on the cat’s paw. And bring the baby home and still bring the baby’s socks so that when the cat meets the baby, the cat will recognize this smell like the scent of a cat and recognize the baby’s family member.

Giving your cat the attention they need

I know you’re excited about the new member’s arrival, but don’t neglect the cat. It always needs your attention.

Make it feel, whether before or after you have a baby, you are always eager, attentive, and affectionate for it.

Every time you spend time with your baby, bring the cat nearby to get used to the baby’s arrival.

Be respectful of your cat by giving her some space to keep her from crying and holding hands every time she sees something she sees.

Let your cat know that you have been silently caring and paying particular attention to it.

And every time it shows tenderness to the baby, appreciate it to show the correctness of its action.


If your family is about to welcome a baby, pay attention to the cat’s movements or movements. Don’t let cats out of this happy time! 

Your neglect will have severe psychological effects on the cat.

Perhaps, past this article, you no longer worry about the cat and babies’ discord; you already know how to introduce your baby to your cat, right? Hopefully, you will be successful with what I have suggested to you. 

Be patient to your cat.

I wish you a happy life with your cat and your baby.

Thank you for reading the article!

Have a nice day.

Good luck to you!


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