How To Keep Coyotes Away From Cats? That’s quite tough for those with cats living near their habitat. Discover how to avoid this creature capturing your pets.

Coyote is a type of dog closely related to wolves and domestic dogs. They are only located in North America. This is a predator living in groups of small numbers. They are slender, smaller than grey wolves, but are agile and resourceful in hunting. Especially coyotes are very smart and have a keen sense that they can sniff you whether you see them or not.

Coyotes have gradually adapted to human life and live right around or in the area where people live. They are ubiquitous, including living in parks or many others living in industrial areas or interspersed with residential or commercial areas. The increasing scarcity of familiar foods causes them to change and hunt small mammals such as dogs, cats…So How To Keep Coyotes Away From Cats?

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For some reason, coyotes are especially attracted to cats. Although cats have sharp claws and have an advantage with the ability to climb trees, cats have used to live meekly beside humans. They soon shed some of their wild fighting habits. And of course, cats are not suitable for playing a forty-mile-hour chasing game with coyotes or actually fighting with them.

In big cities, coyotes often avoid being undetected that they are active at night, and they hide during the day in out-of-the-way parking garages, alleys, drainage ditches, old pipes or other quiet hiding places. However, do not be surprised when you will probably catch them blatantly waiting in the park or in the corner of the football field, right next to you and your pet.

Found in every state of the United States, except for Hawaii, coyotes eat anything they can find, including nuts, fruits, and small animals (alive or dead). They pose a particular threat to cats and dogs. And according to many sources, pet owners are advised to be more alert in the spring, when wolves often give birth to pups. Therefore, their demand for food increases.

How To Keep Coyotes Away From Cats?

Many people think that the best way to protect their cats is to keep them in their sight and safe space like in the house. But you know, no one wants to be in one place forever limited by four walls. Cats also need to be outside to hang out, get some fresh air and sun …. Whether it is a sure-sounding way for your cat’s safety, follow these tips to keep your cat alive.

#1: Around your house

Coyote is a devious species and can attack its prey violently. They can damage the fence surrounding your home or dig dirt under the fence to get through. Design a solid fence of 6 feet height or more with a rolling bar and 15 inches woven wire above it.

To make your yard less attractive to these predators, you can do the following:

  •  Install light sensors to alert the activity of approaching objects.
  • Turn on bright lights around your home at night to prevent the coyote from coming.
  •   Prune trees around your home to limit where coyote can hide.
  •  Regularly harvest ripe fruits, not leaving on the tree in an excess. At the same time, you should also collect the fruits that fall on the ground, so they don’t rot on the ground.
  • Cover your trash in front of your house certainly, or better yet, place it in the garage, basement… – somewhere out of coyote’s reach.
  •  Some studies have shown that noise can repel a coyote. There are a few devices created for this purpose, such as sirens, propane cannons, or even a loudly broadcast radio station in the area. However, to keep up the effectiveness of this method, the noise must be changed. Otherwise, the wolves will get used to that kind of sound and will not be afraid or away anymore.
  •  Keep pet food and drink trays indoors or don’t forget to bring them in.

#2: How to handle when faced with coyote

If you encounter a coyote around your area or in your own yard, look at it, scream, clap, stamp your feet repeatedly to scare it away. If it seems to be intended to get closer, throw anything within your reach. It could be a stone, a shoe, a tennis ball. Also, try spraying water or shining a flashlight on it. Do all you can to let the wolf know you can pose a threat to that coyote. Coyotes are very intelligent, and they know they cannot live long if injured. And so their usual reaction would be to leave, to stay away from danger.

If, unfortunately, you were with your cat, calm down and gently hold it. Get rid of coyote without panicking your cat. Because you will have difficulty keeping your pet steady and do not let it slip out of hand if your cat is agitated. So, you will have to fight to scare away the coyote and forehead of your pet. I’m not sure the outcome of this war will always be your victory.

#3: Protect your cat

  •  Keep your cat insight.
  •  The two times when coyotes are most active are sunrise and sunset. Make sure your cat is not out at the time.
  •  Do not put a bell on your cat’s neck, as it may attract unwanted attention. It will be dangerous because the coyote will hear that sound and approach your cat immediately.


  • Be very wary if you or your neighbors keep the barn in the backyard because coyotes will be attracted to chickens, food, and rodents.
  • Never be indifferent to their appearance around your area.
  • Never take your cat’s eyes off, it’s best to keep it indoors.
  • Always watch out for coyotes. 

That is How To Keep Coyotes Away From Cats, drop comments if you want more tips from me.


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