Interactive play with your cats, some games like hunting or hide and seek, drives them essential hunting skills. 

Plus, playing is a positive way for your furry friend to get rid of negative energy or aggression and create more benefits. More important, playing with your four-legged friend is exceptionally vital to bond the relationship between your cat and owners.

How to play with cats without toys

So “How to play with cats without toys?” is the question you are still wondering about, isn’t it? Congratulations, because this post today is for you. There is a bonus of some tips to play with cats without scratching at the end. Keep reading!

Why should you play with your furry feline?

Enhance bonding

You and your pet do not speak the same language; therefore, the easiest and quickest way to enhance bonding with your cat is play. 

If you don’t spend time playing with them, your furry feline may become lonely or depressed. Gradually, they feel strange to you and alienate you over time.


If you own an indoor cat, playing with them is also regarded as practical exercises. Although your cat can often run up or downstairs or run around your bed daily, this does not compare to the vast number of calories wild cats burn while running and hunting.

It is estimated that 58 percent of US felines are overweight. So, playing not only facilitates your kitten to be vivacious, active, but also keeps a healthy weight and strong muscles. Additionally, activities allow your friend to express and hone their natural hunting instincts.

Reduce stress

Stress is harmful not only to humans but also to your pet. Cats with stress can expose various serious issues of aggression, losing sleep, obsessive-compulsive disorders, or behavioral problems. One of the great ways to get rid of stress is by playing with your kitten.

 “Step out” boredom

The nature of the cats is a curious and adventurous species. Felines need some kinds of challenges or engaging activities every single day. If not, they may become bored and depressed. Therefore, playing helps blow boredom and mischief away.

Stimulate mental health

According to PetMD, on average, cats need at least 15 minutes of play per day. If your pet is young and a little bit naughty, playtime can be more. Of course, physical exercises are pretty vital for cats but don’t forget to stimulate mental health through playing with them.

 Some popular kinds of play for felines

We have just made the collection of different play styles, which may help owners have some fun moments with your cats without using toys. Let’s follow our list:


Once catching prey, some cats want to enjoy, but some observe and joke with their prey, which is called swatting.


If you have an outdoor cat, you may see this style more frequently. Your cat’s appearance stalking in the shadow is so cute, right? For naughty cats, everything may be “prey” of theirs, even household items, such as curtains, fans, or brooms.

Chasing and fetching

Many breeders think that chasing and fetching is just for dogs. It is totally wrong. A lot of cats also love this calorie-burned game. This game helps your kitten hone their natural hunting instinct.  


Climbing is another instinctive behavior of cats. Wild cats usually climb trees to look for food, run away from rivals, or survey terrain. Similarly, your feline friend may look for a peaceful and safe place in high positions.



Not only does it keep their claws trim, but it also brings a fun time for your cat. Providing your cat an abundance of opportunities to scratch freely. Check out the link below!


How to play typical games with your cats

There are various ways to keep your pet amused without using expensive toys. We have wrapped up four budget-friendly activities you and your cat will be interested in. Follow us!

Play hide and seek with cats

Kittens are like furry ninjas. They are into hiding undetected place before striking. So, a popular game like hide-and-seek “ignite” the predatory nature in felines.

 A mischievous cat likes concealing themselves behind desks, curtains, couch, or bed, and then leaping out to catch you unawares. Your kitten will stalk you as if you were a prospective prey.

Play rabbit game with cats

Another interesting game you may play with them is the rabbit game. This game is super perfect for energetic cats. It helps your cat hone how to capture prey in the wild.

Your feline will keep the prey with their front paws, kick with their back legs. Then, they will roll onto their back and begin to bite the prey.

Play pounce game with cats

This game involves moving targets. You can use your hands, move them around to stimulate your cat. Put your hand under a towel or blanket and move to different places inside the objects. Your furry friend will chase and grab it.

Pounce game imitates the experience of pouncing upon a mouse or a prey. But, be careful when using your hands like a cat toy because your hands can be hurt by your cat’s claws.

Play obstacle game with cats

Obstacle game is not only fun for your feline friend but also super great for a workout. This is an excellent game you and your pet should try to play one time.

One of the advantages of this game is that you can use homemade items like toilet roll tubes and make tunnels from these items. You may arrange the shape of obstacles according to your interest, but don’t push your pet too tricky at first glance. Increase the level of difficulty little by little.

To upgrade the interaction between you and your feline, you may use your hands moving up and down in front of your cat, and moving forward quickly to the chase.

This game is a real workout, so make sure that your pet remains motivations after completion.

Play catch-food game with cats

If you have a picky cat, this game is super perfect for your pet. You will take small pieces of food, put your hand, and move around or up and down to attract your cat. Burning amounts of calories while chasing food makes your kitten hurry and crave to eat.

You can build up a rule, something like play equals food, and no play equals no food to stimulate your cat’s appetite.

Some tricks to play with your feline without scratching

Being scratched seems a visible risk while playing with your cat without toys as your hands are as your cat’s prey.

If this occurs, you will need to keep patience. Keep in mind that never tell your pet off for scratching as they will not understand what they did wrong at all. In this case, you may make “ouch!” sound in high pitch (similar to that of a fellow kitten) to signal your status to them.

If your four-legged friend does not stop scratching, pause this game for a couple of seconds. If they scratch again, stop this activity for a few days. Cats are intelligent animals. Sooner or later, they will understand that scratching is not the ideal option to play with their owner, and this will be the end to their amuse.

Final thoughts

What do you think about this post today? Do you often play with your feline friend? Share with us. And if you have any concerns about the topic today, don’t fret about leaving your thoughts below in the comments section. Thanks for reading!


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