Nowadays, cats are not only pets but also their owners’ close friends. Therefore, if they get any troubles or illness, the owners will be very worried. And I believe if you have a cat, you will be, too. 

Like any other pets, cats are easy to get sick unless they are well cared for. One of the common illnesses your cats may get is UTI. So, what is UTI? How to identify it? Is it dangerous? How to prevent UTI in cats? All will be made sense below.   

What is UTI? 

UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infections. It is a disease caused by the bacterium that lives in anus skin or vagina. Such a bacterium broke the immune system and attacked the urinary system, including bladder, kidney, and adapters. The statistics show that female cats are easier to be infected by UTI than the male ones. That is because female urinary adapters are shorter than that of males. Also, among five female cats, at least one gets UTI, and the rate of recurring is 80 percent. 

Note: You need to have your cats treated the UTI as soon as possible; otherwise, their kidneys will be directly affected. Besides, the disease can be recured if it gets a suitable condition.

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What causes UTI in cats? 

Medically, UTI is the consequence of E. Coli’s attack. This is a dangerous bacteria with the full name Escherichia coli. Also, there are several other bacteria like Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and Candida. 

That opening and closing the urethra door when your cats are having sex is the fastest way to make their urinary system infected. 

There exist different names for UTI, depending on the infected positions. Specifically: 

  • Bladder infection (cystitis)
  • Urethra infection (urethritis)
  • Kidney infection (pyelitis) – the most serious infection

What factors may make the UTI get worse? 

Usually, your cats cannot get the UTI accidentally. The UTI can only get worse if the cats are in similar situations to the following. 

  • They used to have a UTI before. 
  • Bore the kitties. 
  • They get vaginal dryness. 
  • Your cats are obese. 
  • They have sex too much and unmannerly. 
  • You are not really fussy about their hygiene. 
  • The cats are pregnant. 
  • They do not exercise regularly. 
  • They are injected too much anti-body. 

How can we identify the UTI in our cats? 

Here are some signs of UTI in cats that you can refer to. 

  • Have a strong urine odor. 
  • Cry if the urinary is painful. 
  • Strain in the litter box. 
  • They may look anxious by showing some signs like pacing or hiding. 
  • Lick the genital area. 

Whenever you see your cats have one of the above signs, you better take them to the vet to see whether they get UTI. The disease will get worse unless it is realized and cured. 

What does the vet do to test the UTI? 

There are many methods that a vet can take to test your cats and show how to prevent UTI in cats

Physical examination: Some other signs may be checked for physical trauma, constipation, or anatomical abnormalities.

Urinalysis: Such an analysis helps to identify the stones or the crystals in the urinary tract. Its result will show the pH balance in urine as well as protein and glucose levels. 

Some other tests he may take are cystocentesis and ultrasound or X-rays. 

What are some treatments for UTI in cats? 

Depending on what causes UTI in your cats, there will be different treatments for them. 

The first treatment I would like to mention is antibiotics. This is considered to be the most common way to prescribe medication for UTI. With antibiotics, your cats can get immediate relief. However, the vet will base on the urine culture result to give suitable medication for the cats. 

The second treatment that should be listed here is surgery. The purpose of the surgery is to remove the bladder stones in case your cats get cystitis (bladder infection). At first, the vet will suggest a diet change for your cats. He will check the result after a while. If the diet change does not work, he will make surgery. 

Another treatment is urethral plugs. Such a treatment is recommended when your cats have the urethral obstruction. The anesthesia will be provided for the cats, and then the plugs will be inserted into the urethra. When taking this treatment, cats will be kept observation for several days as the plugs may make them painful. 

One more treatment I want to share with you is chemotherapy treatment. This is a helpful treatment for cats with neoplasia. In this case, the vet cannot remove the tumor as it already moves to an advanced stage. As a result, chemotherapy treatment will be carried out to minimize the tumor size. 

Are there any home remedies for the UTI in cats?

The answer is yes. You can definitely prevent UTI for your cats. The remedies will need natural herbs, and of course, they can cost-effectively as well.

The first thing you need is uva ursi leaf. Such a natural astringent can attack the pathogens causing the UTI. As a result, the bladder infection will be reduced, and bleeding will stop as well. 

Uva ursi leaf
Uva ursi leaf 

The second necessary thing is apple cider vinegar, which is helpful in bacterial infection. People often use it as a disinfectant because it can attack and kill the bacteria existing in the urinary tract. Also, apple cider vinegar can help good bacteria grow. Then good bacteria will help the body remove the bad and unhealthy one.

Another effective supplement to cure UTI in cats is D-mannose. It is a kind of natural sugar which is contained a lot in cranberries. 

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar

The next thing you can do to help your cats is to change the environment. According to many reports, the environmental changes are able to decrease the recurrence rate of UTI, which can be up to 80 percent. You will need to improve the litter boxes and make sure they are always clean. Also, you have to follow the vet’s instructions.

To sum up

I have just provided you with some details related to the UTI in cats, including UTI’s definition, its causes, some factors making it worse, the signs to identify it, UTI’s tests, its treatments, and some home remedies you can take to protect your cats. Through the article, you can see that UTI is quite dangerous if you do not realize it soon and take suitable treatments for your cats.

That’s why I wrote this article to share my experience of How to prevent UTI in cats with you. I hope this information is useful for you and will help you sometime. Please feel free to give me your feedback, if any, as I would always like to improve my articles better and better. Also, if you are satisfied with my article, why don’t you follow my page to see more interesting ones?


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