We cannot describe how we love our adorable cats, but we cannot imagine that their fur is found everywhere in clothes, carpet, furniture, washing machine, and even dryer. We are sure that you never wish to find cat hair in your cozy home, let’s explore how to remove cat hair from clothes, furniture, and more.

how to remove cat hair

First of all, we must start with your pet.

How to remove cat hair

1. Control your pet shedding

Your cats usually shed in hot weather, and it’s unavoidable to have pet fur-covered your clothes. However, frequent brushing them can improve the sloughing status. You can also get advice from your vet on how to remove your cat fur from clothes if it’s hard to control.

Helpful tips to make your cat enjoy brushing:

Some of the guys won’t tolerate brushing, and they hate this! But, we can make the cat enjoy cleaning with some tips below:

  • Put your cat in a calm and relax state, speak with a soft tone, and brush for them from the back. Caress gently back, side, belly, tails, legs as usual while brushing for them.
  • Choose a quiet and suitable time: we don’t recommend to brush after their nap, or they have just woken up.
  • Start slowly, smoothly, and must be patient.
  • Choose a gentle brush.
  • Give a suitable treat.

2. Use pet-friendly fabrics

As you know, some fabrics collect more cat fur than others. Cotton, velvet, velour, corduroy, wool, and loose knits will fetch cat hair more than synthetics. Synthetics also attract fur, but it can be accepted. Leather, satin, and other shiny materials are too slippery for cat hair to hang on.

3. Use vacuum cleaner

Following these steps with vacuum, you will never be nervous your cat fur will appear in furniture, carpet, sofa:

  • Usually vacuum your house, carpet, sofa, upholstery.
  • Use antistatic spray after vacuuming. You can check out 5 steps to DIY antistatic spray here.
  • Re-brush with a lint roller or simply only use a lint roller.

A lint roller is a useful tool to collect pet fur, but sometimes it would be a bit expensive to change replacement sheets. It has a more saving way how to remove cat hair from clothes without a lint roller. Just need you to wrap some packaging tape in a circle, and sticky cat fur out. It’s super easy and quick to make this DIY lint roller!

4. Use the dryer

How to remove cat hair from clothes in the dryer? The dryer is super convenient to pick up cat fur from clothes, sofa, bedding cover, especially with the vast quantities of cat fur. There’s so easy to use the dryer to remove fur. Before washing your clothes, run the dryer a few minutes to loosen cat hair and put it on the washing machine filter (the dryer can decrease the static and make fur relax from fabrics.

Helpful tips

Using the dryer is especially useful with the large bunch of cat fur; it will be more effective than when you use dryer balls to loosen cat hair from the clothes. Throwing your clothes and the dryer balls to the machine for 10 minutes and see the magic.

5. Use electric attraction ways

Use a latex glove

Another means to remove cat hair from clothes is to use latex gloves to rub its surface on the pet coat. The hair will stick into your glove! To get it to work more effectively, we recommend you to wet the glove before using them to collect more cat fur.

Use a balloon

Blowing up a balloon and rub its surface. The static charge on its surface balloon will attract cat hair.

Use a rubber sweep

Using a rubber sweep is a super effective way with obstinate pet hair that sticks on all surfaces! The fur’s static electricity made cat hair stick on the broom brush.

Use rubber soles

If you own the shoes with rubber soles, you can utilize them to remove cat hair! Just scuffing your boots along the carpet, and all hair will be bunched up!

Apply fabric softener

It’s incredible to know that the mixture of water and fabric softener can remove cat hair from furniture, upholstery. Lightly spray this mixture onto your upholstery surface and then wipe it off.

6. Use humidity

Use your moisture hands

Soak your hands with the water in a few minutes, then swipe cat hair down from your clothes slowly. Thus, cat fur will be wet and easy to slip off the clothes or any surface!

Use damp sponge

Run the sponge under the water until it’s enough to wet. Rub furniture, carpet lightly with this sponge, cat hair will jump onto the sponge’s surface.

7. Tips how to remove cat hair from the washing machine

As you know, when the washing machine twists, it will be blow up cat fur out the clothes. Then the cat hair will stick on the washer.

After washing, you should open and leave the washing machine empty for 10 to 15 minutes. You are then using the soft brush to vacuum all the pet hair from the washer cage.

Notice that the cat hair can be trapped in the washer drain pump, so that you should regularly check the drain pump. Remove the filter and clear all bunch of pet fur out as correct instruction.

Also, to make sure the washing machine works well, you should clean it regularly.

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With these effective ways to guide how to remove cat hair from clothes and furniture, you will never feel scared that the cat furs all-around your home anymore! Enjoy the beautiful moments with your cat, watching TV on the sofa together, sleeping on the bed together without worried about cat fur anymore. We hope that these guides above are useful for you.


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