All cats urinate (spray) to mark their own territory. This is as natural as habits can get, so it gets quite hard to break after the cat started doing so.

Due to this, there is nothing more vital than making sure that you can stop your cat spraying before it even starts.

In order to deal with cats that spray or even prevent spraying altogether, you will have to assess the environment. In other words, you will need to check on the territory of your cat.

Afterward, you can start worrying about getting rid of the urine that they sprayed. So, let us begin our guide on how to stop cats from spraying.

How to stop male cats from spraying indoors

How To Stop Cats From Spraying
How To Stop Cats From Spraying

Get the cat either neutered or spayed

Male cats that were not neutered are most likely the culprits engaging in this kind of undeniably undesirable behavior. Of course, there is also a chance that the female cats that were not spayed will take part in as well.

This is why we highly recommend that you spay or neuter the cat before he or she hits 6 months old. With this, we can completely curb the behavior from ever developing once the cat hits puberty.

However, you also need to keep in mind that there is a small chance that the neutered males can spray. This chance is even lower for the spayed females, but it is still not at all zero.

Give a lot of attention to the cat

There are lots of cats that spray just to get some attention. Thus, another great method is to spend time every single day with the cat. Remember to interact and petting it in the most positive of manners.

In spite of their independent and aloof reputation, cats do indeed desire to contact with their masters. Brushing the cat or even playing a game with it like catching the laser with the cat laser light can be quite fun for both the cat and you.

Toys like treat dispensers, balls, fake mice, or feathers can give the cat great exercise opportunities. In addition, they can also stimulate the cat’s mental positively. Cat furniture can also give them a good chance to climb, hide, and rest away from all the hub-bub of your noisy house.

Vet offices, as well as pet stores, offer quite a lot of varied toys as well as cat furniture. In addition, the staff there can consult you to make wiser choices.

Help the cat in avoiding anxiety

Currently, the market has some available homeopathic treatments that help in calming and relieving anxiety in cats. Of course, the majority of cats respond well to calming herbs like chamomile, St. John’s wort, kava kava, valerian, and catnip.

However, you should make sure to check with a vet that is familiar with these kinds of medicine beforehand. After all, it is vital that you know that they will not harm the cat.

You can only resort to the final option of anti-anxiety medications when you see the cat not responding well to non-medicated solutions. As far as we know, medications like clomipramine, progestin, diazepam imipramine, buspirone, and amitriptyline can all be utilized in spray stops.

Of course, as they are medications, the side effects vary greatly. In addition, some of them can be more effective for specific cats. These medications are all requiring a prescription from a vet.

Keep the stray ones away

As you have learned, spraying is none other than an activity of territorial nature. Thus, one of the great ways to stop it is just keeping the other non-adopted cats far away.

You must not put out water or food for the neighborhood and specifically stray cats. In addition, you should also shoo them away from your house whenever they try to approach it. After all, the main motive is to keep them far away from your cat’s territory.

Restrict the view your cat has on other cats or even other animals

We know that the spraying works as a way of marking their territories and keep all the possible rivals far away. Thus, if it does not see any other animal, then the cat will not know that it needs to spray.

This is why you should be putting enough distance between the cat and the animals that it is not familiar with so that it will not smell their scents.

Foster positive relationships between the cat and others

In the case of you trying out adopting another additional cat, you should always look for the one that your current cat has no trouble getting along with. After bringing the other cats home, you can first let them play with one another with a common toy.

However, there is also one thing that they should not share, the eating bowl. Remember to keep them eating in separate bowls.

In the case of you making a hospitable enough environment for the two (or even more) cats’ mentalities, then the chance of them spraying around will be reduced greatly.

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Nonetheless, the chance of the cats spraying around will increase with each additional cat you introduce to the house.

After all, the fight for the prime spots, as well as resources within the house, can place quite heavy pressure on them. Usually, if your house has from 5 cats onward, one will start to spray.

It’s the love that counts!

Cats are undeniably the single cutest pet animal that one can get. However, that does not also mean that they can be more manageable.

After all, these guys made a name for themselves thanks to their supposedly hard-to-please nature. Of all the problems that a cat can have, spraying has proven to be among the worst.

After reading through this article, I hope you have properly learned something that can be used to take care of this issue. However, you should always keep in mind that there is nothing more vital than making sure that the cat knows how much you love it.


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