It seems that knowing the sex of a kitten is not easy for those who are too ignorant. Identifying the cat’s sex correctly is quite remarkable. It is not only related to naming your cat but especially in how to raise and care for them. Male cats will tend to behave differently from female cats. At the same time, the food for each side also has a different note.

Therefore, you need specific knowledge to determine the sex of a cat.

There are many different ways we can help determine the sex of a cat. The traditional way that many people use and know it is to look at the cat’s anus with its genitals. From there, compare distances and shapes between the two parts to distinguish them. Besides, many people also use other ways to identify the male or female sex of cats by coat color or behavior.

However, if you don’t have a cat right by your side to look at the aforementioned parts or their coat color, or the cat is too young for its parts to show and complete, what do you do? Is there any other way for you to determine the sex of a cat? The answer is yes. You can know the sex of a kitten just by looking at its face.

How To Tell Cat Gender By Face

Some very often use this method to identify the sex of their cats.

First, you look at the faces of both cats. First of all, you will have the shape of two completely different faces. As a result, male cats often have a substantial, rounded face than females. Meanwhile, female cats have a look with a longer snout than males of the same breed. The reason given for this is that when male cats develop and complete sexual orientation, the fat pads around their cheeks grow vigorously. That’s a physiological development of the body according to sex hormones: the fat pads around the cheeks help protect males from being bitten by other males in the fight to win their sexual partners in heat.

Besides, many owners believe that female cats often have a much happier, brighter face, instead of being quite aggressive and somewhat cranky in male cats. Accordingly, they also commented that the facial features of the female cat are slightly feminine and soft, while the male cat has the facial features angular and tougher.

In addition, in male cats, they have large and broad nose wings, large forehead, and cheekbones. They also have a thicker neck.

Above are some facial features that you can see and guess the sex of different cats. They all bring unique features that gender brings. However, there is not always a way to tell if a cat is equal. The judgments related by this perception are entirely subjective because there are cats too small; the features or facial features are not visible.

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There are many ways to identify cat sex. You can go online to find out more or get advice from your veterinarian for more information.

And note that the facial recognition of cats is not the most scientific way, with the most significant probability of being right. For accuracy, you should not use this method alone.

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