So, how to tell if my cat is happy? You’ll find the answer right here.

The idea that cats are unfriendly and unfeeling is popular, although no bosses want to believe in it. There are many ways for cats to show their happiness. Now I will share with you the signs to explain how do I know if my cat is happy!

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Happy?

When my cat shows me her purr

First of all, how to tell if a cat is happy? Not very difficult.

This means that she is interested in me. Even when she hails to show me that she is feeling uncomfortable, such as hungry, tired, or sick, this means that she considers me as an essential person to “say” those things. Kittens and mother cats also use purr to communicate with each other. In general, cats’ purrs help them communicate and show many various emotions. However, the most regular one is a sign of their happiness.  When they are happy, you are an essential person for them to share the joy. 

It is a good signal if your cats hail “meow” loudly once you respond to their attention and notice them. And if you only hear their purr, this means that they are happy. Purr is a signal of satisfaction, too. When cats eat or feel comfortable, they often show their purrs. Nevertheless, sometimes purr shows weariness, as well as worry, and they need to relieve themselves. 

Inevitably, some cats show their purrs because of other reasons. Cats can show their purrs when they are stressful as a type of respiting. When old cats come near other cats, they show their purrs to notify them that they are very friendly.  

Behaviorists think that purr is a form of saying of cats. Indeed, it is the most famous and classic signal of a blissful cat. To cats, one of the most positive signs is their purrs. Purr is a definite element that is easy to know.  To adult cats, the purr is like a delicate signal showing that you made your cats satisfied and happy. As a result, they will not scratch you. When kittens are a few days old, they learn how to purr as a way for their mothers to know that they are fine and in control.

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When my cat shows me her belly

Next, how do you know when a cat is happy? Yet another obvious sign.

This is like: She wants to tell me that she knows I will not harm her, and she believes in me. Because cats’ belly area is a weakness and a vulnerable area of them when they show you their bellies; this means that they trust you firmly. This also means that they want to attract your attention. The action of showing their tummies is a happy action of theirs. Nevertheless, don’t mistake that this is a suggestion to rub their bellies. They are not dogs. They will feel insecure if you rub their bellies, and they can bite you.    

Be careful! Cats can stop stepping, then plop and roll in front of you, and you see their tummies. But this may be a trap enticing you rub their bellies, then you will yell surprisingly with scratches and blood. 

When cuddling and petting your cats, have they ever grabbed your hands? If yes, this means that they are very interested in playing with you. So, when touching their bellies gently, what will happen? 

Like some other pets, cats do not like showing their bellies for humans to finger on as belly is a place where they want to protect and a sensitive point of them. However, if your cats roll and show their bellies for you to run your fingers on there where they are full of warm fur, with half-closed eyes and purrs, this means that they do not alert you. Also, this means that they like you very much and you are harmless to them! They do not feel frightened and need the protection as well as love from you.  

My cat impacts and rubs with me everywhere

This is one of the signs your cat is happy. He wants me to play and be happy with her though she often pretends to separate with me from a long distance and play alone. Cats often rub and even wrap around your legs when you are stepping, then make you fall, impacts with you with innocence. The reason is that they want to be near you. 

However, cats use scent glands on mouth, head, tail, and chin to mark humans, surfaces, and pets they consider as safe elements. Therefore, their behaviors are not as simple as a greeting from cats.  

Sound and body language

Cats make sounds “meow”, but each kind of “meow” brings a different timbre. Cats are the pets having quite a unique sound language. If they hail “meow” continuously, this means a happy greeting.  

Among a lot of cats, the primary language they use is body language. This kind of language is essential to cats. Their gestures will show lots of things. Signs such as ears, eyes, tail, and body of cats will tell you to know a lot of exciting things. Let’s note the following signs: 

  1. Ears: Forward – showing happiness. Besides, cats will be interested and wary if their ears are erect.
  2. Pupils in eyes: Big – showing happiness, excitement, obedience, mischief but maybe also fear, worry, or fierce defense.
  3. Tail: Tail helps cats have efforts to convey their happiness to other pets and humans because it can move in multiple ways. So, what are tail signs of a merry cat? 
  • Trembling and straight: Pleasure and happiness. 
  • Erect: Happiness or curiosity, confidence in the living environment.
  • Convulsed and beating continuously: Very happy.
  • Upward or straight, curled at the end: Happiness and merriment.
  • Shaking: Happy when seeing you.
  • Shaking or there is a hook at the end of tail: One of the most classic signals of a blissful cat. It may be very easy for your cats to scratch and dandle around their cheeks as well as ears.

4. Body: If cats lie down, stretch their back, and show purr, this means that they feel comfortable. Additionally, if cats have flat fur and folded back, this means that they are happy with you when you touch them. 


Are you curious about your cats’ moods? How do you know if they are happy? Actions like lying comfortably and sitting, ears forward and half-closed eyes, show that they are exciting, joyful and they will scratch on soft surfaces. 


This often accompanies other beatifical signals. When cats feel safe and satisfied, they knead comfortably. I consider kneading as a symbol of a happy cat. It is a popular behavior of cats. 

Blink slowly

It is a signal of sentiment and faith when your cats see you with half-closed eyes or slow blink. Generally, blinking in front of other creatures is a signal of trust to cats. Just blink back with them if you love and believe in them. 

Tips to ensure happiness for cats 

  • Ensuring health for cats: You need to take your cats to meet veterinarian at least twice a year. This is very significant since cats can catch multiple diseases outside and inside. 
  • Feeding cats well: One of the most common problems at pets is obesity. So, an appropriate diet plays a super significant role to cats’ health. You should choose good cat food suitable for their ages at pet marts.
  • Cuddling cats: You should talk to them and hug them at least twice a day. Cats will like interacting with their bosses. Almost cats like cuddling on two sides of noses, behind ears and under chins.  
  • Keeping the environment clean: Cats are very sensitive with scents and need a clean space to feel satisfied as their instinct is living cleanly to hunt and survive. Also, cats always want to live cleanly. 
  • Supplying pastime toys for cats: When you are not at home, your cats are independent pets but can still manage anything. Nevertheless, to make them entertaining, you need to prepare many toys. You can buy cat toys at most of the pet marts. When coming home, don’t forget playing with them! They need physical training. 
  • Give cats freedom: Just let them private and do what they want! You should also not bother them. They need their own space to feel merry. Just arrange a quiet area in your house for them. 
  • Nourish more cats: If you do not have energy as well as time to play with cats, and you must work too much, you can nourish more cats. Old cats will be happy if they have more friends even though they can live alone. 


One of the factors satisfying the relationship between bosses and cats is meeting demands for pets. If you want your cats to please with their life and live happily, you have to know when they are happy. I think now you have had the answer to How To Tell If Your Cat Is Happy. I wish you and your cats health and happiness all your life!


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