Usually, when you realize that your cat is sick, it means your cat is seriously ill. Or recently, your cat instinctively finds out aloneness places; it may be one of the signs your cat is dying. You must make sure that your cat either has a severe illness or is going to be dying. The article shows you common symptoms of how to tell if your cat is getting sick or dying and helpful tips for you.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick Or Dying

How to tell if your cat is sick or dying?

Check out the four symptoms below to realize your cat is getting sick or not!

Eating and Drinking

It’s prevalent for cats to eat and drink less or more than usual when they’re sick. They’re able to feel unwell, so they don’t want to eat anything. However, sometimes if your cats aberrantly eat a lot, it may indicate some illness symptoms such as Hypothyroidism.

Urinating and Pooping

Your cats feel thirsty and drink a lot; it may express kidney disease, diabetes, or other illnesses. Or sometimes, you hear a meow or strain in the litterbox; it may be a sign of pain when your cats attempt to urinate or defecate or produce a bit of amount of urine. These symptoms may describe a urinary tract infection or blockage.


Maybe you’re so busy to realize the changes in your cat’s eating, drinking, urinating, or defecating behaviors. But when your cat regurgitates after eating, it indicates that your cat may have biology problems. Regurgitating means the cat’s weak stomach reporting poisoning, blockage, or other issues.

If vomiting repeatedly many times per day accompanied by lethargy, diarrhea, or moving reluctance, you should take your pet sees to the vet to check medical attention.


Some conditions as hairballs, allergies, heart disease, lung disease, asthma, tumors, or several contagious illnesses very caused coughing for your cats. 

If coughing protracts more than a day, coughing over and over. And accompanied with the symptoms such as hard breathing, bluish gums, don’t hesitate! Take your cats to see the vet now!

Eyes and nose

If you see watery discharge from the cat’s eyes and nose. It indicates abnormal symptoms. It seems your cat is Conjunctivitis (pink eye). Except for intensely red eye,  nasal congestion and runny nose may also be expressive. 

You should notice your cat’s nose. It’s wet or dry, warm or cold; all of them indicate something. How to tell if your cat is a sick wet nose or dry nose? Usually, your cat will be completely well with a cool, moist nose, despite having warm, dry noses in some healthy cats. The dry nose usually indicates fever or dehydration. So when you feel your cat nose too dry and warm, you can do some medical tests to make sure your cat is fever or dehydration or not. The exact thing to test fever is taking a rectal temperature. With dehydration, you should evaluate skin elasticity and the thickness of the saliva in the mouth.


Take your cat to the vet

Some emergency, maybe you do not wait for an appointment with your vet. Keep in-hand information of after-hours veterinarians in case of emergency. Do not delay if your cat has emergency symptoms below:

  • Trauma
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Severe pain
  • Seizure

Besides, you should bring your cat to the vet for doing the medical check-up regularly. So many cats parents several years have just done the check-up for their cats. In case they’re so busy and couldn’t notice the cat’s symptoms while cats tend to hide their illnesses until they realize that their cats are sick, it could be severely ill.

Keep a healthy diet

Make sure your cat eats a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates which is recommended by the vet. Moreover, a healthy diet could help your cats avoid obesity and a variety of other health problems.

You should control the amount of water and food they drink and eat per day, especially when they’re sick. How to tell if your ill cat is drinking and eating enough? You should take advice from the vet for the correct diet for your cats.

How to tell if your cat is dying?

Check out six symptoms below

It’s so hard to know your cat is just severe illnesses, or it is going to close its eyes forever, check out six signs below and receive advice below.

Cat’s heartbeat

Typically, the low pulse expresses that your cat’s weaker. A healthy cat is between 140 and 220 beats per minute (bpm). A fragile cat’s heart rate would drop down to the average heart rate. You can estimate your cat’s heartbeat first at home:

  • Put your hand at the cat’s left side, at his heart.
  • Use a stopwatch to count heartbeats in 15 seconds. X4 to get your cat’s heart rate in a minute.

Cat’s breathing

A healthy cat has between 20 and 30 breaths per minute. When a cat’s very weak or he has a weakened heart, the lungs operate less effectively and cause the cat would try laboredly to rapid breathing and then weakly lower breath than usual.

Cat’s temperature

A healthy cat is between 100 and 102.5 degrees F in heat. With a weakened heart, the temperature could drop below 1000 F. You can check your cat’s warmth in these ways:

  • Use a thermometer. This is an accurate way to monitor a cat’s temperature.
  • Feel his paws. If you feel cold when touching in his paws, it seems that the cat’s temperature lower than usual.

Cat’s behaviors

Cat’s eating and drinking

It’s widespread symptoms when cats stop eating or drinking when they’re at the end of their lives. They’re too weak to eat or drink anything.  

  • Check out cat’s food and water, it’s full, and nothing changes. Moreover,  a cat tends to lose weight, loose skin, and sunken eyes.
  • Check out the cat’s urine and defecating. A cat doesn’t eat and drink anything. He will have lower and darker urine than usual.
  • Moreover, the cats can hard or no control their urinary tract and bowel. So, they usually pee or poop out of the litter box.

Cat seeks out the solitude places

The prominent feature of nearing death cats is that they seek out the solitude places as their instinct. They will instinctively hide under furniture, somewhere outside like a solitary corner in the garden.

Cat’s foul odor

One of the other features to know if your cat is dying is that they have an odor. When a cat’s organs have problems due to their weak health, toxins are build up in their bodies and cause the bad odor. Their breath and bodies will more and more have a bad smell when their bodies couldn’t eliminate toxins.


Take your cat to the vet

Please don’t assume the cats have all of these symptoms above, it means the cat is going to die, it should be they’re severely sick, and you’re still hopeful. Take your cat to the vet to have a proper treatment right now.

As you know, chronic kidney disease is common in cats, especially with older cats. The kidney disease symptoms are really the same as the nearing death ones. With the proper treatment, cats can still live for many years with you together.

Make your cat comfortable

The vet couldn’t cure anything, the vital thing you must do is that face with it and try to make your cat warm in his final days. The vet can reduce the pain by pain medication, equipment to help them eat, drink better.

Provide a warm and comfy bed 

Cats couldn’t move very much since they’re too weak to do that. Thus, providing a warm and soft mattress is very important. A nearing end-of-life cat needs a warm and cozy place to rest.

Make the littebox comfier

When they’re too weak to go into the litterbox usually, you can carry them into the litterbox every few hours.

Handle the end

It’s so hard to face that your cat is far from you forever. Maybe she has lived with you for more than 20 years, and it’s time she want to close their eyes.

If your cat died in the veterinary, the specialist will suggest you should cremate their body. 

On the other hand, if your cat completed their life at home, you can directly go to the vets or contact animal funerals.

Also, you can bury them a special place for you and them, but where you would be allowed to bury them.

Illness and death are the natural processes of living things. And your cats only live with you for more than 20 years. They’re a member of your family, so you should take care of them more and bring them to see the vet when realizing the symptoms that they’re sick. We hope this article How to tell if your cat is sick or dying is useful for you.


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