People are always looking for a suitable food brand which, at the same time, keeps the flavor good enough and ensures their pet’s health. They began looking for the most popular name, and Iams came to their sight. Then they ask, Is Iams good for cats? Should I feed my cat Iams food? Now let’s come to the answers.

Iams – Overview

To know where Iams good for cats or not, an overview of it must be mentioned. 

What Is Iams?

Iams is a popular food brand for pets created in 1946 and named after its creator, Paul Iams. As a self-taught animal nutritionist, Iams found his interest in making high-protein, high-fat foods for dogs. In 1950, he developed the first dry dog food made from animal-based protein. A few years later, we have Iams food for cats.

In 1999, Protector & Gamble (P&G) bought Iams company and brought its products to over 70 countries all over the world. 

At the end of 2014, Iams’ European division belonged to Spectrum Brands after a successful exchange. 

What Kinds Of Food Does Iams Offer?

Cats’ individual usually requires tailored nutrition, so Iams emphasizes it. Iams offers cats’ food types depending on their life stages and how energetic they are – according to Iams’ advertisement.

In general, we have dry food and wet food while we have ProActive Health lines for dry foods and three ones for wet food, including Purrfect Delights, Purrfect Delicacies, and Perfect Portions.

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Is Iams Good For Cats?

Iams food is famous for being a popular option for cat feeding, and their products sound very good. At the same time, you see a bunch of reviews complaining about the quality. Then you wonder, Is Iams good for cats?

An Iams customer contacted us a few days ago. He said that there have been some people recommending Iams as a good choice to feed his feline baby while his vet has the opposite opinion: Iams was the worst foods for cats or even any other animals. 

Iams did very well in commercials. Their advertising was perfect, but let’s take a deeper look at the label, particularly the ingredient list – almost are fillers.

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What do fillers do?

In fact, fillers are mostly derived from corn to replace the feeling of meat in foods. Think about it, cats have been alive for hundreds of years without corn. They need real meat, which they have eaten, not something that seems like it.

And we wished that things could end with the unnecessary-being of corn in Iams food. Unfortunately, recent research showed that corn appears in an association with feline diabetes. So do ones with food allergies. Excluding six necessary nutrients (water, protein, taurine, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids), other ones seem to be rather harmful to cats. 

Some people said that Iams foods do contain a high content of meat. It’s not really fine if it’s meat by-products, which came from diseased or dead animals or even spoiled meat. You just need only ‘meat’ in the ingredient list, not ‘meat’ plus references (meat by-products, for instance). It’d be better if there is an actual type of meat in it, such as chicken, pork, and beef.

It’s enough for drawbacks, so let’s come a little to the ‘pros.’ It’s the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids and taurine. We agree that they are very good for cats, but remember that these days, all cat food brands add these nutrients to their products for their crucial role in avoiding the blindness and heart problems in cats. This also means that you can buy any other products instead of Iams to earn more benefits. 

How Much Does Iams Food Cost?

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As mentioned above, Iams is good as one of the most popular options in medium pricing ranges for cat feeding. You need to pay $0.3 per day for a 10-lb cat eating dry food and $1.62 one eating canned food. Some mid-level brands, such as Rachael Ray Nutrish, have the same prices for their products – without low-cost ingredients contained. So we have to claim that the money you pay for Iams food will be worthier if you spend purchasing another one. 

What Should I Choose To Feed My Cat?

Keep in mind that Iams is not the only name appearing in the unrecommended list. We have a bunch of them. Most of them are categorized as a mid-grade brand, so be careful with this. 

You know that proper foods play a crucial role in a cat’s health and longevity, so when it comes to choosing a suitable diet for your feline friends, you need to try your best. Pay a worthy amount of money (it may be quite large) and play with a healthy cat or you can save a little money in her food and then spend even larger for medical solutions.

Recommended cat food brands vary depending on each cat’s condition, but in general, they usually are Ziwi Peak, Nature’s Logic, Wellness Divine Duos, Organix, and so on. 

The Bottom Line

So, Is Iams good for cats? We think that you have the answer to this question in this post. We didn’t say that Iams foods are not good for your feline friend, they just contain some unnecessary ingredients and fillers while offering a pricing range that is in mid-level. Everything depends on your decision. 

Finally, we hope that this post has helped you a lot in understanding what Iams is, how has it been created, its development, and its product quality. You also have a list of generally recommended list of high-ratings cat food brands, so check them out if you need to. 

Have a nice day and find out the suitable choice for feeding your feline.


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