Is Permethrin Safe For Cats? False use maybe lethal? Read more to know the proper use of this drug for your kit.

Cats are one of the most easily encountered pets in any modern family. They were chosen as companions for their lovely cuteness and intimate attachment to people. But raising cats also means you have to accept enormous risks because they are very sensitive and comfortable with the negative effects of food, the environment … With the above objective factors, the drug becomes an agent. The main cause of cat health deterioration if not used properly.

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Going a little deeper into this, no matter how often you keep the litter or bathe your cat, the chances of the cat being attacked by fleas are high. The discomfort of seeing your pet suffer the itch, inflammation from nasty bugs makes many people not pay attention to how to use Permethrin – one of the powerful compounds. And let me answer the question that is put in the headline: Permethrin is safe for cats if used appropriately but poisoning can be up to 65%.

The following article will give you the most basic knowledge about this medicine.

Basically, what is permethrin?

You’ve probably heard of Permethrin as the main active ingredient in mosquito repellent products. This is a synthetic active substance of the Pyrethroid group, extracted naturally from some species of chrysanthemum. Permethrin is used as a substance to control insects and pests. Permethrin-containing products can be used in public health mosquito control programs.

But not only that, today, this substance is also popular as a medicine to treat simple diseases for domestic pets, typically cats. Up to 1400 registered drugs containing the active ingredient Permethrin and regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be useful when your cat shows signs of itching. and become a “residence” for fleas. Permethrin acts directly on the patient’s body (spray, topical), or indirectly through the organs on the site (oral form).

There is no direct instruction on how to use Permethrin safely, so Permethrin poisoning becomes extremely common.

So why cats are susceptible to Permethrin poisoning? Permethrin poisonous pathways for cats

The simplest reason to explain this is that the cat’s body is not resistant to too much Permethrin.

From a scientific perspective, Permethrin, after entering the cat’s body, will break down many structures that function to ensure their body’s stability. Cat liver does not have several proteins (enzymes) capable of breaking down Permethrin and its accompanying radicals into harmless forms, which means that this chemical after a period of use (continuous or discontinuous) can accumulate in the cat’s body and cause serious damage to the health of our furry friend.

It is the ability to metabolize drugs that make many pathways that can poison cats with Permethrin. After a process of learning and directly “experiencing” a case of my cat, I can list a few main roads including:

Direct route of infection: Although Permethrin is only 35%, it is unlikely that this will ensure the safety of your cat. The common mentality of many cat owners is that “killing is wrong rather than omitting.” This means it is better to use a large number of flea killers at a time than to use a small dose and treat it slowly. This is very malicious.

Indirect route of infection: Permethrin will slowly enter the cat’s body and show its strength after about 2-3 uses. This can occur when a cat comes into contact with a dog that has just had a treatment with Permethrin. Or the animal exposed to some clothes sprayed with Permethrin (this compound also can remove parasitic bugs from the pants. shirt).

Specific manifestations

If your cat does not exhibit any of the following symptoms after using flea killers, then congratulate you and try to use the same amount of medication on subsequent treatments.

The effect of Permethrin almost comes soon after the dose is over. The manifestations of permethrin poisoning are clear. The characteristic of this chemical is its direct effect on the nervous system of cats, so it may cause tremor or stronger seizures. The cat will then become sensitive to the sound, losing its ability to balance. Less commonly, cats may have difficulty breathing and may even be blind. When you use Permethrin in high concentrations (50 – 65%), even cats can die.

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How to treat and care for cats when they encounter Permethrin poisoning

1. Prevention

As they say, “prevention is always better than cure”. To avoid Permethrin poisoning, be careful right from choosing drugs that contain this active ingredient. When buying, be sure to choose a cat flea medication specifically designed to minimize confusion between dog and cat medications.

These days, when online shopping becomes popular, you can also choose Permethrin-containing medicines at online drug stores. But be aware that many products do not contain the active ingredients listed in the description and lack the necessary precautions. You should always read the instructions and note all warnings.

As mentioned above, one of the routes of transmission of Permethrin is through contact between dogs and cats. To limit this, the only way is to use flea-free flea medications or isolate them for at least 72 hours.

And finally, if there is any concern about any medication, please take advantage of the advice of the vet.

2. Treatment

Once you have exceeded your safety limits and put your beloved cat in danger, you can quickly follow the instructions below:

Adverse reactions such as salivation, foot fluttering or ear twitching are usually mild and end fairly quickly. If you accidentally spray your cat too much, quickly intervene with a warm washcloth. Wipe as quickly as possible. If Permethrin has had the opportunity to promote strength, bathe your cat with a mild kitchen detergent.

If the symptoms continue to occur and progress to shivering, muscle twitching, your cat needs immediate hospitalization to be able to receive the necessary care. Seriously affected cats will need to be stabilized including support for fluids, seizure control, and maintenance of body temperature.

The role of a veterinarian in such cases is very important. They will have the necessary expertise to reduce the severity and severity of symptoms and help detoxify the body.

Don’t be too worried when your doctor uses a catheter or activated charcoal to wash your stomach and absorb toxins.


Permethrin plays a very important role in keeping your cat’s skin clean. But everything should be within its limits. Do not overdo it because you will not foresee its consequences if you do not know. Cat – Permethrin – veterinarian, try to maintain this relationship. That’s it about Is Permethrin Safe For Cats?


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