Cat toy is considered one of the necessary items that help your lovely cats reduce stress effectively. This article will suggest for you Looney loops – the cat toy which cats love much. 


Cats need toys to move and revel. The best kind of toys for cats must facsimile the skills they need to have when living in nature. It is not that every cat likes toys. Some cats only like a type of toys.

Looney loops cat toy - Interesting facts

In fact, almost cats like Looney loops product! Looney loops are the ones helping cats release energy and reduce stress every day. Many people think that buying toys for cats is not essential, but the truth is contrary. Buying toys for cats help them promote health effectively every day. 

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  1. Product description

The product is produced for cats to bite, catch, flip, chase, roll, etc. Specifically:

Just try using Looney loops on the flat floor to make your cats happiest. They will chase loops. They can flip, glide, bite, roll and bring loops to you. These Looney loops are designed to make your cats curious. They are sprung and flipped unpredictably, and this makes your cats interested. The products are made of plastic and have three bright colors – yellow, orange, and pink.

Product details

  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches ; 0.8 ounces

Important information

Legal Disclaimer: Legal Sale

Safety Warning: No
Directions: Only use for pets

  1. Features

Cats love bright colors. Therefore, this kind of product is ideal for your cats. Your cats can chase and bite the loops; this is a perfect way for them to move their bodies. No matter how old the cats are, they can enjoy the great happiness from Looney loops. In other words, cats can amuse hourly.

  1. Benefits

This kind of interactive cat toys has many special benefits to cats’ health and mentality: 

Reducing stress

Cats are the animals having the instinct of chasing, and they are very hyperactive. They are always sensitive to everything moving around them. This may be the reason why rodents such as mouse, squirrel, etc. can be their goals.

This seems to be an easy thing for cats in the countryside. However, cats in the city do not have a wide space to run and chase. So, being stressed is an inevitable thing.

Toys are the only item that reduces stress and stabilizes cats’ mentality when cats stay at home for a long time. Especially, Looney loops are super useful for kittens having to separate from their mothers or in case no one plays with them.  

Maintaining hunting skill

This type of toys helps cats maintain hunting skills – their instinct. This is necessary if you do not want your cats to become industrial. 

Many cats stay at home for a long time and then tend to be slow, fat, and gradually lose their ancestor’s hunting instinct. Another reason is that their bosses take care of them in the city environment. This environment does not have enough conditions for them to go out. As a result, hunting is impossible.

Looney loops will stimulate the hunting reflexes of cats through chasing, biting, and keeping the loops. At least they cannot forget their instinct. Moreover, they can improve and develop their skills to be more and more complete day by day.

Improving health

In modern society, there are more and more cats who only know to eat and sleep. Simply, just surf the social network, and you will see Persian or British cats who are very lazy in moving.

This leads to the risk of being fat and other diseases related to cats’ ears. Looney loops toy will help them move more and reduce most of the diseases about grease, blood, and heart.

Moving also helps cats’ bodies to develop about the musculoskeletal system. So, buying this kind of toy for cats is super necessary. 

Sticking with owners

Playing Looney loops with your lovely cats helps you and cats have more sentiment. Loops are like a connection between you and them. 

If you are the cats’ owner, you should spend about 30 minutes each day playing with them. This will help you to relax more after stressful working hours. 

The way of using the product

Just hold Looney loops at a moderate elevation to get the cats’ attention and then throw loops away. Cats will be ready to rush out to catch loops. You can throw Looney loops far far away to promote their instinct. In other words, their instinct urges them to chase and catch loops. Loops will make them more flexible.

Looney loops cat toy

Almost cats like this activity so much. They even spend all day to play with you. Leading them to catch the loops will stimulate their ability to move and hunt. Looney loops may be a game that never makes cats bored. Throwing loops make loops flexible and lively. Therefore, your cats will have the feeling of hunting. 


The first disadvantage of Looney loops is that you have to be with your cats to pick and throw loops away. In other words, your cats cannot play by themselves. 

The second disadvantage is that you have to play with your cats in a quite wide space. If space is too narrow, they may only concentrate on the loops and may impact the room’s stuff.


Looney loops are one of the favorite toys for cats now. I hope this article will help you understand more about this product and have one more option of toys for your cats!

Wish your cats have interesting and happy experiences when playing with Looney loops! I believe that this will be a great toy for them!


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