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You shouldn’t be fooled into believing some misconceptions that cats are emotionally distant from their owners and that cats cannot be as affectionate as other pets.

Maybe my saying is now not persuasive enough to make you change your mind. It is better if you see it with your own eyes and feel it with your own heart. Below is the list of 8 most affectionate cat breeds on the globe.

I am sure after a look at these cute little pals; you can’t wait to add one to your lovely home.

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Scottish Fold cat breeds

Scottish Fold is to be considered as among the most affectionate cat breeds in the UK.

When Mr.Scottish Fold was introduced to your lovely house, was it your kids and your baby siblings that immediately cheered and jumped for joy? Their excitement suddenly stirred up the atmosphere and created an aura of cozy hospitality to the charming little friend. But, why is everyone so welcoming?

Understandably, no one could be indifferent to the world-famous cuteness of such cats. Notice their signature folded ears, their widely-opened round eyes, and their beseeching look. You just can’t get enough of it. Sometimes, they resemble a cuddly stuffed teddy bear, while others the downward-bending ears make them look like a delicate owlet.

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Their behavior is sweet as well. These felines are lap animals, which means they love every single moment when snuggling in your lap, feeling your warm hugs and loving strokes, looking at you affectionately, and following you around at your heels.

These cuties are attuned to living in the family-oriented style. Thus, loneliness for them is hurting and intolerable.

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Ragdoll cat breeds

I don’t know whether or not you prefer having an indoor pet cat that is as docile as it is adorable. But if you say yes, I advise you picking Ragdoll. Ragdoll promises to be an “obedient child”, easily taught and told.

It is typically good-natured, gentle and extremely affectionate. But, its name suggests a different thing as this breed of cat tend to go limp and relaxed every time it curls up in your lap, just like the traditional Ragdoll toy.

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Not only is Ragdoll a perfect companion of human beings but he proves to be a friendly “roommate” as well. When he is asked to share his bedding space with other domestic pets within a household, he is very willing to.

Also, Ragdoll gets along well with others. He enjoys playing in the company with his cat siblings, but he would be much happier if being kept by your side.

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Tonkinese cat breeds

Cats can be a close friend, too, don’t you know? If you have Tonkinese pals in your house, then you will understand my saying.

Trust me, Tonkinese is a strong contender for the title “The most affectionate cat breeds” thanks to his intelligence and friendly character. He will go out of his way to solicit your attention, and being very quick in response to it.

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Don’t worry that you have no person available when you are down in the dumps because Tonkinese is ready to lend a crying shoulder. Talk to him, share with him your uncomfortable feelings, and he will make you feel better by being attentive and responsive to the conversation in his own way.

Remember to be caring towards your Tonkinese kitties by giving them regular strokes, placing them on your shoulder and your lap. These gestures show you love and appreciate them as a friend.

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Birman cat breeds

No wonder Birman is chosen as one of the most affectionate cat breeds. It looks distinctively gorgeous in a lush, silky coat, and even more beguiling when the eyes wide open boasting a beautiful pair of blue-colored pupils.

It is loved by kids and cherished by adults. Every family member knows it enjoys being petted. But for Birman Cats, staying near their owners is the happiest to them. That’s why Cheryl Hogan granted them with a loving title “one of the most personal lap cats ever.”

They are approachable with dog mates and never get to destroy the peaceful atmosphere of the house.

These species are good at showing emotional reactions. If you are happy, they will prompt you into the playground. But if you are not in a cheerful mood, staying with Birmans, you will feel your heart glow. They merely keep silent to express consolation and sympathy.


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This breed of cat doesn’t have a fur coat like many others. It is admirable the way they still manage to keep themselves warm without a cover both on the body and on the head because they are “bald” in the literal sense. Are you curious about how they satisfy their own need for warmth?

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Sphynx cats are very mellow, adorable, and always crave for human attention. It will sit in your laps, snuggle into your bedding as these places will be the warmest.

For such a playful feline, entertainment is one of the most energetic moments during the day. The Sphynx hits it off immediately with other residents like dogs and cats, joins them merrily in the ball game. But it actually appreciates if you are part of the game, too.

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Siamese felines

Siamese cats are eager to have a good listener by their side with whom they could freely share about their day and their highs and lows. Today, Siamese went on a romantic date with a neighbor cat, and then in the evening, he will curl up on your lap, reminiscing about how sweet that meeting was.

Active during the daytime, Siamese cats are still, according to Hogan, “the most passionate bed partners at night.” They just can’t overcome all the euphoria of the whole day.

Even though this furball friend is recognized as among the most affectionate cat breeds, their yearning for affection makes them troublemakers at times.

They are also renowned for their dog-like traits: waiting excitingly at the doorway and acting very happy when the owners are back home. How charming it is, a naughty cat, but with a warm heart!


Burmese cats

Why not if you can bring a couple of Burmese cats to your home? They will definitely be the most adorable bunch of felines ever. They are out-going and kitten-like inside. Their sweet nature is expressed through their eyes sparkling with tons of love.

These feline pets make friend with everyone because they dislike being alone as well as seeing others living alone. They are very vocal and love talking to you in a distinctive whispering voice.

It should be cruel to leave them alone at home for a long time. Consider bringing them with you on your holiday or long-time trips as they never get to disturb your playing time, but instead, they become a supportive partner of yours. Do you want to play? They are ready to “work hard and play harder.”

Kurilian Bobtail cat breeds

Kurilian Bobtail cats are not familiar in the US, but if you have known them, you will fall in love with them.

People tend not to have a positive first impression with this friend. He is a wild cat breed, therefore, he may look quite intimidating and unfriendly. But “Never judge a book by its cover” because his temperament expresses the opposite. There is just something of a hidden charm in this friend that has to be discovered.

Contrary to the appearance, this pet is warm-hearted and tries hard to create a strong emotional attachment with you and his housemates. It is comfortable when living near its owner and much more pleased when it is rewarded some loving gestures.


Last words

Can you feel the charismatic affection from your cats? If not, maybe you haven’t treated your feline friend in the right way.

Be responsive to what they want from you. Learn by heart some of the idiosyncrasies of these little pets that appear in the round-up of “which cat breeds are the most affectionate?”. A short ride on your shoulder, a soft touch on the head can mean a lot to your affectionate friend.



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