Not counting the dog, the cat is the oldest domesticated animal in the world. While cats are not known for their loyalty, there are still convincing reasons for ancient Egypt to love these guys so much.

First of all, there is just no way to deny the cuteness that cats have, especially the small kittens. After all, throughout the long time that cats have been staying with us, we have been breeding them for so many different behaviors or even appearance characteristics.

As a result, nowadays, there are just so many cat breeds throughout the whole world. The special feature is that every single one of them has one or more special attributes. Thus, no matter how peculiar the taste that you have is, there is always a high chance that a cat breed can satisfy it.

Due to this fact, the number of people raising cats as pets has been increasing exponentially. As it will always happen, when the number of people grows, there will be heads butting.

So, it is only natural that there will be heated discussions among cat owners about the way to feed the cat. After all, this is one of the most important tasks in cat-raising.

In feeding, there is one clear distinction between raw feeding and cooked feeding methods. The discussion surrounding these two methods has been in existence for quite a while without any sign of cooling down.

Should we feed the cat with a raw diet?

There currently are just too many options for cat food available for you in pet stores or even in supermarkets. Thus, it has become quite a hard task for all cat owners to decide on the best one. There is always the chance of it becoming even more confusing with the more choices available.

So, should you be loyal to the traditional pet food sold commercially? For instance, the canned or kibble foods that the vets all recommend. OR, you can explore a new way of feeding through the raw food diet.

If you choose to feed the kitten a raw diet, the options are just so numerous. You can pick from freeze-dried raw, dehydrated raw (you will have to add water to this), commercial raw, or even homemade raw!

On a personal note, we all believe that raw food diets are undeniably the best feeding options for your cats. After all, these guys are all carnivores and natural hunters.  Thus, raw diets will more closely resemble the things that the cats actually eat in the wild.

The pros of feeding a raw diet to cats

Improved digestion

If you are a cat owner, I guess that you already know about the obligate carnivore nature of cats. This is why they have acidic digestion systems, which are designed first and foremost for the efficient processing of diets, mainly focusing on meat.

Thus, the cats that are sensitive to foods usually can get better with raw food diets containing one single protein.

On the other hand, the commercial cat foods, both canned and dry, often have grain in them. The grain is famous for being a pain for cats to properly digest.

In addition, there is also the chance of consuming carbohydrates leading to multiple serious medical conditions. For example, the cat can get diabetes or even urinary crystals.

Healthier coats and skins

If you are considering raw diets, chances are that you already know something about them. For instance, raw food contains a large number of fatty acids, which will have great benefits for your cat’s skin.

In addition, the fur of the cat can also get much less prone to shedding, softer, and a whole lot shinier. Furthermore, there is also a high chance of hairball reduction.

Better teeth as well as dental health

When the cat chews on the small and raw meaty bones as well as raw meat, this action will serve as a toothbrush. Thus, after using raw food diets for a while, your cat will be having healthier gums, cleaner teeth, and stronger jaws.

Improved energy

As you may know, there is one advantage of the raw food diet that none can deny. It is the fact that the protein that this feeding method provides is of a much higher quality than the one from the commercial cat food.

Thus, after eating the new raw food diet, the overall vitality, as well as the quality of life of your cat, will surely improve greatly. That is why if your cat was a “couch potato” before switching diet, then you should not be surprised that it just suddenly became much more active.

Less smelly poop to deal with

In the case of your cat managing to get in a perfectly balanced scale of nutrition, its body will be making use of almost all of the nutrition. This means that the cat will not eliminate the waste as much as they used to. To be more specific, there will be a lot less pooping.

Thus, after switching to the new raw diet for a while, the cat will be pooping smaller. In addition, there is another bonus in that the poop will also be much less smelly.

The cons of feeding raw diets to cats

Whenever someone tells me they are not that ready to transition to feeding raw food for the cats, more often than not, they do have some legitimate concern. Thus, after discussing all the pros that we can about feeding raw food for cats, let’s discuss this method’s cons.

The chance of bacteria such as salmonella or e-coli

There is no fear bigger about raw food diets for a cat than the fear of bacteria. Of course, there is always a way of minimizing risk. In this case, you can do so by following the proper procedures of safe meat handling. In addition, you can also purchase raw meat from only the most reputable of sources.

Furthermore, if you are not planning to use the raw food immediately, you should also freeze it. You should also remember to cut it into meal-sized proportions.

There is also the fact that cats do have acidic digestion systems that are quite efficient. Thus, foods will pass through these systems fast and reduce greatly the chance of the bacteria getting hold.

Perceived higher costs

There is no way that one can deny the fact that raw food diets can be really expensive. This case is especially true in the first stages, where you try out a multitude of different things. After all, you must first be sure of the kinds of raw meat the cat likes and dislikes. There is also the need to test out different suppliers.

However, it does not necessarily have to cost you some small fortune! There is all kinds of money-saving methods. For example, you can take advantage of the discount offers or the bulk-buying.

Handling the raw organs and meat

One major factor affecting the decision you make on raw meat diets is the fear of processing raw meat. There are a lot of people that hate the very idea of handling raw meat.

If you are not able to get this “icky factor” over, you can consider making use of raw cat supplement food like EZComplete.

Raw fish and meat – What does the cat like to eat?

Hardship in introducing the diet

As you may know, cats can be quite finicky with their foods. These guys have their own strict preferences for the foods. For example, their foods must have a certain texture as well as smell. Otherwise, they will simply turn their noses up.

For these kinds of cats, the process of transitioning toward raw food diets must last a long while. Despite the obvious toll it can take on your time, patience, and energy, I can guarantee that the result will be worth it.

Getting right the nutritional balance

Ensuring that the cat can get all the things they need in one raw diet can prove quite challenging at first. However, it will get easier through time. I, too, fear the chance of making mistakes and causing harm to the cat through getting the wrong nutritional balance at first.

However, that fear turned out to be quite unfounded. After all, there are many online and free resources, as well as forums that can give you support through the process.

There are also other ways like buying commercial raw cat food that is already balanced in nutrition. There is also the opportunity to make your own homemade raw food, adding vitamins and supplements of your choice.

The Choice Is Yours

Switching your cat’s diet to a raw one is as personal of a choice as it can get. While doing something like this can be really beneficial to the cat if it is done properly, it can also consume lots of time. If you are still not as sure about this method, you can start trialing it slowly.


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