The Scottish Fold cats are easily distinguished thanks to their folded ears so you wouldn’t have a hard time find them in a large crowd of other cats. Here are a few interesting facts you should know about these lovely canines.

The Scottish Fold Cat’s Short History

These cats, based on their name, trace back their origins to Scotland, particularly in Tayside region. The most unique and interest thing about the history of these cats is that a lot of things are known regarding their ancestry. These cats all started with one cat called Susie. A white barn cat, Susie was so special because of her folded ears.

She caught the attention of William Ross, a shepherd. After giving birth to kittens, Ross got one of them that he named Snooks. Snooks also had kittens and one of the males was bred with a British Shorthair. This started the Scottish Fold breed and these cats were imported to the US in 1971.

Gray Scottish Fold cat with orange eyes looks away

Other Things to Know about the Scottish Fold Cat

Here are other interesting facts about Scottish folds:

  • Scottish Fold cats are smart, social, and loving and perfect for families of all ages and sizes.
  • These cats don’t do well when left alone for a long time.
  • These cats could either be long-coated or short-coated with various patterns and colors.
  • The coat color of these cats determines the color of their eyes. The colors of the eyes of most Scottish Folds are often different.
  • A Scottish Fold cat also has a very even temperament so they can be more active and energetic than a simple lap cat.
  • These cats are friendly, sociable, love to play games, explore and explore quality lap time with their humans.
  • Scottish Fold cats also shed in almost the same amount as other cats.
  • A Scottish Fold cat is not hypoallergenic so those with cat allergies might want to avoid this particular breed.
  • These cats have compact build, with the males weighing 9 to 13 pounds and females weighing 6 to 9 pounds.
  • These cats can live for as long as 11 to 15 years and the numbers are affected by various factors like daily exercise and health routine, living environment, and presence of preexisting health conditions.
  • The Scottish Fold cat doesn’t need special grooming. You just need to brush them at least once weekly to maintain their coat’s health and get rid of dead hairs. You also need to trim their nails every several weeks or as required. You also have to brush their teeth once or so every week.
  • Since they have folded ears, you need to check the ears of a Scottish Fold cat every week and clean its ears whenever necessary.
  • Like other breeds, the Scottish Fold cats are prone to various health concerns such as chronic renal figure, anemia, weight loss, arthritis, and blindness. Take your cat to the vet once you notice the signs of these conditions.


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