Cats are not always nice to their owners, of course. Born with a natural elegance, felines express their angriness, not like us do. It’s likely that you are experiencing a cat’s hatred, but you don’t understand. How do they convey a “don’t touch me?” How do you know what is the right time not to cuddle? And what should you do when the little boss gets mad? So, you would want to know the signs your cat is annoyed to avoid pissing the kit off. We’ve got our experience to cover you here.

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Signs your cat is annoyed

1. The tails can tell

A wagging tail is a good sign of a happy dog but not cat. Cats flick, thrash, even thump their tails when they consider you are an annoying factor. It’s like to happen when you touch their sensitive parts of the body.

You may also the cat holding his tail high to warn you while backing off their ears.

2. I don’t want to see you

No welcome meow today? Well, if you see the cat trotting from you when you’re approaching or hiding under the sofa, you are hated.

Also, a cat that is bending his body to the ground with a lowered tail and dilated pupils are likely to be afraid of you.

3. I will walk away

Cats shun certain people, even particular members of the family. They may walk out of the room when someone enters.

4. I won’t look at you

Kitties love giving eye kisses to the ones they love. But if your cat refuses to look at you in the eyes, you are not loved.

5. Don’t handle

When you pick up a cat and hear a low pitch grumpy meow, you know that you are not permitted to do any handling. Any further attempt may get you bitten or scratched.

6. Hissing, grunting, or yowling

Angry vocalizations such as hissing, grunting, or yowling are what you should watch out. They are signs of discomfort and displeasure.

7. Attacking and biting

Biting and scratching are not only hurtful but also breaking the relationship. If you continue forcing the cats to do what they dislike, you are likely to get attacked. An aggressive cat comes with dilated pupils and a very bristled coat plus folded back ears completely. When a cat really attacks you, it’s a problem that you should not ignore.

8. Unfamiliar behaviors

Besides all the aggressive indications toward people, annoyed cats deliver their discomfort in strange behaviors too. Those can be excessive grooming, constant vocalization, or continual snoozing.

These abnormal behaviors can display underlying health problems, changes in the environment, or even changes in the owner.

Reasons why your cat hates you

It’s not hard to tell if your cat is unhappy. But cats are not vengeful creatures towards humans. There must be something forceful or changes that irritating them.

Signs Your Cat is Annoyed
Cre: Patrick Mueller

After all, felines are sensitive animals. And their annoyance must come with a reason. Fearful cats can be caused by poor socialization or traumatic experiences. Besides, there are more to consider.

1. Changes in the lifestyle

Cats love to be in control of their habitat (and everything). A minor change can make the furball bosses nervous.

Would you have a look if your routine has changed? Have you been out more than before? Or forgot to feed the cat a few times? Those changes can be unsettling your felines.

2. Too many cats or companies

Dominant cats don’t like to share their space unless they have been growing up together with other pets. Strangers in the territory are also on the list of anti. Don’t force your cat to like a company when he really needs privacy.

You can provide the cat with space to hide when the guests are there and ask your visitors not to disturb the cat’s comfort zone.

3. Toys run stale

Toys help gas up the feline energy. That makes them an indispensable part of the cat living space. You may want to give all the toys out at once so that your cats have options to pick. But such demanding creatures like cats soon get bored with what they already know. You need to rotate the toys sometimes to make a refreshing playground that will always make your cat happy.

4. Lack of hunting

Born hunters, cats naturally miss their wild used-to-be habit. That said, you should not remove the opportunity for kitties to hunt. Toy balls will keep your cat occupied well in a significant time.

A sleeping-too-much cat doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hunt. Release a moving toy or take him out to the yard to chase lizards.

Keeping your cat happy is a duty that you should take for granted. If you catch any signs your cat is annoyed, fix it as soon as possible.


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