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Cats have been one of the humans’ longest-running companions since forever. We value these adorable pets due to their incredible cuteness and their undeniable ability to hunt down rodents. We have seen at least 60 officially recognized cat breeds throughout the millennia that cats have been our friends.

With that kind of diversity, it is only natural that these guys will be loved by so many different people on the planet. After all, no matter how unique your taste is, you always have a high chance of finding a cat breed that perfectly fits it.

However, due to a large number of cat owners, most of them do not possess sufficient knowledge of their pets. As a result, sometimes, they may find the cats doing something that they cannot understand.

In addition, there is also the problem of not even knowing if the cat they are raising does love them or not. After all, the way a cat expresses its love is entirely different from us, and we not knowing their language certainly does not help at all.

Thus, if you are a new cat owner who is having issue determining if the cat loves you or not, check out these 10 signs:

1.       Headbutting

If you get this from some other humans, then I believe that you can clearly interpret it, right? However, the case is entirely different when we talk about cats doing it. It is, in truth, quite a privilege to be the receiving end of this action. In the world of cats, “head butting” is something extraordinary, not the odd action that you may be thinking if you receive it for the first time.

Cats possess secret glands that concentrate on specific body parts, especially the head and cheeks. So, when the kitty is rubbing the head against you, there is a high chance that it is marking you with the scent. As a result, you will be claimed as part of the family.

2.       Powerful purrs

If you own a cat, chances are that you do know that cats can purr for all kinds of reasons. They can purr to communicate with each other, they can even purr for themselves when they are injured. However, there is one special purr with the whole body rumbling that the kitty always saves for its most favorite person. Thus, the next time that you see the kitty purring when you are present, then there is a high chance that she is expressing its love for you.

3.       Showing the tummy to you

For cat owners, I am sure that the scene of the kitty throwing itself on your floor and starting to roll around must be quite familiar. You do not have to worry, though, as it is just their unique way of trying to get your attention. Just like most of the other animals that we know of, there is no chance that a cat will willingly show its tummy for everyone. After all, the tummy is always one of the weakest parts of their body and is quite prone to injuries. Thus, when they do decide to show someone their tummy, it is a clear sign that they consider this person to be trustworthy and will not harm them.

4.       Licking your ears or hair

More often than that, your cat will jump on your shoulder or head and licking your ears or hair whenever you are doing something. Do not make any mistake and get mad over it, though, as this is one of the highest honors that cats give to humans. As you may know, cats can be quite hard on deciding whether someone can join their packs. However, the moment your cat started doing this, you can rest assured that you have done it, and now it considers you to be family.

5.       Rubbing itself against your leg

This is also one of the most seen signs that many cat owners have reported happening. For example, whenever you come home after a long and hard day of working, if you are greeted by your cat by rubbing its body to your leg, then you can lose the steam. After all, with this sign, they are clearly showing you that they love you and that they want you to play with them. Also, this is a great way for your kitty to mark you as one member of its family due to the secret glands around its body.

6.       Curving their tails’ tip

I am sure that most of you do not know about this, as the tail tip curving can be a little hard to notice. However, when you arrive home and see the kitten with its tail tip curving up or down, you have just seen an incredible barometer into the way they feel about you. The answer is that they do love you a lot. This is due to the way kittens express their warm feelings like happiness. They usually fluff out their tails’ base as well as quiver them subtly.

7.       Trying to nip you

If this is the very first time that you got nipped by the kitty, do not get mad. This action is a clear sign of how the cat actually feels about the one it nipped. Gently biting at one of your fingers is like we are actually saying, “I love you” for the cats. Of course, due to the cat’s sharp teeth, this form of love showing can be actually a little bit painful. However, you should forgive the kitten as there is no way that he or she can know about it.

8.       Staring directly into your eyes

This one is, of course, a no-brainer. After all, it is indeed one of the easiest methods of love showing from cats for humans to understand. Remember, the moment the cat stares at your eyes, then makes a blink, and then stares again, he is saying out loud that he loves you a lot.

9.       Bringing You a Present

You may wake up one morning and see that your cat has brought you some present, which can be anything from toys to small dead animals. In the case of the latter, remember not to get mad, as it is a sign of love from him to you. After all, cats love to give presents, and the mighty ones that can catch things will share that bounty with the ones they love. Of course, that bounty can be everything that it can lay its paw on, like bugs or toys or mice.

10.   Kneading Your Legs

This refers to the cat using its paws to push in and then out of some soft surface, which, more often than not, is your lap. If the cat is doing this while you are in the middle of petting it, then it means it is returning your affection in its own way. Unfortunately for you, though, this can be quite painful as he will dig deeper the happier he is feeling, and its nails are quite sharp.


After reading through this article, I hope that you will be able to better identify what your cat is trying to convey.

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