Cats have become a long-time friend of man. The fact that they live with humans in the same house is no longer strange in life today. Cats eat under the table, sleep near you, play with your children.

And sometimes that intimacy makes them even urinate right in your own home. It is not easy to accept. When the urine dries into your house, there will be a lot of unpleasant smells and odors, but you don’t know precisely where the “source of the smell” is to conduct the cleaning.

How do you know where your cat has “discharged” in the house? This is not easy at all. The blacklight was born and quickly became a useful means to detect cat urine.

Blacklights or Ultraviolet flashlights are lamps that are very different from ordinary flashlights when the light source they use is shown in the name – UV source. Ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths from 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers (many times smaller than the visible light wavebands) helps us see things like stains, hidden articles … that cannot be seen with the naked eye or even lice with LED lights.

Built to take advantage of the effects of UV light, the Blacklights make it easy to spot pet urine puddles when they glow under UV light. The following article brings you the Best Blacklight For Detecting Cat Urine with instructions on the purchase to find a suitable blacklight.

Let me explore through the following article.

The Best Blacklight For Detecting Cat Urine – Tested and Reviewed

The products that I introduce in this article are products that emphasize compactness as well as ease of use in narrow areas such as rooms or warehouses…

KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight 100 LED

You can spend thousands of dollars on carpet cleaning, bedroom deodorant, or simply hiring a cleaner if your cat accidentally pees in your house. But with KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight 100 LED, that is no longer a problem.

This blacklight is a UV lamp with strong light intensity, high performance, and suitable situations. The professionalism of KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight 100 LED has been affirmed by a team of leading experts and those who have the opportunity to use it as often as postmen or police officers.

The light source this product offers is much larger than the other blacklights in this category. The powerful 18W LED bulbs emit UV light with a wavelength of 385-395nm so you can see animal urine or stain on carpets, furniture, clothing that you cannot see with the naked eye. Moreover, it can be used at any time, regardless of day or night.

One of the product’s plus points is that the lamp body is made of aluminum with the “O” rings, creating excellent water resistance.

The lamp life can be up to 100000 hours. You will have to calculate very carefully whether you will have to use up this huge amount of time somehow.


  • Excellent lighting ability with 100 LED bulbs
  • Wide lighting screen for a large range of lighting
  • The long lamp life and the flexibility of use make KOBRA products effective in a lot of difficult cases.
  • Excellent customer care system with a 1-year product warranty with 100% refund when detecting fake products


  • Pretty heavy for women
  • The light source is not the brightest on the market 

uvBeast NEW 68 LED 3 Modes

There is no better word to describe uvBeast NEW 68 LED 3 Modes when this is a “beast” with fantastic lighting. A product from the UK, this high-end UV flashlight is equipped with LED light with high luminous efficiency to produce the right wavelength for clarity much better than the standard level.

Like the miniature version of uvBeast 100 LED, uvBeast NEW 68 LED 3 Modes only owns 68 LED bulbs. Why 68? The answer given by the manufacturer is to ensure balance and moderation when 51 LEDs like in the mini uvBeast version 51 LED are too few, and 100 lights like uvBeast 100 LED or KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight 100 LEDs are too bulky.

UVBeast NEW 68 LED 3 Modes’ UV light intensity is only 80% compared to the product with 100 LED bulbs, but it is enough for many people. 3 lighting modes (H, M, L) help users be used on the street or indoors with the least hassle, whether at day or night. You will no longer have to worry about any cat stains.

In terms of power supply, users will not have to worry too much about the cost when only 3 AA batteries are needed to run well in 12 to 14 hours.


  • Perfect balance: Provides high intensity and strong ultraviolet light with a moderate number of LEDs
  • Compact size, lightweight is ideal for traveling, packing and normal use around the house
  • Simple supplies
  • The breakthrough comes from 3 lighting modes that help users use flexibly
  • The large illumination screen with a reasonable number of incoming shadows prevents the energy of ultraviolet rays from being limited


  • The hole at the bottom is a little too small for a standard size belt that makes it difficult for users to use
  • The battery-powered power supply system sometimes makes users feel uncomfortable in replacing it

UV LED Black Light Fixtures, Leciel 6W Portable Blacklight Lamp

Today’s blacklights are made in very different shapes depending on the preferences and needs of the user. If you are bored with KOBRA or uvBeast products, Leciel products may be a reasonable choice for you.

UV LED Black Light Fixtures, Leciel 6W Portable Blacklight Lamp takes the shape of a fluorescent lamp with extended dimensions. Not owning small LED bulbs, its structure is quite simple.

The product does not own an integrated power system, but instead directly connects Leciel 6W Portable Blacklight Lamp to any power source via the USB port system. This is a very creative point of the manufacturer when any socket in the house or even the USB port of your laptop can be used. Up to 5.9ft long wiring system combined with on / off, switch gives the product flexibility.

Regarding the effect of UV irradiation, the extended section provides a wide range of ultraviolet rays. A 6W led bulb is what you need to detect the smallest or dried urine of your beloved cat. Moreover, it is also challenging to break despite encountering unexpected collisions.

The system of the Leciel 6W Portable Blacklight Lamp is entirely plastic to bring a weight that cannot be lighter so that users can easily move anywhere in the house. This is in return for the bulky lamp.


  • The system provides diverse power, easy to find, regardless of any battery or charger
  • 2 lighting modes suitable for many cases
  • Lightweight size and flexible long wire interface for easy mobility
  • It can be used for many purposes (lighting, decoration …)
  • Warranty system up to 2 years with extremely enthusiastic customer care center


  • Size bulky, not maneuverable
  • The connection is too dependent on the USB port

McDOER Blacklight Flashlight UV 100 LED with Ultraviolet Ink Marker

The number 100 seems to be the standard for any product that involves ultraviolet light. And McDOER is not out of the trend with McDOER Blacklight Flashlight UV 100 LED.

The large appearance is one of the very unique characteristics in McDOER’s designs. The body is up to 7.2 “long, and the size of the screen up to 3” makes it look like the ghost hunting machines in Ghost Buster. The extensive lighting screen and the 100 LED light system make this lamp as far as 30ft away and 6ft wide so that no urine stains on the draft or sofa can get out of your view.

The body of the McDOER Blacklight Flashlight UV 100 LED is covered by rust-proof aviation aluminum, along with O-rings that effectively support the grip as well as limit the water or dirt sticking. The whole body is made of aluminum, keeping the weight at 0.5 lbs.

The product uses a system of 6 AA batteries that provides 18W continuous light source for 10-12 hours. The life span of these LED bulbs is impressive at up to 100,000 hours, which means this is a very durable product.

One of the innovative designs of McDOER Blacklight Flashlight UV 100 LED is the Ink Marker system. The cartridge is installed inside the lamp body, and the brush strokes appear only under UV light. This is another interesting point of the product that makes it easy to mark the cat’s urine.


  • The sturdy frame ensures continuous use over a long time
  • Outstanding lighting performance, wide lighting range
  • Excellent customer service, ready to refund if users are not satisfied
  • Lightweight easy to move
  • Breakthrough design with Ink Marker


  • Size too bulky
  • Careful supervision is required when using the Ink Marker

LIGHTFE UV Flashlight 365nm UV Black light UV301D

The more compact design compared to its brothers in the same category is the first point users can notice when using the LIGHTFE UV Flashlight 365nm UV Black light UV301D. A high-end LED light from LG is all that manufacturers use with the ambition to beat the number of 100 bulbs from many other brands.

Light performance is of particular interest in the design of the LIGHTFE UV Flashlight 365nm UV Black light UV301D. High power up to 3W produces strong beams of 115mW / cm intensity. Interfering light beams provide a range of illumination in the range of 20 – 50ft (but at the maximum light level, the lighting performance is very weak).

Black filter optical lens eliminates color light so that the product focuses on UV rays so that the color is purer and the location of cat urine stains or air duct leaks appear more clearly than other cheap lens products.

The lamp’s body is manufactured from a reflective aluminum alloy system combined with O-rings to help enhance the grip of the user and limit sticking to water and dust.

The light shell is a strong point combined with a small structure to help LIGHTFE UV Flashlight 365nm UV Black light UV301D easily move or use in many situations. The product can withstand collision when dropped from a height of 4.9ft.

Finally, its power supply system uses only 1 AA battery for continuous lighting time of 3-4 hours continuously.


  • Compact size can fit in the pocket
  • Light-weight
  • IPX-8 waterproof system is an outstanding improvement of the product


  • The price is not low when you need to invest in the tasks that need continuous lighting
  • Quite dangerous if used incorrectly (damaging to eyes if exposed directly to the eye)

INFRAY Pen Flashlight Black Light

If you need a small, discreet black light that you can easily carry with you on flights or simply fit into your chores, check out the INFRAY Pen Flashlight Black Light.

The exquisite compact design is the first highlight that any user can recognize in this product of INFRAY. INFRAY Pen Flashlight Black Light brings the feel of devices specifically designed for spies. 

This makes INFRAY products very professional compared to other lighting devices. This device is especially handy for those who have to move frequently or do the jobs that require meticulousness ( check money, clean the house, dental, etc.)

The blacklight pen is 5.7 inches long, covered with aviation-grade aluminum, combined with an IPX-5 waterproof and MIL-SPEC water-resistant system and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lighting that makes it a perfect masterpiece.

Compact design, but INFRAY Pen Flashlight Black Light still performs well as a leading blacklight when providing purple light with a wavelength of 390-410nm.

The lighting range of the product can be adjusted depending on the user’s needs from wide to concentrated for quick detection of pet urine traces. Its powerful 3W UV LEDs also have a reflector system to produce a 30% bright light than its rivals.

The simple power supply system consists of only 2 AAA batteries that provide continuous lighting for up to 7 hours.


  • The smart, compact design is great for use on the go
  • The ability to focus lighting is very respectable 
  • Reliable warranty up to 18 months
  • Impressive continuous lighting duration


  • Cannot be used when lighting is wide
  • Do not catch the light too well with the cat’s urine

PeeDar 2.0 UV Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight

The final product that I will introduce to you in this article is PeeDar 2.0 UV Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight – an improved version than version 1 previously released. Keeping its eye-catching appearance, will this PeeDar 2.0 meet users’ expectations?

PeeDar 2.0 UV Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight possesses a system of 21 LED bulbs that provide UV sources with wavelengths from 380 to 385nm giving users high intensity to find any puddle of cat urine even if they are in a nook or corner up to 8-10m away

The compact design of just 3.5×10 cm and a weight of only 70 grams is one of the biggest advantages of this product. Easy to carry as well as use for many purposes. The aluminum casing surrounding the lamp body is also designed in the form of a mesh to increase water-resistance as well as reduce slippery when used continuously for long periods.

The power source for PeeDar 2.0 UV Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight is 3 AAA batteries for continuous lighting time of about 5 hours. This is not a strong point of the product. But you can be assured by the lifespan of the LED bulbs up to 100,000 hours.

The product comes with an instruction manual that shows the manufacturer’s interest to users.


  • Provides powerful lighting encapsulated in a small design
  • Light-weight
  • There are manuals included
  • Great customer policy with a 2-year warranty


  • Works best in completely dark conditions (if you want to use in bright conditions, make the space as dark as possible)
  • Recommendations on the toxic level of UV rays on the eyes and skin (both humans and pets)

What makes the Best Blacklight For Detecting Cat Urine?

If all the above lists do not satisfy you, you are a fastidious consumer. But don’t turn your back on me, this is the part I will guide you to choose a product that suits you and gives you comfort. Remember that only when you are comfortable, will your work be most effective.

The product that you and I are aiming for is the black light flashlight. With each flashlight whether providing normal light or black light, the element of light is placed on top

So why don’t we start with wavelength?

The wavelength of light that the lamp provides

With the products I have just introduced, what many people are interested in is the accuracy of the wavelength. UV wavelengths can range from 10nm to 400nm – shorter than the wavelength of visible light. 

Depending on the level of use as well as the purpose of use, there are many different wavelengths to choose from, but fairly speaking, UV rays are strongest when reaching a wavelength of approximately 360nm.

You need to pay special attention when choosing to buy because this can be a deciding factor for the product’s quality. The black light flashlight with 405nm, 415nm wavelengths is usually produced by a cheap cost.

Lamps that provide 395nm wavelengths are the most common. But if you want the most powerful light, then choose a product that provides violet light as short as possible.

Lighting radius and luminous intensity

The wavelength of the violet light source is essential, but that is not enough. A good lighting range will give your work very high efficiency.

The lighting radius depends a lot on the number of LED bulbs the product is equipped with. 12 LED models, 51 LED models, and 100 LED models … each model has its characteristics.

If you want to use your black light flashlight for simple tasks like authenticating money or checking documents with the lighting around you, then a product with 12 LEDs is suitable. The number of bulbs increases, increasing the intensity of light and increasing the radius of illumination.

Another thing to note is the power of the bulb. 2W, 3W … simply numbers. You have light bulbs with a capacity of 4W, but the lighting efficiency of the lamps is low, the efficiency is not high. Be sober! Choose products with high lamp output but must match the lighting performance of the lamp.

Energy sources

If you care about energy, this is the part you should pay attention to.

There are two common sources of power for black light flashlights: batteries or chargers.

 Most of the UV flashlights you will find in the market are provided by using AA or AAA batteries. This is usually a low-cost and practical option because you can get these batteries anywhere. They are really good if you only use the flashlight for short periods.

If you are a professional house cleaner, you can choose for yourself the type of renewable energy source. And one of them is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and they can hold up to 2500mAh at 3.6V, or more. This is equivalent to the power of three to four disposable AA batteries we mentioned above and will save you quite a bit of money if your work is ongoing. Another uncommon type of power source is the power directly from the electrical outlet when you can plug your lamp directly into use.

Size and convenience

Once again, the purpose of your product will speak. Depending on how you carry or store it, calculate to have yourself a suitable lamp. If the light source you need is large, of course, the number of lights will have to increase, resulting in a larger size and weight.

Or you want to store it in your pocket, then the lights the size of a key hook will be a good choice.


Casing is an important factor to consider when making your selection in the case of the flashlight. Plastics and metals, in particular, aluminum, are the two main materials used. To determine which is best for you, think about when and where you will use a flashlight.

If it is primarily outdoors, you should consider choosing a metal case – preferably aluminum alloy for optimal durability and resilience- as well as resistance to external environments’ impacts.

Quality and price

When you choose any flashlight, the quality will always be considered. You need to make sure you are investing in a guaranteed product in the market that meets all the criteria from materials, lighting efficiency, or multi-purpose. A product from reputable manufacturers can also be a good choice.

Price does not always come with quality. If you choose a more expensive product, you will find that, despite the higher initial costs, you will save money overall because your purchase will last longer and be of higher quality. But don’t just rely on that to decide.

Check your wallet first and find the best quality product that meets the usage requirements that you can afford within your designated budget.


I hope the above reviews have helped you to better understand the black light flashlight so that you can narrow the scope of finding the lamp that suits you. Consider carefully before buying, and do not be afraid to ask the advice of the seller.

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