Being one of the most popular supplements for animals, the CBD oil for cats has shown its power in pain releasing. However, in the past, it was once the only safe and effective for dogs. This explains its phenomenal growth these days and the reasons why people are very confused about choosing the best CBD oil for cats.

Getting problems when looking for the best CBD oil for cats with cancer, or just aging has been very normal among cat owners. When you are here now, I know you are one of them. We will give you enough information on these products and some of our recommendations in case you need a solution. 

Let’s get started.

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What Is CBD Oil For Cats?

Only a few people knew about the exceptional therapeutic value of CBD oil for cats until some studies in 2013 claimed this truth. In addition to it, a huge number of positive reviews from customers have strongly contributed to the success of this supplement, as well.

CBD oil refers to medicinal, non-psychoactive cannabinoids extracted from full-spectrum hemp to maintain a high level of CBD and no content of THC, a medicinal psychoactive that makes your cat get ‘high’.

Can CBD Oil Make My Cat Get ‘High’?

Definitely no. 

Hemp, also known as Cannabis sativa, is a tall annual herb and native to Asia. It is legally grown in all 50 states of the US. The strict regulations always keep the content of THC less than 0.3 percent. For this reason, taking CBD oil cannot make your cat get ‘high’, it will physically and chemically make her feel ‘good’.

How Does CBD Oil For Cats Work?

Cats’ immune cell is a part of their endocannabinoid system. This system is too complex. Many on-going experiments and researches have discovered its complete features. However, the cat’s body naturally releases endocannabinoid chemicals. Those ones help a lot in stimulating the natural creation of mood stabilizers such as serotonin and 5-hydroxytryptamine. CBD oil for cats improves this ability of the body, thus promoting homeostasis. 

Can I Give My Cat CBD Oil For Human?

It is recommended to choose CBD oil produced as a pet-exclusive supplement. However, some people, for many reasons, give their cats human CBD oil instead. Although we can see some similarities between humans and cats in the reaction with THC, getting ‘high’ would bring about discomfort, especially when cats cannot show us how they feel.

Therefore, human CBD oil is safe for cats, as long as it is free in THC. 

What Should We Consider When Purchasing CBD Oil For Cats?

The quality of CBD oil varies a lot, depending on many factors. The first one comes from the hemp. The best CBD oil for cats should be extracted from naturally grown hemp without any chemical fertilizers in the growing process. The most expensive and safest extraction method is CBD oil extracted from hemp with CO2 to be concentrated toxins-free. 

They usually add some beneficial compounds to make up an effective blend of CBD oil. You can see a Certificate of Analysis available to prove the high quality of it.

Last but not least, we told you above that THC can bring about some discomfort and don’t underestimate its negative effects on your cat. Some manufacturers, for many reasons, may cut corners and extract the plant using petroleum solvents. This actually brings no harm to your cat, but it comes out with a product with too little content of CBD in which the therapeutic value is zero. So you need to be very careful to double-check the information and find out the best product.

Best CBD Oil For Cats

The information above is all the necessary information you need to know about CBD oil for cats to find out the best product, and now we will show you a list of 5 our recommendations.

HolistaPet CBD Cat Treat

This is one of the very few brands that have CBD oil specially produced for felines, and this product comes with real salmon, which is in favor of cats, thus being grain-free, wheat-free, and corn-free.

HolistaPet extracts non-GMO hemp using a full-spectrum formula, which finally came out to be a delicious CBD oil for cats.

We additionally have brewer-yeast, which is very rich in B vitamins and rosemary, which is famous for its soothing properties.

Given that you may have to pay quite a lot of money for one package, which contains exactly 75 treats. The average weight of cats is about 8 – 11 lbs, so it can last for up to 2 months—quite a great value.


  • Having non-GMO hemp whole-plant CO2 extraction
  • Being grain-free, wheat-free, and corn-free
  • Being made with real salmon, which is one of the cat’s favor
  • Having high nutritious content
  • Last long 


  • High price
  • No Certificate Of Analysis displayed

CBDPet Hemp Oil 100

The Hemp Oil 100 comes with the best satisfaction guarantee with a 90-day money-back one for all their products (including opened ones). However, it is not the only reason for me to put it into this list. The whole-plant extraction method with CO2 puts this product in high quality in addition to the organic hemp, which is legally grown in the US. One thing that makes this different from the other is the contribution of hemp seed oil to the absorption improvement. This oil helps a lot in reducing inflammation and pain thanks to its high content of Omega-3s.

Besides the great satisfaction guarantee, this product also impresses the customers by its affordable price, especially when purchasing three and six-pack bundles. This is a wonderful choice for cats getting problems with a very serious condition, or you can share the oil with your friends to get the best value.

If you are a fan of CBD oil, you must, at least, hear of CBD Pure, then CBDPet is their sister brand. They share the same formula, given that CBDPet comes with safer concentration for pets. So if you are worrying when finding out no COA lab report, take this instead. 

Dosage recommendations are very important, but, unfortunately, you may not find any of them available on the website. However, CBDPet’s customer service team recommends administering 1 dropper per 20lbs of body weight.


  • A 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for all their products (including opened ones)
  • Organic ingredients with USA-grown hemp
  • High-quality whole-plant extraction method with CO2
  • The addition of hemp seed oil that is rich in Omega-3s
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoids


  • The absence of COA lab report
  • No dosage recommendations available on the website

Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules

You hardly find out a brand that produces hemp capsules like Canna-Pet, and this is why we mention Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules to be one of the best CBD oil for cats

Capsules are ideally popular among cat owners who occasionally stay at home since they are digested slowly, thus helping a lot in daily dosage management. Also, for those who have difficulties making cats take in the capsules, they can easily sprinkle them into food.

As one of the first companies to produce pet supplements made from cannabis, CannaPet rapidly developed and showed the power in solving health problems in pets, especially cats and dogs. Among those, Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules, thanks to 100% organic, non-GMO hemp, and the high content of flavonoids and terpenes.

Like the other products mentioned above, we find out no COA available, but this is understandable while their hemp extraction method is under parent-pending review. However, by the registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Canna-Pet still gains much reputation and trust from customers.

Canna-Pet’s unique formula keeps the exact amount of CBD per capsule secret, but we know that each one contains 700 mg of organic hemp. Besides, as mentioned above, we have a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to help in better results.


  • Paren-pending formulation
  • The ease of making your cat take in the capsule
  • 100% organic, non-GMO hemp
  • The high content of flavonoids and terpenes
  • 2 sizes of the product available
  • Full refund in case there are any problems among 1 month
  • The knowledgable customer service team


  • No COA lab report available 
  • Unknown CBD content per capsule


Treatibles, due to its low THC concentration, has become one of the best CBD oil for cats. As mentioned above, cats are extremely sensitive to THC, then even a small amount of that can lead to serious health problems. This explains why when it comes to a supplement for pets, THC content is very important.

Of course, all the products included in this list have the THC level falling below the legal limit (0.3%), but Treatibles comes with a surprising THC concentration (0.01%). Then if you are very worried about this as your cat seems to be more prone to THC, this will never let you down.

The difference we can see from Treatibles products is the material. Although they still use the whole-plant extraction method with CO2 on USA-grown hemp, we hardly find out CBD products for pets using PCR oil (phytocannabinoid-rich oil). Even more, Treatibles has been known as the first company choosing this oil. They also have MCT coconut oil, a natural antibacterial providing a high content of antioxidants. It also contains lauric acid, which plays a crucial role in moisturizing the skin (don’t underestimate the importance of cat skin).

This product may come with a little higher price compared to other supplements for cats ($34 for 30ml), but I think it is worth the lowest THC concentration.

Treatibles also set their COAs available on the website, and customers can easily know the origins of their hemp. This makes their products more reliable, especially by the indication of being bacteria-free and 0.01% of THC concentration.


  • Amazing low level of THC concentration – 0.01%
  • COAs is readily available
  • The whole-plant extraction method with CO2 on USA-grown hemp
  • The ingredients include PCR oil and coconut oil


  • Higher price

The Bottom Lines

After showing you some necessary information about CBD oil for cats, including how it works, something to consider when purchasing them, and, more importantly, four outstanding products that are receiving a lot of positive reviews, we believe you now have a general awareness about this topic.

This, of course, may not show you everything you want to know about this type of supplements, but I’m sure that it is detailed enough to turn you, from the beginner to the one with basic knowledge about using CBD oil for cats.

I hope you would find yourself a suitable product and tell us your opinion about this post. Thanks a lot, and have a nice day.


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