The most crucial step to getting rid of fleas is first to identify the problem and realize that your cat has fleas. We are often aware of the problem long after the first small chip attack. If your pet is scratching or even if it is not scratching, do not hesitate to put a flea through its fur to regularly check if it catches the tick or tick !! Precautions can make our job easier and save us a lot of trouble. The best flea comb for cats is an essential accessory to remove them.

What is a flea comb?

A flea comb is an excellent and well-spaced toothcomb that we use to find and remove fleas from animal skin. Most can be used for all hair types, most commonly dogs, cats, or even rabbits. Although the combs we have in the bathroom can do that, they are not as effective as they are not even close to keep dirt from fleas and small eggs.

A flea comb is an effective and essential way to get rid of fleas and the eggs that are usually hung on your pet’s fur. This is primarily a natural way to get rid of fleas on your cat.

Why should you buy a flea comb?

Fleas are small animals that dwell among our cat’s fur and suck their blood. In addition to destroying our cat’s fur, they also move to the hair of young children and even adults. For the health and hygiene of your cat as well as the whole family, they must be removed, and quickly! Flea combes are a fascinating device to remove them from your life. Here are two points that prove the importance of a flea comb.

To combat fleas

Because a cat is an independent animal who often leaves home, it faces more risk when catching these parasites in a meeting with wildlife and/or untreated animals.

The flea comb is your ally to fight against these worms by using it once a week for greater effectiveness.

For the safety of the cat

The three areas of your cat can also be cleaned using a flea comb, depending on the type of comb you have chosen. First, you can easily remove the collection of secretions collected in the corner of your eye.

It is also possible to clean the curve of the mouth as well as take care of his anus with this tool.

How to choose a flea comb?

A flea is a parasite that eats human and animal blood. These are bugs that make our tomcat life uncomfortable, and so do ours. But how do you combat these insects? Using a comb against flea bites is one of the effective ways to combat them. This device is beneficial to make your cat more hygienic and very healthy. To choose the best flea comb for your cat, here are a few things to consider.

Types of combs

There are two types of anti-chip combs on the market, depending on how it works. The first is traditional, called mechanical. The principle of action of this breed is based on simple combing. The second type is called electronics that operate through batteries. This variety is beneficial due to the electronic discharge sent to disable lice.

Easy to use

The ease of use of the device also plays an essential role in the type of flea comb you choose. We recommend buying equipment that easily adapts to your hand. It is also important to select devices made from flexible products.

Production materials

As we have stated before, flea combs should be selected from flexible materials. Plastic models, for example, are very flexible. In addition to being flexible, they are very durable and have a long service life.

Value of money

The price of a conventional and electronic cat flea comb, in general, is different. Indeed, the service provided by one person is better than the other. However, whatever your choice is, be sure to choose a model that offers the best value for money and fully meets your requirements.

Length of hairs

The flea comb for long-haired and short-haired cats should be kept separate. Indeed, flea combs for short-haired cats cannot be suitable and effectively remove fleas from tomcats with long hairs. Therefore, your choice should depend entirely on the length of the hair.

A flea comb for long-haired and short-haired cats should be kept separate. Indeed, a flea comb for short-haired cats cannot be suitable and effectively removes fleas from tomcats with long hairs. Therefore, your choice should depend entirely on the length of your cat’s fur.


The flea comb you will buy must serve you for a long time. Indeed, it is pointless to get new equipment every time you intend to remove fleas from your pet. Therefore, priority is given to resistant and durable models for long-term applications.

My recommendation

I recommend choosing a toothed metal comb. Plastic teeth usually last less.

The space between the teeth should be as small as possible, but there should still be enough space not to pull your animal hair too much. Although most fleas are very versatile, try judging with your pet’s fur.

I recommend you buy a flea comb with a handle. I find it more realistic, but it’s quite personal.

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Where to buy a flea comb, and how much?

As you can imagine, all animal shops sell this type of product. Sometimes you can also find them in supermarkets. You will find many options online at stores like Amazon, which offers a variety of products to combat fleas.

As I said before, there’s no need to spend more than 10 euros on a flea comb. Half cheaper combs do an excellent job.

Best Flea Comb For Cats Review

1. Detangling Pet Comb

The flea comb for cats with fuzzy hair has stunned many cat owners. Detangling is equipped with both long and short metal teeth. This can solve knots, knots, and downy hairs gently, safely, and effectively. This cat grooming tool is handy.

The long-toothed comb can facilitate removal, removing the flea from the pet’s skin and fur. Detangling is also a perfect choice for pets with rough hair. The material of the comb is 100% stainless steel for reliability and durability for long-term use. The Detangling pet comb will quickly remove the knotty knots and messy hair.

2. Neo-Tree Flea Comb

Unlike traditional cat flea combs, Neo-Tree Flea Comb is an electric flea comb for cats that uses an electrical charge to kill and remove flea quickly and effectively. With advanced Comfort Charge charging technology, you can find, knock out, and remove them and their eggs from your pet. Besides, you can also search and destroy flea on the skin of almost any pet, as well as age or hair length. Neo-Tree Flea Comb is also perfect for preventing future penetration of egg flea on pet skin.


A set of GNAWRISHING cat flea comb products includes four different types of combs. Each model is suitable for different kinds of pets, depending on the length of their fur. Among them is a high-strength stainless steel toothbrush with a blue hard plastic clip, and a durable, double-sided plastic comb. The combs are made of high-strength stainless steel, so it effectively cleans the pet’s tangles and flea on their skin. Your cat will feel like being massaged by the comfort this comb brings.


The manufacturer MASTERPETZ recognizes that regularly grooming your cats helps you develop a deep bond with them. Therefore, the MASTERPETZ flea comb was created to do that. The comb is 10 inches long with 80/20 teeth, so it works perfectly for cats or dogs without shaving their skin.

The difference in distance between the teeth of this flea comb works well with long, tangled fur. Besides, it is also made of stainless steel, so they are light. You will not be exhausted when grooming your pet for hours.

5. MoHern Flea Comb

MoHern is designed with two thick teeth and a full tooth. Dull teeth can help you clean out their flea and eggs, and the thin teeth help clean your hair and soften your pet’s fur.

This is a traditional flea comb. Indeed, they are made entirely from fine plastic. MoHern’s beautiful teeth do not scratch your pet’s skin. Measuring 3.5 inches (L) X 2 inches (H), they are suitable for efficiently removing flea and their eggs.

6. Laiannwell Flea Comb

Like other products, Laiannwell Flea Comb can effectively eliminate the painful itchiness of your pet by combing teeth made from durable stainless steel. The 20mm long anti-rust comb teeth are ideal for long-haired pets such as Golden Retriever, Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, and Huskies.

Laiannwell has a round head, so your pet’s skin will not be scratched when brushed. You can freely brush your hair from head to tail without causing any pain to your pet.

7. Flea Comb for Dogs

These traditional flea combs are used for pets with long, shaggy hair. This flea comb pattern comes in 5 different types, so they are suitable for cats with long or short fur. The stable round teeth of a nit comb prevent scratching the skin to help clean the tear or eliminate dandruff and fleas. With a waterproof function, these combs will be easy to clean after bathing with a cat flea treatment shampoo.

8. Cat Flea Comb by Purrkins

Manufacturers often prefer pointy teeth that make flea on the pet’s skin more easily removed. This inadvertently causes the pet to be in pain and hurt. In contrast, Cat Flea Comb by Purrkins has round teeth that can smooth the coat as well as remove fleas, ticks, and dandruff to keep your pet healthy and clean. By grooming your pet with Purrkins Flea Comb, you will enhance the close-up between you and the pet, and make their blood flow easily.

9. Hertzko Long Teeth Flea Comb

This flea comb is designed with 10 mm metal teeth suitable for short hairs. It quickly eliminates flea bites like its eggs easily. Flea Comb with this extended set of teeth can easily penetrate the coat and can comb the undercoat. Its weakness is that it does not come with a round brush, which can hurt your pet’s skin when it is combed hard.

What are the different types of flea combs?

Your tomcat constantly scratches, and this affects its mood and health. As a master, it hurts you. But what can you do? We recommend you use the anti-chip comb. A flea comb is a useful tool to remove lice and niches. They are eager to cling to your pet’s fur. There are two types of flea brooms on the market that are very effective. Discover these models to help you perfect your choice.

Traditional flea comb

This model is also known as a regular flea comb. But don’t believe its name and sometimes lower it before the IC!

Indeed, despite being classic, many very nearly 0.33 mm long teeth are made of stainless steel and micro-grooved. It is usually made entirely of metal, although some models have plastic handles.

Electronic flea comb

It is a comb operated through the battery. Generally, it is applied to dry hair. Its principle is as follows: when it runs, it releases micro-discharges to neutralize the lice.

There are even models that beep whenever they kill a flea.

And if you are interested in other cat-related products, please click here for more information.

How to use the flea comb for cat

First, fill a bucket of water with soap. I use it to wash the combs and kill the fleas I can find at the same time.

Of course, I recommend that you do outdoor activities, which will prevent you from flooding at home, but especially if the fleas imagine themselves running away, they will not enter your house.

Personally, my dog ​​has a relatively long coat, and I first use a classic comb with a massive dog tooth to comb and order his jacket. It was after being pampered, and I used my ultra-fast flea comb.

My advice is to start with the head. Then, neck, chest, climb on the sides, up to the tail. Remember to wash the comb often.

I think it is wise to go from head to toe and repeat the process several times. It’s meticulous work, especially if your animal is tall/tall ;), it surfaces !!

If you have no choice but to perform an indoor operation, complete the jump halfway to prevent the flea from jumping out of the bucket. Also, place a white cloth on a floor to see the fleas well and take them away quickly.

Flea control can take weeks or even months if they are installed correctly in your home.

Tips on using your flea comb

Fleas hurt our cats! That is a fact! How to fight them then? A flea comb is the best device to fight against these damn bugs. How easy to use? In general, the use of anti-chip combes is not tricky, but on the contrary, very easy. However, here are two tips to make it easier to use.


We recommend that you know the type of cat’s fur before doing any operations. This point dramatically affects the model you will choose. A flea comb for short-haired cats should only be used on it. Indeed, if it is used on a long-haired cat, it will be ineffective.

Read the instructions

Despite the fact that this material is easy to use, its use is a bit difficult.

Therefore, to make your cat comfortable during use, we recommend reading the brief instructions regarding its deployment provided with the device. This tip is beneficial so as not to cause unnecessary suffering for your cat.

We answer your questions

The pros and cons of the flea comb

A flea comb is a formidable weapon to fight against fleas on our kittens. It is convenient to have one. Indeed, it is instrumental in getting rid of head lice that disturbs the life of your cat. Besides this, it can also be used to groom your pet.

However, it also has some disadvantages. For example, in the case of a particular electronic anti-chip comb, an unpleasant noise is emitted from some models. This makes the animals uncomfortable and makes them hate grooming moments. So opt for a quieter model.

Electronic chip flea comb: a useful accessory

You have three options for fighting lice on your cat: chemicals, medications, and anti-flea comb. The second type is the alternative to the other two models, especially the anti-chip scrubs. If chemical treatments are harmful to animals, especially sensitive people, this device is fascinating. This tool’s operation is effortless: you comb and detach the fur from fleas and automatically destroy them. It is safe for the health of your pet. AA batteries are used to power this model.

Final Thoughts

The best flea comb for cat is a must-have for every owner. Even if a significant flea infestation requires other additional solutions, the use of this small tool rather than the fact is always helpful.


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