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Google “cats in sweaters,” and then you will discover countless lovely pictures of miniature knitwear sports kitties. Of course, they look very adorable, and it makes you want to purchase one, but is there any time when you think about the best sweater for cats

PanDaDa Puppy Small Pet Dog Cat Sweater Clothes Winter Coat Apparels

When you have a small cat, then you need to look for a sweater in a suitable size. It is sometimes not easy at all as you cannot find out anything fit him without spending hours searching in countless pet stores. You then wonder how to knit a sweater for cats. With this product, everything will be straightforward. With no loose threads, the knit is very well performed, very smooth, and extends. You would be full of happiness while your cat looks lovely this Christmas. 

Your pet may be a kitten that is too small to fit any other sweaters or a very old cat that was losing most of his weight due to the power of time, whatever, this product will never let you down. 

However, things will enormously change with a bigger pet. It’s a way too small with a more-than-3-lbs cat. I personally think that you have more options in this case since people using this sweater usually have a too-small cat.

Besides, this product is not for all kinds of cats, while hairless cats must be the first to mention not to use the sweater due to the risks of allergies.


  • Have all size for small cats
  • The knit has no loose threads
  • Being suitable for very elderly cats or kittens


  • Do not fit more-than-3lbs cats
  • May pose the threats of allergies towards hairless cats

Howstar Super Cute Pets Clothes Dinosaur Cosplay Apparel for Puppy Cats

There are two main reasons for you to buy a sweater for your cat and one of them is to make the cat look more adorable, the other is to keep the cat warm. The people who purchase this product usually come with the first. 

Dinosaurs usually appear on social media in their chibi version, and it makes them popular. It must be very amazing if your cat becomes a little dinosaur. The snap front puts the cat in ease of getting on and off.

This sweater is very soft inside, and it avoids allergies as much as possible.

However, be careful with the size chart that the provider gives you. Sometimes the size runs very small, so it cannot fit your cat.


  • The sweater helps your cat become an adorable little dinosaur
  • The snap front helps in easily getting on and off
  • The sweater is very soft inside


  • Sometimes the size chart will not help you to choose the right one for your cat.

Evursua Striped Cat Sweaters Kitty Sweater

The sweater is made of smooth acrylic to maintain your cat warm and comfortable. The clothes are for kittens, and you will be very happy if you know it can avoid harsh material hurting.

Those sweaters are easy to put on and off. For indoor and outdoor activities, the Pullover style won’t get in the manner. It also reduces the hair of your pet to the floor, keeps your home clean, and makes sure that his hair is clean, as well.

With 5 sizes from XS to XL, it nearly fits all types of cat, in almost weight and height. 

Your kitty will look good in Spring, Fall, and Winter season when the weather becomes colder (time for a fashion show, right?)

Classic corded knit turtleneck without harness hole puts everything at ease when you easily use a collar or harness and walk without having to worry about it, free for your cat to move and jump.

Unfortunately, the provider sometimes needs more time to prepare, and it makes the delivery time slower. Just waiting for it.


  • This is made of smooth acrylic which can avoid harsh material hurting
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities thanks to the pullover style
  • Avoid cat hair falling and keep it clean
  • A wide variety of size


  • Slowly delivering 

Wiz BBQT Knitted Braid Plait Turtleneck Sweater Knitwear Outerwear

This sweater is made of 100% acrylic yarn, which is soft, warm and easy to wash. It is a beautiful cable-knit with a turtle neck, which prevents cats from having infections. It covers their necks and retains their mobility.

The size table contains 6 different sizes, including XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, so you always have the right size for your cat whatever his size is.

What’s more, a bonus for you when you purchase this Wiz BBQT sweater is the Wiz BBQT tape included in the package. This tape helps in recording the growth of your kitty.

On the contrary, the problem usually is the size chart since the measurement doesn’t match the grid as well. The best solution for it is up-size choosing. 


  • Soft, warm and easy to wash thanks to the material (100% acrylic yarn)
  • Beautiful design with cable-knit and a turtle neck to cover the neck and body
  • Various sizes to choose


  • The measurement sometimes doesn’t match the grid

Wiz BBQT Casual Elegant Cat Dog Pet Sweater Turtleneck Knitted Knitwear Outerwear with Collar

The material of this sweater is 100% of knitting yarn which is very soft, warm, and easy to wash. It also brings about a great elasticity to help in easily putting on and off. 

As usual, included in the package, we have a tape from Wiz BBQT to record our cat’s growth. Four colors available included are pink-white, blue-white, grey-white, and black-white, so bright and elegant, can be used regardless of sex and age.

You can fold the turtle neck down to make it short in case you need to do it. 

When searching this product on the store, you can see some of the warnings like this: “Get two sizes larger than what you think you need,” and it does work! In fact, this problem happens even with humans when purchasing clothes online since we can only make some measurements. And yes, I have told you a solution.


  • The material is soft, warm, and easy to wash (100% of knitting yarn)
  • Great elasticity which helps in easily putting on and off
  • The tape included in the package to record the growth of your cat
  • Various colors to choose
  • The turtle neck can be folded down to fit the cat perfectly


  • The size chart is sometimes not accurate to follow (Tips: get two sizes larger than what you think you need)

Bolbove Pet Red Snowflake Turtleneck Sweater for Small Dogs & Cats Knitwear

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is coming! This is time for house decoration, purchasing Noel pine, having some feasts, watching snowflakes, etc. And don’t forget that your cat needs to be “decorated,” too. And this sweater is for you and your adorable kitty – a Christmas sweater for cats. Not only Christmas, but your cat can also use it during the Winter season. Your cat may be too old that she even shows some signs of the end time: waking slowlier, eating less, and easily be cold. This is what brings about comfort. 

The material (Acrylic Fabric) keeps him warm and comfortable, and this sweater is machine washable, so handy washing is not one thing preventing you from purchasing a sweater for your cat.

However, if cat hair falling is what you concern about, this sweater is not for you. You may wake up after a sleepy night and find out cat hair all over that sweater. Sounds not good. You have many ways to remove cat hair from it, but it may bring about some bad experiences. 


  • A perfect outfit for this incoming Christmas
  • The material makes it warm, comfortable and easy to wash
  • It is machine washable


  • Cannot deal with cat hair falling

Pack of 2 Turtleneck Classic Cable Knit Dog Cat Pet Sweater

Your cat has some infections or disorders that need to keep the neck covered, then this pack of 2 turtle neck classic cable knit sweater is a good deal. The turtle neck design always makes sure that your cat’s neck is covered and kept warm all the time he wears it, and the cable knitting makes him look more adorable. 

A pack, including two sweaters, usually costs less than only one sweater. Instead of purchasing two different sweaters and paying more money, you have two in one pack that is easy to change and wash. What’s more, this pack is especially useful in case you have two cats, ‘one sweater per cat.’

Made of warm acrylic fabric, those sweaters bring about both comfort and style. 

Red and red-gray are very trendy these days, and it makes your cat look like a ‘fashionista.’

However, those sweaters are not totally as same as the other. One has a higher neck and long sleeve while the other comes with a shorter sleeve and neck. Well, this will be such convenience with people who have more than one cats or those who don’t care much about it, but if you need two sweaters that are totally the same, they are not for you. So be careful with it.


  • The turtle neck design is great to protect your cat from infections
  • Including two sweaters that are easy for changing and washing, and helpful for people having more than one cat
  • The material (warm acrylic fabric) brings about both style and comfort
  • Trendy colors


  • Those two sweaters are not totally as same as each other 

Evursua Pet Cat Sweater Kitten Clothes for Cats Small Dogs

This adorable sweater will make you impressed by the heritage look caused by the combination of wide-ribbed turtle neck design and Aran stitches. 

Acrylic Fabric is a suitable material for keeping your cat warm and comfortable. It’s super useful when used for a hairless cat who has sensitive skin, easy to be injured by any hard material.

A great thing about this sweater is the size variety. From the very young cats to the ‘elderly,’ you always find out a suitable size for your pet. It is long enough to pass his ribs and impressively stretches.

However, this sweater is quite thin, thus being not enough for a cat in the coldest days in the years.


  • The impressive heritage look caused by the combination of wide-ribbed turtle neck design and Aran stitches
  • The material (acrylic fabric) is soft, and it protects your cat from being hurt by any other hard materials
  • Impressively stretches
  • It is long enough to pass the cat’s ribs


  • Quite thin for the coldest days in the year

How To Choose The Best Sweaters For Your Cats?

I have listed some of the products that I think are the best sweaters for your cat, but somehow you don’t like any of them, that’s why we have this question: How to choose the best sweaters for your cats? It sounds hard to answer, but it’s not! I will show you some factors that you need to consider when looking for the best sweaters.

The Material

Just like humans, clothes for pets, especially cats, need to be made of good material. This comes with many benefits, such as making them feel comfortable, protecting them from injuries caused by hard material, and keeping them warm. In this case, the fabric will be my choice. It not only meets all the requirements above but also easy to wash and dry.

The Size

The second important factor that should be mentioned is the size of the sweater and of your cat. When purchasing anything on the Internet, especially clothes for your pet, you always need to see the size chart of that product and make some measurements. Neck and body length (from neck to waist) is two important things to know.

However, you can see that most of the products above get a problem with the size chart. Keep this in mind, and whenever you look for a cat sweater, always ask the provider carefully for the accurate information.

The Best Sweaters For Cats

The Ease Of Putting On And Off

Any sweaters for cats need to be easy to put on and off, so zippers, buttons, hooks, and other adornments are unnecessary. You may think that sweaters with those adornments are very cool, but it does nothing but annoying your cat.  

I Purchased The Sweater For My Cat Yesterday, What Should I Do?

There is something you should do the first day purchasing a sweater for your cat. 

When you first put the sweater on your cat, make sure that she feels comfortable all the time. If she shows any abnormal signs, immediately put it off. 

Putting the sweater on your cat also means you pose a threat of making her overheating, and to avoid it, put it on and off every few hours. For more information, you should search for the time that a cat stays in heat.

And one more thing: some people may additionally purchase socks or pants for their cat, but in fact, a cat rarely needs that stuff. So it’s not a good idea when you prevent her from feeling the ground on her paws. 

Wrapping Up

Those cat sweaters are some of the best ones we can find. Based on your demand, I think that it is not hard to make the decision. In case you cannot decide what to choose, there are some other factors for you to choose one yourself. 

Have a nice day and enjoy it!


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