Would you be surprised that cats meow to humans as a way of communicating? In the case of a cat meowing to another cat when it is young, it only wants to eat it!

Have you ever noticed, once you were cooking or just suddenly went to the kitchen to drink water, your cat kept meowing? This issue is quite common. Maybe that has become quite normal for you, so sometimes, you don’t notice.

Why cat always meows in the kitchen

Chances are, cats always meow in the kitchen as just a habit. However, there are also a few compelling reasons to always meow in a kitchen.

Your cat needs help

There was just a slight coincidence. You are cooking in the kitchen, and your cat needs your help right now. You don’t need to overthink. So the cat kept on meowing. About the cause:

Firstly, maybe the cat is encountering a formidable enemy, and it is having discomfort in it. 

Secondly, it may be having problems with its physicality. And all you need to do is take it to the nearest vet. 

Thirdly, when excluding physical problems, psychological problems can also be a cause. It’s your job to invite the cat habit coach.

The cat wants to see you

Some cats never want to be away from their owners. It will even get in trouble as long as you walk out of the house. So all of a sudden, it meows meow because it was looking for you. And it knows you’re in the kitchen. The fact that it continuously meows when seeing you is just a loving call like I found you

The little fur baby is hungry

You know, the kitchen is a pantry. Maybe in a few times of notice, the cat already knows a fixed place containing food in your house is the kitchen. Perhaps, it went to the kitchen looking for friends to ask you to feed him.

In case you have just fed him and it still meow in the kitchen continuously, this reason is not convincing.

A thank you

This fourth reason stems from the possibility of eliminating the third one. When you have just fed it and still go to the kitchen and keep meowing, maybe, what it does is want to thank you. Don’t overthink it! It was like saying, “The food is delicious, thanks for letting me eat it.” That meow is the communication between you and it. What you should do now is to pat your best friend’s head again to agree!

Portrait of a ginger cat. The cat is sitting on a wooden log. The cat smiles predatoryly and winks at the frame.

Something else

It was also a coincidence that the cat looked for a wanted target – the mouse in the kitchen. It kept meowing like a rat warning sign. “Get out of here right now.” Or “you won’t get out of my hand” or something. It is also the case that there is a high chance that the cat’s constant vocalization in the kitchen when the third possibility is ruled out.

Attention please

You are making food or going to the kitchen to get water. For example, the cat wants you to play with it; it should go to the kitchen. It meow meow is to call you, ask you to play with it.

In some situations, the cat finds something exciting and wants you to see it.

What do you do when your cat always meows in the kitchen?

Physical problems

Physical problems are challenging to spot. It would be best if you took the cat to the nearest veterinarian. In addition to the meow in the kitchen, be sure to see if your cat has other symptoms, such as overeating or changing her daily routine.

Follow your veterinarian’s advice, including prescription, diet, or accommodation.

Psychological issues

After the veterinarian concludes that the cat is not showing any symptoms, take the cat to a psychiatrist. The cat may have had psychological problems due to the past. A psychological coach will help you.

Desire for food

If you make food and forget your cat needs to eat, when you hear meow meow, get cat food right away. If the cat does not eat it, then perhaps the food is not its purpose. You should approach and pet the cat for the reasons 4,5,6 I mentioned earlier.

If your cat is always meowing in the kitchen all day when you are petting it again, that’s not enough for it. Spend some more time playing with your cat.


Through this article, I think you know a little about the topic: The cat always meows in the kitchen.

If you love your cat, spend plenty of time taking care of your cat, its habits, and emotions. For example, at any time, the cat has many problems and needs your help. You must understand its manifestations and gestures to know it needs you. Put your work aside, focus on the cat a bit.

 It is said: “In my opinion, prevention is better than cure.”

In my opinion, it’s true in almost situations 

I hope you have a perfect life with your cat.

Thanks for reading this article. 

Best wishes to you!


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