If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats love to climb on just about anything they can get their paws on. You also understand that, for as much as they might like to scratch and claw their way to great heights, you probably won’t love what that does to your furnishings.

That’s why you want to get your cat wall-mounted climbing spaces on which to climb, perch, and relax.

What to Look for in Climbing Walls for Cats

You’ll want to make sure that these cat climbing walls are safe and sturdy enough to support their weight and stand up to their claws while still being soft to the touch. Besides, you’ll want to be able to mount these climbing obstacles somewhere accessible to your cat. For as much as you want your cat to enjoy their new climbing spaces, you don’t want them to take over your décor.

For cats climbing walls, tick these boxes, making them an ideal solution for allowing your cat to climb to their heart’s content without risking your tables, bedding, and other furnishings in the process.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best climbing walls currently on the market.

1. PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves

The three shelves of this climbing wall from PetFusion feature a sleek, smooth finish which measure 26” x 11” x 2”, 18” x 8” x 2”, and 8” x 8” x 2”. Each shelf can support up to 30 lbs. They come with drywall anchors that allow you to attach it to your wall with ease.

Part of what sets these shelves apart is that their different sizes and shapes allow for a bit of variety in your cat’s jumping and climbing action. For example, the largest shelf features a hole big enough for your cat to climb through, enabling them to drop down to a strategically-placed shelf or another cat tower with ease.

2. On2Pets Cat Furniture Canopy Shelves

Whether your cat has the “Eye of the Tiger” or is just looking to get in touch with their inner Big Cat self, the canopy shelves of this climbing wall option stand apart for their inclusion of synthetic leaves. For active cats climbing walls are a great chance to get some exercise and pounce like cats in the wild. Most cat shelves and climbing walls leave it at that. However, these shelves take it a step further, including faux foliage, so your cat can pretend they’re stalking through leafy terrain before pouncing on their prey.

The synthetic leaves aren’t just for show, either. They can provide your cat with a valuable hiding place and even a bit of shade. Cats love hiding places, and this option form On2Pets can give your cat a little extra security. The fake leaves can also add a nice subtle touch for plant lovers.

The shelves measure 22” x 13” x 15” and come in three varieties – curved, rectangular, and box-shaped – for your consideration and your cat’s convenience and comfort.

3. Art of Paws Cat Shelf

This cat shelf climbing option combines sleek curved black wood with soft padding for your cat to perch and relax in style. Putting several together can give your cat a whole wall’s worth of climbing options while the hardwood-style can blend in seamlessly with minimalist and rustic home décor styles.

The cat shelves measure 16″ x 12″ x 5″, can support up to 33 lbs, and come with two different covers, allowing you to customize the climbing surfaces to suit your cat’s preferences. The Fibre Cover is extra-strength and ideal for cats who love to scratch, while the Soft Wool Cover is extra-soft – perfect for kitties ready for a catnap.

It comes with all the tools you need to install it, making this model quite user friendly.

4. RayCC Cat Shelves Cat Steps

These wall climbing options combine minimalist design with your choice of either Oxford or mesh fabric, providing a safe, flexible spot for your cat to land. As with many of these wall climbing options for cats, it features an excellent multilevel design.

On the one hand, these shelves are easy enough to install. Simply drill a few holes in your wall for the included anchors, attach the shelves, and you should be good to go. On the other hand, if you don’t like the idea of drilling holes in your wall, you may want to consider other attachment options, though you’ll want to test it to make sure your method can support your cat’s weight.

The layer board offers a fair amount of room for your cat, measuring 17″ x 12″ and supporting 22 lbs. Whether you choose the Oxford or standard mesh cloth, your cat is bound to be pleased with the material’s breathability. You probably don’t like lying in bed or on your pillow when they’re uncomfortably warm. Your cat feels the same way, which is why this material’s ability to stay cool even in warm temperatures is a definite plus for your cat’s overall comfort.

5. The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf

Is your cat too “refined” for a regular climbing wall or shelf? Then you might want to try this offering from The Refined Feline. Cats are notoriously picky about where they perch, but with solid plywood and a surface that bends but doesn’t break, your cat is bound to be pleased. The wood paneling is solid enough to provide support while still having enough “give” to be comfortable.

What’s more, the sleek inclining curvature of both the “lotus branch” and “leaf” shelves complement one another from a decorating standpoint. The panels are 22” long and 10.5″ deep, and the curvature can also make it more comfortable for your cat to lay down and relax (in a “refined” fashion, of course.)

Whether your cat prefers to lounge around all day or loves to jump and climb with wild abandon, a cat shelves combined into a climbing wall for cats can be a great way to help them feel more at home.


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