You might have seen many videos about kitties reacting to music melody.

But not all cats show any kind of appreciation. But is it the fact that cats don’t enjoy music? Why don’t they run away?

Let’s find out if cats enjoy the beat, and what is the sleep melody for cats?

Do felines like music?

Actually, there is not much evidence for the case. However, many owners notice that their cats enter a relaxed stage and enjoy classical music, getting ready for a catnap.

A recent study conducted by Applied Animal Behaviour Science found that cats don’t have any particular music preference. However, the music for us is made to our liking of language and interaction.

Cats don’t speak our language. That’s probably why they don’t find our music interesting.

But the reaction is a different thing.

When you show the cat a video of bird chirpings, he will react similarly to the way he does in the wild. And the birds chirping is a kind of melody.

Also, it’s also your cat’s reference that determines how they like the beat.

If you turn on charming sonatas and see the cat come to find the source of the sound, it means your cat reacts. And if he seems to enjoy and lie down with his eyes closed, the music works.

The situations vary depending on cats. Some cats will react to Lady Gaga, some like Taylor Swift, many enjoy Pink.

It doesn’t have to be a particular artist. The music can be classical, pop, rock, or ballad.

sleeping woman using technology at home

What is the sleep melody for cats?

The frequency of the sound cats can hear range up to 64,000 Hz. That makes music for cats specific, although there is no definition for such a thing.

As cats have an incredible hearing sense, they are more sensitive to sound. We can understand it as it’s not the melody that triggers the cat, but probably the tempos.

David Teie, a well-known cellist, composed what is so-called “species-appropriate music” with the sound mimics bird chirping, cat purring and sounds that cats react.

Coming with that is the wild sound like water from the stream, waterfall, or animal singing in the wood.

Sleeping music for cats tends to sing them to sleep, not to make them dance.

Research conducted by Dr. Susan Wagner, a specialist in animal music therapy, shows that many felines have their heartbeat raised and pupils dilated when listening to pop and classical. But for rock, they seem to be stressed out.

Natural sound has the same soothing effect in most cats.

A curating playlist for kitties

You can craft a playlist of sleep melody for cats, picking various instruments like flute, piano, cello, and harp, which can create frequencies cats prefer.

Anyhow, the sound that pierces the ears are not recommended though it’s at high frequencies as it would panic the cats.

Have fun enjoying music with your meow fellow.


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