If you are a cat breeder, then you will find that there was a time when your Kitten was always starving. You will probably find your baby kittens chasing you all day long, making a nagging and pampered face, meowing all day.

If you have not explained this phenomenon, I guess you are still curious about this issue. How will you feel if you have given cats to eat a lot, but it’s even naming you feeding?

And here, I will analyze this phenomenon.

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Why is a young cat always hungry?

Have you ever known that young cats always hungry?

There is an unlimited possibility of it. If you haven’t faced this situation, you can see it as new knowledge needing answers.

The fact that your Kitten is always hungry can also be originated from three main reasons:

Kittens are in the growth period. It needs more than typical food to grow

People also have a quick growing stage. I will give you a simple example. 

In one year, your child is 1m4. One year later, your child is 1m55, and next year, your child is 1m57. You can see; obviously, there is a year big children grow very fast but then big slowly. For that time a year, unquestionably, the baby had a lot to have enough nutrients so fast. And kittens are like people! Indeed, there is a short phase where little cats grow very fast. That is the reason why it always feels hungry. It needs more energy, nutrients for your growth as your child eats a lot and drinks milk for that year.

Kittens consume more energy than the amount and nutrients in the food that it eats

Suppose the first reason is relative to the topic of the kitty. The second reason may be possible to close to more than just cases.

This time, I will give you an example. When an average body loads 1000 calories but consumes 1500 calories, the body will require the remaining 500 calories. Besides, kittens often work or run, jump for fun. If it does not have enough body energy, it will always feel hungry.

You may see, the hungry body is eating, and that is normal. But I would like to recommend that many objective factors affect cats’ hungry feeling, and health problems are no exception.

In another case, cats are infected with helminths. The helminths will be able to eat all the nutrients that the cat is loaded. And that is the reason why the kittens are always hungry.

 Here are other objective factors about the medications you should know and understand.

Diabete sounds to be a hazardous disease

But this ability is entirely possible. Although diabetes is not infectious, it can be genetic. This disease is the case of pancreatic cells that do not even reproduce enough insulin hormones, or cells lose control when insulin regulator (plays the role of converting sugar into energy ).

At this point, when the sugar is not transformed into energy will be out. As a consequence, cats will always feel hungry.

Changing the protein-rich in protein and insulin injection twice a day is an effective solution.


This case is blood containing many thyroid hormones – hormones involved in adjusting the body’s basic metabolic speed. Too many thyroid hormones increase the metabolic rate, which means that despite cats that do nothing, having the ability to burn calories quickly. So, the cat is needed to eat more energy.

The intestinal problems

Inflammation or intestinal cancer can be the cathedral’s cause, affecting the ability to digest and absorb the cat’s nutrients.

Pancreatic pathogenesis bowel that serves the food

Gastrointestinal enzyme

If the cat is epi, the digesting function is entirely disabled.

And there will be several other symptoms such as vomiting, severe diarrhea, kidney stools. Despite eating a lot, but Kitten has a gastrointestinal enzyme, it does not absorb nutrients, so the cat loses satiety.


In some schools, when people are sad, they can eat so much to ease the sorrow. Like people, the cat also comforts yourself by eating a lot. And outside, you think your Kitten is hungry!

In the outside environment, in widely spacious water, cat live with instinct being a predator animal: nightly and flexible, scorn from the branch to another branch, free!

Kitten does not have such a favorable environment; it eats seed food; it does not need to go foraging. After a while, the Kitten gets bored. Perhaps it recognized the freedom and comfort of their fellow companions in the environment through the TV screen? Eating is also a temporary solution to this loneliness!

Non-nutritional food is also a problem. 

When a body does not eat enough nutrition, it will lead to persistent phenomena.

When people eat fast food, people will be hungry fast. And so your Kitten does!

The solution to this problem

Provide enough food for this growth.

But if the fact that the Kitten also overeats entirely affects the digesting system and the stomach process, Please handle this problem by equipping the cat ball toys containing cat food. This measure has just made the cat forget to eat and help the cat not hungry because there is food in the ball.

ive your Kitten the most nutritious foods because of the small cat’s stomach, cats eat very little.

Full food nutrients will help the cat more than longer. 

You should spend more time with your Kitten on playing with it

Cats are a domestic animal species, so we are challenging to guess its mood. When you have free time, take the rare time at the side of the cat to bring warmth to it. Or you can also take cats for a walk or travel with the cat so that the cat will have the feeling of freedom being constant. 

Perhaps, the outside world naturally brought the real cats feelings about everything. Maybe, psychological diseases will be improved.

If Kitten is always hungry, being relevant to health problems, I recommend that you do the 100% veterinarian to ensure the best efficiency

Heal the disease for the Kitten. In particular, you must be extremely cautious in the diet’s diet.

If you are raising kittens for the first time, choose to buy the right kitten care handbook about the Kitten’s diet, sleep regime, mood, and personality to ensure the Kitten will not come across this situation.

After a tiring day with work, things make you the most tired, perhaps are the meow meow and the Kitten’s begging for feeding. The reason for doing it is not only food but also your attention. If the cat has eaten the food during the day, pretend to know nothing and not care about it. Even what your act is going, chasing, or petting, the cat, realizes that you know it needs food. So, Kitten will face thickly bothering you with the hope to have food. Take precautions if you don’t want your Kitten to be weakened.


As a master of a cat, please pay more attention to the cat’s condition to better understand the cat. Hungry in kittens can also be normal or may not be normal. It is normal when the cat does not eat enough energy compared to the level of its activity. And it is not normal when the Kitten infected suffer from some diseases I have just referred to.

When you recognize that your Kitten’s eating is constant, long-term, many times a day and even so much, take a cat to the vet to test the health factor to exclude or find the leading cause. The vet will recommend some solutions.

Do not change the menu or food for the cat when not consulted by the veterinary doctor! In short, through this article, I think you had a little more understanding of “the young Cat Always Hungry,” right?

If you understand what I said, what are you waiting for without doing something to protect your Kitten! I hope you will live with your pet with a long and happy life.

From now on, think about what I said.

I hope this article will be useful for you in a few cases. Thank you for reading this article.

Have a nice day! Good luck to you.

source: https://petcentral.chewy.com/whats-happening-to-my-hungry-loud-senior-cat/


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