For a long time, dogs are reputable for making wonderful travel buddies. But do you know there are cats breeds that like to travel?

Those are cats with a heart yearning for adventures and exploring the world with you.

Having these cats with you on the trips, you don’t have to worry about them getting feline-anxiety and suffering in the travel cage.

The 10 cats breeds that like to travel with their owners

1. Siamese

Siamese cats are fun-loving creatures that love to hang around their humans. Most Siamese enjoys getting involved in activities with their owners. Some of them even have some dog personalities in which they love going outdoor and are willing to attend any fetch game

2. Chartreux

The steady temperament and intelligence of a Chartreux indeed surprise you. But you wouldn’t believe how indulged they are in traveling. They can tolerate being in the crate during the trip and adapt to the destination quite fast. When brought on a trip, a Chartreux will be the first one to explore and get to know other pets in peace.

3. Scottish Fold

short-coated grey cat

A Scottish Fold

The breed is super smart and friendly around children and other animals. A Scottish Fold can be very playful even when they come to a new place. Their curiosity may drive them a bit overexcited, but that what makes these cats wonderful travel companions.

4. Persian

These squished faces enjoy roaming around places and scatter their royal friendliness. They are docile kitties that will not resist a mobile home, airplanes, or long-period trips. Persians are also sweet in their personality.

However, travelling with a Persian may bring you some sort of concerns regarding their smooshed face and thick hair. Make sure you prepare well for the cat before the trip, especially to a hot-weather destination.

5. Japanese Bobtail

It’s super comfortable to go on an adventure with a Japanese Bobtail as they will engage in whatever you do. Japanese Bobtails like to interact and be active in various activities. They wouldn’t cry in the cage if constrained for transporting but would stay calm until arriving.

6. Bengals

If you need a dog in a cat body, a Bengal fits in the best. These are adventurous cats that love being out with their humans. Bengal cats well adapt to water. That infers you can bring your Bengals on a boat trip without worrying they will get freak out.

person holding brown cat on white textile

A laid-back Bengal

But a Bengal is closer to the feral lineage which makes them a bit wilder than other tamed cats. They may enjoy the outdoor better than your laps. However, many breeders claim that Bengals are affectionate kitties around other pets. They are easy to train yet muscular enough for dog games.

7. Main Coon

The large breed can be a dog, sometimes, if you want. They love people and prefer a peaceful life with other pets. A Main Coon can play with your dogs and go on a walk on a harness. The cats yet make the perfect companion for the feline expedition as they love going out and exploring with max curiosity.

8. Ragdoll

A beautiful Ragdoll can be super active when out on a journey. Though Ragdolls may not enjoy playing with a fetch, they handle long travel pretty well. These cats are also social creatures that love chatting and hanging out with children or other pets. Their mild temperament allows them to adjust to any situation.

9. Abyssinian

Having an Abyssinian with you on a trip doubles the fun. The courageous cats are curious by natural love exploring new-happenings without being much fussy. When bringing an Abyssinian on a journey, make sure you’re always next to him. As you settle the base, you’ll soon find the cat ready for any exploration.

10. Chantilly (or Tiffany)

A Tiffany is a combination of feline and canine. These cats can be on your laps and be a docile kitty with lots of purring. Sometimes, you may find them super social and energetic.

Most Tiffanies are calm outside of their house, but they don’t like being left alone for too long. If you take a trip with a Tiffany, bring the kitty to discover landscapes and chill by a lake with you.

Bonus: Russian Blue

Distinctive beautiful as a cat but dynamic at heart like a dog, a Russian Blue is a no-better option for a journey cat. This beautiful breed loves hunting, playing fetch, and sunbathing. They are also lovable cats with a charming personality that will melt your heart when one comes to comfort the saddest you.

Bottom line

Traveling with your cat will be an outstanding experience, especially with these cats breeds that like to travel. They will add joy to the trip yet offer you the ultimate companion to make the trip even more memorable.


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