Tiny Tiger cat food is made for cats of all sizes and specializes in wet cat food that is both grain-free and gluten-free, and real animal protein is always the first ingredient. Both healthy and delicious, the food is not only tasty but has a great texture as well. It also comes in several forms, including pate and regular formula, and the company even makes a variety of treats that will please any cat in your home.

Some of the other advantages of the Tiny Tiger food line for cats include cans made without BPA, easy pull-top openers, and products made for cats from kitty stage to older cats. With natural flavors and no preservatives, not only will this cat food please your cat’s palette, but it also smells so good you may be tempted to eat it yourself!

The company makes cat foods in different textures and flavors, and below are the cat foods made by the Tiny Tiger Company that you can feel good about serving to your cat at any time:

1. Pate – Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, 24 Cans

Credit : chewy / Tiny Tiger

These grain-free cat foods are super nutritious and made by a company that caters to your cat so it always gets a personalized meal plan that will suit all of its nutritional needs. This is a pack of 24 three-ounce cans that are the perfect taste and texture for your cat, regardless of its age or breed. There are also many tasty versions of this cat food: beef, turkey and giblets, chicken, beef and poultry, seafood, whitefish and tuna, salmon.

In every bowl of this pate, your cat will receive tons of vitamins, minerals, and the all-important taurine. Included is real broth that keeps the moisture level just right at all times, and the ingredients never include corn, soy, wheat, or carrageenan. In addition, the animal protein is the perfect touch that provides the amino acids your cat needs to keep its muscles lean and active for many years to come.

When it comes to both flavor and nutrition, you can’t beat this type of cat food. It offers your cat a balanced meal every time it eats, and it comes in all of the flavors that cats love. Better still, the food contains everything that your cat needs and nothing that is bad for it – just the good stuff that your cat loves and needs to stay strong and healthy for a very long time. You can feel good about feeding your cat just what it needs, but all it’ll realize is how yummy it tastes!

2. Chunks in Gravy – Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, 24 Cans

Credit : chewy / Tiny Tiger

This wet cat food is the perfect taste and texture and best of all, it is a very affordable product at just over $12 for a total of 24 cans. With tons of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids such as taurine, this food has everything your cat needs to grow and thrive. The high-quality animal protein provides what your cat needs to develop strong muscles, and the taurine will make sure your cat’s eyes and heart are well-protected for a lifetime.

If your cat prefers the texture of cat food chunks with lots of gravy, this is the product for it. It comes in a variety of flavors that cats love, including beef and poultry, seafood, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon and whitefish, and beef. The high-quality broth that’s included in each can keeps the food at the right hydration level, and it never has wheat, corn, or soy added to it. Indeed, zero low-quality ingredients and just the good stuff for your cats in every single can you buy.

This is a great product to feed to cats of any size or breed because it is made by a company that knows within each cat is a tiger just screaming to get out. The perfect blend of nutrients means your cat will get the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow and thrive, and you can rest easy because you’ll know you’ll never have to force your cat to eat it. Easy to store, easy to afford, and easy to feed to your cat, this is one cat food brand you’ll never regret purchasing.

3. Chunks in Extra Gravy – Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, 24 Cans

Credit : chewy / Tiny Tiger

If your cat loves the gravy just as much as it loves the cat food itself, Tiny Tiger’s Chunks in Extra Gravy is the perfect food for it. There is a total of 24 three-ounce cans in each package, and it comes in a variety of flavors, including beef and poultry, seafood, chicken, tuna, turkey, salmon and whitefish, and beef. Whatever its preferences are, you can satisfy your cat’s urges because of the variety offered by all of the Tiny Tiger products, including but not limited to this one.

When it comes to any list of Tiny Tiger cat food reviews, you’ll find the Chunks in Extra Gravy to be one of the most popular because cats love chunky food and they love the fact that the extra gravy keeps the food well-hydrated all the time. Not only is the food free of grains, soy, wheat, and corn, but it contains the all-important amino acid known as taurine, which all cats need because their bodies do not produce it on their own.

Because of the variety of foods available, your cat can enjoy something yummy every single day and, therefore, never get bored. This is real meat, poultry, and seafood, not just byproducts that have ingredients you aren’t familiar with or which you cannot pronounce. It is both tasty and delicious, and it is definitely one food that your cat will thank you for. In fact, you’ll notice a difference right away not only in how healthy your cat is, but also in how much your cat appreciates meal time each day.

4. Crunchy Bunch Treats – 20-Ounce Jar

Credit : chewy / Tiny Tiger

Let’s face it, cats need more than just meals to satisfy their nutritional needs, so a good treat can go a long way in keeping them even healthier and happier. The Tiny Tiger Crunchy Bunch Treats come in three flavors – Chicken Cannonball, Fins of Fury Seafood, and Fearless Feathers and Gracious Gills Chicken and Seafood. Your cat does so much for you, why not do something in return and give your cat some of these tasty and nutritious treats that it’ll devour as soon as you put it in front of it?

Not only are the treats made with real chicken and seafood, but they will satisfy a cat’s urge to have something crunchy every now and then. With these treats, there are no artificial colors or flavors but only added vitamins and taurine. The texture of the treats is also great for scrubbing the cat’s teeth and keeping them cleaner, and as an added bonus, these are low-calorie treats as well.

The Crunchy Bunch treats are perfect for kittens and adult cats alike, and at just one calorie per treat, you can even feed them to an overweight cat and have nothing to worry about. In fact, it is recommended that even cats of a normal size eat no more than 10 of these treats per day, although you can use them as a meal replacement if you like.


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