When the sun goes down, Halloween night is coming, it’s time to dress up your pet with the best bat wings for cat. You want your cat always to be excellent in the crowd, right? 

The funny and unique pet costume is perfect for both daily wear and special occasions, such as Halloween, parties… Funny and cute bat wings will win a lot of admiration from the other. These ideas from bat wings for cat costume below might be a great inspiration for you to dress up your pet.

The best Bat Wings For Cat – Halloween Pet Costumes

Let your furry friends be outstanding with bat wings! Adopting light and soft materials makes your cat has no sense of bondage. The magic design is adjustable and convenient to wear on your pet. Let’s check it out!

Happy Halloween. Are you looking for an end-top product to cosplay your cat at the festival this year? Besides cat Thundershirt, you can make up your cat with bat wings. Let’s try this product. 

With the smart design, you can adjust the wing so that it fits your cat. The magic tape on the wings is convenient to put on the cat, kitten, or puppy. Your pet will transform into a heroic character in science fiction movies when wearing it. It is so impressive! Its neck circumference is from 9.45 to 14.17 inches (24cm – 36cm) and waist circumference is 14.17 to16.54″ (36cm – 42cm).

Not only for Halloween, but you also use these small bat wings for cat in birthday parties or any events. The black wings make your cat cute, special, and attractive.


– Be adjustable to suit your cat.

– Easy to wear

– Pet Halloween Costume Prop


– You have to use tape to attach the wing, so it may be loose if you misuse it.

The outstanding feature of this product is the pumpkin bell in the neck part. The bat wings for cat costume combine with the bell make your cat more lovely. It is considered the perfect outfit for your pet at many festivals (Halloween, masquerade), costume parties, and so on. 

The primary material to create this item is felt, and the bell is copper, one of the high-quality metals. Hence, you don’t need to worry about its lifespan. The single size of the wing is approximately 18 inches in length and 6 inches in width.


– First-rate quality and durability

– Make your cat more lovely and special 

– Suitable for many events and parties


– It does not suit for all cats. Please refer to your measuring results before ordering bat wings for a cat.

The classic bat wings are an ideal costume for your pet in Halloween Season. It not only increases the atmosphere but also make your cat looks so stylish. The base design is black felt cloth, so it is lightweight, excellent, and durable. Your cat is mischievous, we sure that he/she will love this wing.

Your cat is going to join a pet parade or event, get it and let the cat have fun with you. The diversity of products helps animal lovers find the best wings, from S to XL size. Please measure your cat’s size to pick up the right size. 


– You can find ease in wearing and putting off with Velcro design. 

– Available in sizes that you can choose the perfect for your cat. 

– It suits for Halloween dress-up.

– Lightweight, comfortable to wear.


– It requires careful maintenance.

You are looking for bat wings for cat costume, and these bat wings are all you need. Its material is non-toxic felt cloth material, so it is safe to wear, no harm to pets. The item is also very soft and safe to use. Putting on your pet, it will not make the animal feel heavy and give them pressure. 

The black color of wings makes the costume very mystic, suitable for Halloween Party, help your cat have fun. On the bat wings, there is an adjustable strap. So you can fit in your cat’s size and very easy to wear and remove from your pet.

Shop and give it as a gift to your pet, make it mystic, noble, and elegant. Let it enjoy the festivals and parties.


– It is adjustable.

– Safe for your pet.


– It does not suit for the big cat.

Your cat will win the first prize of the pet competition when wearing the bat wings for a cat. Make your pet look cool and mysterious anywhere. The manufacturers use a thick felt cloth to create the unit to keep the shape of the bat wings well. 

Besides, it has some excellent features such as lightweight and softness, which make your pet feel comfortable when wearing it and have no sense of restraint.

Don’t forget that your pet also likes a party. 


– Fine making, very soft, and comfortable to wear.

– Fun and fantastic dress costumes are suitable for cats and dogs as well.

– Make your cat looks lovely and fashionable. 

– Give your pet an attractive look.


– Fit for most of the small-size and medium-sized cats.

Like a bat, the product is black with smooth lines. With Velcro design, the neck and chest belts help to hold the bat wings in the place for a long time. You can adjust the strap so that it fits your cat correctly. 

The size adjustment is very convenient. Please check the size of the product and your cat size before ordering. Don’t buy the tight or loose bat wings. The fasten wings will hurt your cat while loose wings will slide out the cat when putting on the cat. Moreover, Velcro design is durable.

Wait no more. Ready to give your furry friend bat wings to create a charming and beautiful back.

If you would like to clean the product, only wash by hand and then air dry it.


– Easy to use

– Durable so you can use it many times,

– Suitable for all parties, events


– There are maybe a little bit deviations because of manual measurement. But it is not significant.

Halloween is coming around, and everyone is dressing up for trick or treat. And your cat also wants to action too. And the bat wings template for a costume for a cat can create a suitable atmosphere to make it easier for you and your pets to enjoy the party. With the end-top materials, it is comfortable to wear. Like other products, we recommend measuring your pets (its neck/girth) before buying to ensure the best fit.

How to care: Don’t put it into your washing machine or use a blow dryer to dry. Just wipe clean it with a damp cloth (not wet).


– The item is durable.

– Easy to put on your cat for the first time.


 – The primary material to create this wing is cloth, so it can be tear if you are not careful.

How To Choose The Best Bat Wings For Cat

From the size, style, color to the brand of bat wings for cat – Depending on your taste and budget, you can choose a unique or standard costume for your pet. 

Let’s choose bat wings that suit your cat’s size. Measure your kitten before buying bat wings. If you select fixed wings, it will hurt the cat. And if the wings are too loose, they will slide down when you put on the cat.

Also, choose the lightweight bat wings so that your cat can feel comfortable during wearing time. 

How To Make Bat Wings For Cat

What do you need? To start, you need your cat. Or if you don’t have a cat, pick something like a stuffed animal or a rabbit instead. The second, you should have a box as it can keep your pet stay in the right place. And an old sock. The fourth thing you need is an iron wire to model the wings. Next, you can easily find the form of the bat in toy stores near you. And the last you need white paint to draw on the wings. 

To better understand how to make bat wings for cats, you should follow our guidelines step-by-step. Let’s go.

Step 1

Firstly, you remove the things from the bat that you don’t need, like the eyes, nose, etc. After that, you cut off the upper and lower body. So the only thing that remains are the wings. Now, you can do something to make the wings look better. 

Step 2

Start the painting process. You can use facial Halloween paint as it is quite cheap. Then, use white color but ended up using some of the black paint as well. Search a bat image on the Internet, and you can style the wings as the image you see.

Use a little sponge to apply the white paint onto the wings. Why do I say you can use black paint at the end of the painting process? Here is the answer. You can mess up during the process, so you have to use the black to fix it.

Once you have painted, get a blow dryer to dry the paint. Move on to the next step.

Step 3

Take an old sock and cut off the toe part. And the part where your feet usually enter will become the neck part of the bat wings for a cat costume. Right below the neck part, you make two holes for the feet.

Step 4

Now get the iron wire and make two half circles about the size of the full wing. Then you slide them through the sock. Attach two wires by turning movement. You should do this on both sides of the sock.

Step 5

Attach the wings to the sock by pushing the wings onto the iron wire. This way, the wire will be on the back of the wings. You bend the wires together with the item. 

Continue to attach them to the two tops of the wings by sticking it through and back again like sewing. You use a black sharpie to paint onto the visible part on the front of the wings.

Step 6

Try to put the wing on your cat. Make sure it does not hurt your cat. Don’t make your pet go crazy. Well, you have small bat wings for cats after following our steps carefully. Hope that your kitten also likes this new and beautiful costume.

Our Conclusion

Knowing many types of bat wings for cat is exceptionally important. Especially if you would like to shop for your gorgeous pet costume, refer to this post. You will imagine better how your pet will look before buying a bat wings template for a cat costume. 

We hope that the list about different types of bat wings above could somehow help you choose the best products for your cat. You can browse our website to have a deep understanding of your pet. We also share with you more tips for caring cats and how-to guides, such as choosing a cat carrier backpack. In short, if you have any questions or requests, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly to get support. 

We are always happy to hear from you! Have a good day.


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