How do you feed your pets if you multiple cats in your house? When you are at work, you worry about your hungry cats? Do they have enough food and water when you are not at home? We think that our post today can help you forget these questions. Your furry friends will always have enough food and water. Yes, it is thanks to the best automatic cat feeders for two cats. We show you some automatic cat feeders for two cats so that you can choose the best of the best. 

Why You Need An Automatic Cat Feeder?

Looking for the best automatic cat feeder for two cats is necessary to keep pets stay healthy. With a good machine, you do not have to face early morning wake up calls from your pets. Also, you no need to worry that your fur babies have gotten their meals or not. Possess automatic feed hopper for pets, owners can let their pets enjoy meal time although they are away. You can even set a diet for your pets. Your kitties are no more wait, and you have more happy moments. Imagine that you have to travel frequently because of the job requires, your cats are not taken care of carefully. They have some health problems. Still, rely on the automatic pet feeder, you don’t have to worry about your pets’ meal. It helps keep up and control your pet’s healthy feeding routine, no matter what time it is or where you are.

How to choose the right feeder for your pets

You should check the origin, size, quality of construction, price, etc. before buying a pet feeder. Let’s see: 


Purchasing a machine from a familiar brand is better. Go down on the Internet, find a trustworthy seller, and read reviews about the item to find the best place and product. If you buy a pet feeder from a strange brand, you may experience a poor-quality product. There is no guarantee that the seller provides you real machine. If you buy the automatic feeder for two cats from a reliable and familiar brand, they will give you the best one. Often, the quality of products and excellent services are the key to make the customers believe the seller and come back.


The next thing you have to check is the size of the machine. Opt for the best automatic cat feeder for two cats that fits your pets as well as your space. It has to meet your cats’ needs as well. For example, if you stay in a small room, select a small-size feeder is better as it helps save your space. But it is still suitable for your multiple cats. 


You may know that most pet feeders created for distributing feedings for multiple pets. They always range from basic and standard models to smart models. Some are simple, while others are complex. All of them are used to meet the high demands of pet owners. Also, many machines have seriously fancy features. For instance, the feeder allows you to set the mealtime schedule for your cats. You can even set up and control the feeder via your phone. It is beneficial for those who are frequent travelers. Connect the machine with your phone, and then you can feed your pets by pressing a button. So smart!

Ease of use

Not all cat feeders are easy to use. Some machines are more difficult to use than others. High-tech options and features allow you to easily feed your pets, but it is not easy to use if you don’t go through the instructions. Some units will enable you to feed your fur babies via an app on your smartphone, while others don’t require much more like them. Hence, opt for the best one that you think you feel comfortable with it. Get one that you love the model, the way it works, and so on. Don’t forget to keep the machine clean so that you can reuse it many times. 

Top Products Of Automatic Cat Feeder For Two Cats

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

You have a full-time job, so you do not have much time for your pets. But you still want to ensure the diet for your kitties. The item – SureFeed automatic cat feeder for two cats is for you. It is created for multiple cats that can help keep you and your furry friends happy at any time. 

Purchasing the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder means that your pets will stay at home with enough food all day. Many pet owners say that they have no worries about the cats even when they are away. The feeder is perfect for multiple cats. Besides, it prevents your furry friends from stealing from each other’s food. The unit is ideal since it can keep the food clean, safe for the cats’ health. There is a lid on the feeder, it means that the food will be fresh longer, no flies or insects can get inside the unit.

Plus, the automatic cat feeder for two cats cans is a selective item. The microchip of this item recognizes the cat’s appearance. The item will auto-open when your pets come and close when they leave. To further support pet owners, the manufacturer adds up to 32 different microchips in the unit. This ensures the right prescription food and diet for multiple kitties. 

One more great thing about the feeder is that it holds both dry and wet food. You can protect your pets’ health, but don’t leave wet food in the feeder for too long. And wash the bowl regularly to keep it as clean as possible. 


  • Hold both dry and wet food
  • Avoid pets from stealing food from others’ food
  • Control the food input
  • Ideal for fur babies on weight management diets


  • It has more complicated options.

Super Feeder Automatic Cat Feeder

Maintain and take care of your cats are pretty easy as compared to a dog. You have to keep the right nutrition for your pets every day. Your job demands you to travel a lot. Hence, you need to buy this best automatic cat feeder for two cats. Using this automatic unit, your cats no longer bug you in the morning. Or every time you walk into the kitchen for food, these small animals will not bother you. 

This item comes in with five adjustable cups of food. It is great for cats that are experiencing vomiting issues when overeating or losing weight. The cover keeps cats from pawing up and making more food fall too.

What’s more, the CSF-3 super feeder for cats is perfect for keeping your pets healthy and well-fed with timely meals. Mount the metal bracket to the dispenser and attach it to the base/tower. Adjust the feeder for food size and calibrate portion size with infinite electronic controller. Program external timer to turn on when you want to feed and plug the feeder’s power supply into the timer.

You can read lots of reviews about the feeder before deciding to buy it. The folder can help pet owners solve three problems simultaneously:

  • Let your cats eat a measured amount of food
  • Divide into small portions multiple times a day
  • Feed cats while you are away


  • Solidly built, quality product
  • External analog timer separates the on/off function from the kibble dispensing mechanism. 
  • Cat-proof chute and dispenser cover effectively keeps prying paws from stealing kibble between meals
  • Highly adjustable


  • Assembly instructions are difficult to follow. 
  • It is expensive.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

It is the next product in the list of automatic cat feeder for two cats. It is made by PetSafe, which is one of the prominent and trusted brands. What makes the unit perfect for multiple cats? In fact, the item allows owners to schedule 12 meal times for the pets. It can hold a lot of food, and the amount is enough for a horde of cats. Unlike SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, this unit is only used with dry food. 

This automatic cat feeder has the Slow Feed Mode that stops your cats from eating too fast. Besides, the unit is made of BPA-free plastic that is completely safe for your kitties. The manufacturer uses stainless steel to create a bowl of food; hence, you can use it for a long time. The bowl is adjustable, so you can remove it from the feeder and wash it.

When dispensing the food, the best automatic cat feeder for two cats has a bit of noise. You can hear a little motor running in there. The unit works great, and now your pets don’t fight over the food! Many cats love this unit to help with weight control. If you see the cats looking “less svelte,” you should adjust feeding times to put them on a diet.


  • Keep your cats eating at a healthy pace
  • Easy to use and maintain.


  • Customers have to buy power cable and batteries separately.

Bergan Gourmet

The automatic cat feeder for two cats cans can be a great way to control the amount of food your pets eat and when to eat. With this item, you don’t have to be always there to provide your pets with regular meals. Bergan Gourmet is designed to keep pets and their owners happy and healthy.

This item works really well, and it is a reasonable price. They fit nicely against the wall, and they are sturdy enough that you do not concern your pets will knock it over even when it’s almost empty. It is a perfect product for four pets. Also, it holds plenty of water and dry food. It has openings wide, so it is very easy to clean and fill.

Many say that they love this food hopper. It does not have an issue with food not coming down into the bowl, although it doesn’t pour out, which keeps food in hopper fresher and more extended. The bowl is large enough, and no food spills out. The watering bowl is pretty cool because it comes with a lid that has a small stopper hole, very convenient for refilling, and not having spillage when you have to turn it over to set down in the bowl! And to refill the food dispenser, there is a lid right on the top that you open and simply pour in the food.  


  • Your pet will always have plenty of fresh food
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Hold up to 6 pounds of dry pet food for your cats
  • Help owners enjoy an active lifestyle with furry friends


  • You should check the item regularly to ensure that the food is dispensed well.

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Like other pet sleek feeders, the unit from WOPET is also used for feline food dispensing. It is believed and looking to buy by many customers due to the quality, reasonable price, sturdy construction, etc. The automatic cat feeder for two cats stands out one of the best pet feeders available out there.

You see that your kitties are losing weight, they are thin. It’s time to purchase this best automatic cat feeder for two cats. It allows you to give your fur babies a specific amount of food at specific times of the day. It is set up two military times, so there is no mistaking a.m. or p.m. You can set up different times to feed your pets. Each different time your cats can be given different amounts of food. For instance, perhaps you may want to give a large breakfast but a light lunch. What’s more, owners can choose to provide setting number 3 for each of your cat meals and then setting number one for a light snack at the fourth meal right before bed. The smart design of this item is that it can set your voice to call pets to let them know that it is feeding time. You used it to record yourself calling your cats’ names and letting him know that food was about to come out. Whenever your cats hear your voice starts coming out of the machine, they rush over to eat. We think it will help you to keep your pets at a healthier weight, at a more reasonable weight class. 


  • Call your cats to eat at mealtime
  • Dispense smooth feedings
  • Prevent food overflow or clogging


  • For small and medium-size pets

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

It is another product from PetSafe. The automatic cat feeder for two or three cats cans allows you to control your kitties’ food intake via your smartphone. You can install the Smart Feeder on both iPhone and Android applications. With it, you can control the cat feeding schedule when you are away. It is ideal for those who are frequent travelers and busy. Is it necessary to connect Wifi? Well, it will continue to feed your cats even the Wifi is disconnection. It is quite nice having the option to feed pets with a click of a button on the smartphone.

The machine works great. It is great being able to feed your cats very small amounts (1/8 cup) per feeding, up to 12 times per day. You can buy the splitter adapter that will make it work for two cats. Hence, you have more happy times with your pets, and cats have two separate bowls; there is no more fighting!


  • Much easier to program via the app 
  • Easy to pause if you don’t use the feeder daily
  • Latch on the lid to keep prying paws of cats from accessing the food
  • Dispense any kind of dry food size or shape 
  • Hold a pretty good amount of food
  • Battery backup in case of a power outage


  • You can’t change the schedule or give additional feedings if your phone is no internet coverage

In A Nutshell 

Finding the best automatic cat feeder for two cats is not easy. Hopefully, our article about the best pet feeder can help you choose a perfect machine for your furry friends. You have other automatic feeders for your cats, don’t hesitate to share with us. We will consider adding your machines to this list if it works well and looking to buy by users.  

If you like this post, leave us your feedback, and don’t forget to share it! To know more about other exciting things related to pets or cats, or update more interesting writings, feel free to browse our delicately built blog. We have a lot to tell you!

Thanks a lot, and hope you have more happy moments with your pets!


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