White Cat NamesCasperthe friendliest white cat nameBoth
White Cat NamesFrostyis it the colour or the personalityBoth
White Cat NamesElsaroyal inspiration for an elegant kittenBoth
White Cat NamesDuchessthe classy white cat nameBoth
White Cat NamesFlowera clever white cat nameBoth
White Cat NamesBoofor Halloween-ready catsBoth
White Cat NamesKhaleesithe pop culture-inspired white cat nameBoth
White Cat NamesDumbledorecapture the magic of a white kittyBoth
White Cat NamesBunnythe cutest white cat nameBoth
White Cat NamesStormya personality match for your feline friendBoth
White Cat NamesAidenLittle Fire and is of Irish originMale
White Cat NamesAbeFather of a multitudeMale
White Cat NamesAlabastera translucent form of gypsum or calcite, typically white, often carved into ornaments.Male
White Cat NamesAltoidMale
White Cat NamesBeowulfMale
White Cat NamesBiancoMale
White Cat NamesBlancoMale
White Cat NamesBonesMale
White Cat NamesCharlieMale
White Cat NamesCharminMale
White Cat NamesCocoMale
White Cat NamesColdinMale
White Cat NamesColeMale
White Cat NamesConnorMale
White Cat NamesCringleMale
White Cat NamesCrispinMale
White Cat NamesDickensMale
White Cat NamesDogbertMale
White Cat NamesDominoMale
White Cat NamesDownyMale
White Cat NamesFangMale
White Cat NamesFoamMale
White Cat NamesFreshMale
White Cat NamesGabrielMale
White Cat NamesGlintMale
White Cat NamesGlitMale
White Cat NamesGunnMale
White Cat NamesIancoMale
White Cat NamesIceMale
White Cat NamesIce CubeMale
White Cat NamesIce TMale
White Cat NamesIcyMale
White Cat NamesJack FrostMale
White Cat NamesJasperMale
White Cat NamesJustinMale
White Cat NamesKingMale
White Cat NamesKnightMale
White Cat NamesMarblesMale
White Cat NamesMozartMale
White Cat NamesNimbusMale
White Cat NamesNoelMale
White Cat NamesPowderMale
White Cat NamesPutoMale
White Cat NamesQ-TipMale
White Cat NamesRajaMale
White Cat NamesRazorMale
White Cat NamesRumiMale
White Cat NamesSailorMale
White Cat NamesSandsMale
White Cat NamesSanta ClawsMale
White Cat NamesShortyMale
White Cat NamesSiriusMale
White Cat NamesTalcumMale
White Cat NamesTommyMale
White Cat NamesTrekMale
White Cat NamesTuxMale
White Cat NamesWhiteyMale
White Cat NamesYukiMale
White Cat NamesAlbinaFemale
White Cat NamesAlbaFemale
White Cat NamesAngelFemale
White Cat NamesArtemisGreek goddess of the moonFemale
White Cat NamesAshleyFemale
White Cat NamesBarbieFemale
White Cat NamesBeckyFemale
White Cat NamesBelleFemale
White Cat NamesBiancaFemale
White Cat NamesBlancaFemale
White Cat NamesBlancheFemale
White Cat NamesBlondieFemale
White Cat NamesBubblesFemale
White Cat NamesBunnyFemale
White Cat NamesCamilleFemale
White Cat NamesCarnationFemale
White Cat NamesChinaFemale
White Cat NamesClaraFemale
White Cat NamesCocaFemale
White Cat NamesCottontailFemale
White Cat NamesCreamyFemale
White Cat NamesCrownFemale
White Cat NamesDoveFemale
White Cat NamesFairyFemale
White Cat NamesFaithFemale
White Cat NamesFionaFemale
White Cat NamesFlossyFemale
White Cat NamesFluffyFemale
White Cat NamesFrenchyFemale
White Cat NamesGabrielleFemale
White Cat NamesGenvieveFemale
White Cat NamesGlitterFemale
White Cat NamesGraceFemale
White Cat NamesGwendolynFemale
White Cat NamesHaloFemale
White Cat NamesHarmonyFemale
White Cat NamesHollyFemale
White Cat NamesIce QueenFemale
White Cat NamesIcelynFemale
White Cat NamesIcingFemale
White Cat NamesIrisFemale
White Cat NamesIsaFemale
White Cat NamesIsabellaFemale
White Cat NamesKarenFemale
White Cat NamesKenzieScottish for "fair oneFemale
White Cat NamesKrissyshort for KrystalFemale
White Cat NamesLaceFemale
White Cat NamesLacyFemale
White Cat NamesLeahFemale
White Cat NamesLovieFemale
White Cat NamesLumiFemale
White Cat NamesMileyFemale
White Cat NamesMissyFemale
White Cat NamesNoelleFemale
White Cat NamesOctaviaFemale
White Cat NamesOpalFemale
White Cat NamesOsirisFemale
White Cat NamesParisFemale
White Cat NamesPattyFemale
White Cat NamesPebbleFemale
White Cat NamesPersephoneFemale
White Cat NamesPersiaFemale
White Cat NamesPorcelainFemale
White Cat NamesPowder PuffFemale
White Cat NamesQueenFemale
White Cat NamesRoyalFemale
White Cat NamesSandyFemale
White Cat NamesSashaFemale
White Cat NamesShineFemale
White Cat NamesShinyFemale
White Cat NamesSilkyFemale
White Cat NamesSkipperFemale
White Cat NamesStarFemale
White Cat NamesSunnyFemale
White Cat NamesTarteFemale
White Cat NamesTaylorFemale
White Cat NamesTiaraFemale
White Cat NamesTiffanyFemale
White Cat NamesZolaFemale
White Cat NamesZuriFemale
White Cat NamesArtoo Cattooa pun on the iconic droid of "Star Wars" fame.Both
White Cat NamesCasperthe friendly ghostBoth
White Cat NamesBoltthe animated Disney character voiced by John Travolta.Both
White Cat NamesDr. Emmett Brown or Emmettin honor of the wild-haired scientist of from the "Back To The Future" franchise.Both
White Cat NamesHarvey or Keitel the actor who played Mr. White in Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs.Both
White Cat NamesHerbie the talking Volkswagen, also known as The Love BugBoth
White Cat NamesJawsas in the great white shark.Both
White Cat NamesSnow Whitethe Disney princessBoth
White Cat NamesElsafrom Disney's "Frozen"Both
White Cat NamesDumbledorethe white-haired wizard from the "Harry Potter" franchiseBoth
White Cat NamesFogBoth
White Cat NamesGhostBoth
White Cat NamesMistyBoth
White Cat NamesMystiqueBoth
White Cat NamesPhantomBoth
White Cat NamesPoofBoth
White Cat NamesSirenBoth
White Cat NamesSpiritBoth
White Cat NamesThe White ShadowBoth
White Cat NamesWhisperBoth
White Cat NamesAppleas in the tech company, which wraps almost all of its products in a white shell or housingBoth
White Cat NamesBeachyBoth
White Cat NamesBooBoth
White Cat NamesCokeyBoth
White Cat NamesColgateBoth
White Cat NamesCrestBoth
White Cat NamesEinsteinBoth
White Cat NamesEskimoBoth
White Cat NamesFreezeBoth
White Cat NamesFrozenBoth
White Cat NamesFurbyBoth
White Cat NamesIce ManBoth
White Cat NamesMilky WayBoth
White Cat NamesMonochromeBoth
White Cat NamesMoonshineBoth
White Cat NamesPandaBoth
White Cat NamesPapierFrench for paperBoth
White Cat NamesPasteBoth
White Cat NamesPillyBoth
White Cat NamesSkiBoth
White Cat NamesSnowboardBoth
White Cat NamesT.P. nickname for Toilet PaperBoth
White Cat NamesTic TacBoth
White Cat NamesWizardBoth
White Cat NamesBiscuitBoth
White Cat NamesCashewBoth
White Cat NamesChowderBoth
White Cat NamesClamsBoth
White Cat NamesCream PuffBoth
White Cat NamesCoconutBoth
White Cat NamesCoolwhipBoth
White Cat NamesCrackersBoth
White Cat NamesCupcakeBoth
White Cat NamesEgg NogBoth
White Cat NamesGingerBoth
White Cat NamesJellybeanBoth
White Cat NamesMarshmallowBoth
White Cat NamesMarzipan or MarzibeanBoth
White Cat NamesMayoBoth
White Cat NamesMeringueBoth
White Cat NamesNoodleBoth
White Cat NamesOreoBoth
White Cat NamesPeppermintBoth
White Cat NamesPistachioBoth
White Cat NamesPopcornBoth
White Cat NamesPopsicleBoth
White Cat NamesPorkchopBoth
White Cat NamesPotato SaladBoth
White Cat NamesRiceBoth
White Cat NamesSaltyBoth
White Cat NamesSpudsBoth
White Cat NamesSugarBoth
White Cat NamesTofuBoth
White Cat NamesTruffleBoth
White Cat NamesVanillaBoth
White Cat NamesYogurtBoth
White Cat NamesChampagneBoth
White Cat NamesChardonnayBoth
White Cat NamesCreamerBoth
White Cat NamesPinot as in Pinot GrigioBoth
White Cat NamesHorchataBoth
White Cat NamesMilky or MilkshakeBoth
White Cat NamesMoscatoBoth
White Cat NamesSauvignon Blanc Savvy for shortBoth
White Cat NamesVodkaBoth
White Cat NamesWhiskeyBoth
White Cat NamesAnemoneBoth
White Cat NamesAshBoth
White Cat NamesBirchBoth
White Cat NamesBlossomBoth
White Cat NamesCallaBoth
White Cat NamesCamelliaBoth
White Cat NamesCosmoBoth
White Cat NamesCottonballBoth
White Cat NamesDaffodilBoth
White Cat NamesDahliaBoth
White Cat NamesDaisyBoth
White Cat NamesHelioshort for HeliotropeBoth
White Cat NamesHibiscusBoth
White Cat NamesHydrangeaBoth
White Cat NamesIvyBoth
White Cat NamesJasmineBoth
White Cat NamesLilyBoth
White Cat NamesLotusBoth
White Cat NamesMagnoliaBoth
White Cat NamesMoonflowerBoth
White Cat NamesOrchidBoth
White Cat NamesPetuniasBoth
White Cat NamesScabiosaBoth
White Cat NamesVincaBoth
White Cat NamesWisteriaBoth
White Cat NamesYuccaBoth
White Cat NamesAlaskaBoth
White Cat NamesAspenBoth
White Cat NamesCliff (as in the White Cliffs of Dover, an enduring symbol of the English coastline.)Both
White Cat NamesDenaliBoth
White Cat NamesEverestBoth
White Cat NamesGreenlandBoth
White Cat NamesKlondikeBoth
White Cat NamesTundraBoth
White Cat NamesValleyBoth
White Cat NamesYukonBoth
White Cat NamesAvalancheBoth
White Cat NamesBergshort for IcebergBoth
White Cat NamesBlizzard or BlizzyBoth
White Cat NamesChillyBoth
White Cat NamesCirrusa type of cloudBoth
White Cat NamesCloudBoth
White Cat NamesCloudyBoth
White Cat NamesCometBoth
White Cat NamesFrostyBoth
White Cat NamesGeloPortuguese for "ice'Both
White Cat NamesIcicleBoth
White Cat NamesIggyshort for IglooBoth
White Cat NamesJanuaryBoth
White Cat NamesLightningBoth
White Cat NamesLunaBoth
White Cat NamesNovaBoth
White Cat NamesPolarBoth
White Cat NamesSkyBoth
White Cat NamesSmokeBoth
White Cat NamesSnowBoth
White Cat NamesSnowballBoth
White Cat NamesSnowflakeBoth
White Cat NamesSnowyBoth
White Cat NamesSuper NovaBoth
White Cat NamesVaporBoth
White Cat NamesYetias in the mythical ape-like snow creatureBoth
Black Cats
Black CatsAbracadabraBoth
Black CatsAceBoth
Black CatsAlacazamBoth
Black CatsAshBoth
Black CatsAshesBoth
Black CatsAshleyBoth
Black CatsAsherBoth
Black CatsAshtonBoth
Black CatsBatmanBoth
Black CatsBeelzebubBoth
Black CatsBewitchedBoth
Black CatsBlackamoorBoth
Black CatsBlack BartBoth
Black CatsBlack BeautyBoth
Black CatsBlack BeardBoth
Black CatsBlackberryBoth
Black CatsBlackieBoth
Black CatsBlack CrowBoth
Black CatsBlack JackBoth
Black CatsBlack MagicBoth
Black CatsBlack OliveBoth
Black CatsBlack OrchidBoth
Black CatsBlackoutBoth
Black CatsBlack TopBoth
Black CatsBlind SpotBoth
Black CatsCarbonBoth
Black CatsCharcoalBoth
Black CatsCindersBoth
Black CatsCoalBoth
Black CatsCoal DustBoth
Black CatsConjurerBoth
Black CatsCrowBoth
Black CatsCrypt KeeperBoth
Black CatsDarth VaderBoth
Black CatsDeathBoth
Black CatsDeadzoneBoth
Black CatsDiabloBoth
Black CatsDiaboliqueBoth
Black CatsDirtballBoth
Black CatsDuskBoth
Black CatsEbonyBoth
Black CatsEclipseBoth
Black CatsEight BallBoth
Black CatsEnigmaBoth
Black CatsEvilBoth
Black CatsFateBoth
Black CatsGrimalkinBoth
Black CatsHadesBoth
Black CatsHecateBoth
Black CatsHocus PocusBoth
Black CatsImmortalBoth
Black CatsInkBoth
Black CatsInkyBoth
Black CatsInk SpotBoth
Black CatsInkwellBoth
Black CatsJetBoth
Black CatsLeStatBoth
Black CatsLicoriceBoth
Black CatsLuciferBoth
Black CatsMagicBoth
Black CatsMenaceBoth
Black CatsMidnightBoth
Black CatsMidnight RunnerBoth
Black CatsMoon ShadowBoth
Black CatsMysteryBoth
Black CatsMysticBoth
Black CatsMorticiaBoth
Black CatsMourning GloryBoth
Black CatsNecromancerBoth
Black CatsNevermoreBoth
Black CatsNightmareBoth
Black CatsNight RiderBoth
Black CatsNightshadeBoth
Black CatsNinjaBoth
Black CatsObsidianBoth
Black CatsOmenBoth
Black CatsOnyxBoth
Black CatsPantherBoth
Black CatsPersephoneBoth
Black CatsPhantomBoth
Black CatsPiewacketBoth
Black CatsPoeBoth
Black CatsRavenBoth
Black CatsSabrinaBoth
Black CatsSalemBoth
Black CatsSantanaBoth
Black CatsSatanBoth
Black CatsShadeBoth
Black CatsShady CharacterBoth
Black CatsShadowBoth
Black CatsSilhouetteBoth
Black CatsSmudgeBoth
Black CatsSootBoth
Black CatsSpadeBoth
Black CatsSpellboundBoth
Black CatsSpookyBoth
Black CatsSpotBoth
Black CatsSuperstitionBoth
Black CatsTarmacBoth
Black CatsUndertakerBoth
Black CatsUnluckyBoth
Black CatsVoodooBoth
Black CatsWiccaBoth
Black CatsWitchipooBoth
Black CatsWizardBoth
Black CatsAshBoth
Black CatsCoalBoth
Black CatsCinderBoth
Black CatsEbonyBoth
Black CatsEmberBoth
Black CatsShadyBoth
Black CatsSmokyBoth
Black CatsStormyBoth
Black CatsThunderBoth
Black CatsCarbonBoth
Black CatsGraphiteBoth
Black CatsNightBoth
Black CatsOnyxBoth
Black CatsOpalBoth
Black CatsTarmacBoth
Black CatsDustyBoth
Black CatsElviraBoth
Black CatsGothBoth
Black CatsMidnightBoth
Black CatsMysteryBoth
Black CatsMagicBoth
Black CatsMerlinBoth
Black CatsPhantomBoth
Black CatsRorschachBoth
Black CatsHocus PocusBoth
Black CatsRavenBoth
Black CatsWizardBoth
Black CatsLuciferBoth
Black CatsDamienBoth
Black CatsFrankensteinBoth
Black CatsDraculaBoth
Black CatsTwilightBoth
Black CatsShadowBoth
Black CatsWarlockBoth
Black CatsBansheeBoth
Black CatsCovenBoth
Black CatsVoodooBoth
Black CatsOmenBoth
Black CatsWednesday from “The Addams Family"Both
Black CatsBeelzebubBoth
Black CatsMorticiaBoth
Black CatsPhantomBoth
Black CatsMaleficentBoth
Black CatsBeanBoth
Black CatsBlackberryBoth
Black CatsCaviarBoth
Black CatsChaiBoth
Black CatsCocoBoth
Black CatsCoffeeBoth
Black CatsColaBoth
Black CatsCookieBoth
Black CatsEspressoBoth
Black CatsFudgeBoth
Black CatsGodivaBoth
Black CatsGuinnessBoth
Black CatsHersheyBoth
Black CatsJavaBoth
Black CatsJellybeanBoth
Black CatsKonaBoth
Black CatsLicoriceBoth
Black CatsOliveBoth
Black CatsOreoBoth
Black CatsPepperBoth
Black CatsPepsiBoth
Black CatsPorterBoth
Black CatsRaisinBoth
Black CatsStoutBoth
Black CatsCosmoBoth
Black CatsGalaxyBoth
Black CatsEclipseBoth
Black CatsMoonBoth
Black CatsVortexBoth
Black CatsNebulaBoth
Black CatsBanditBoth
Black CatsBatmanBoth
Black CatsBellatrix Harry PotterBoth
Black CatsBlack PantherBoth
Black CatsBlack WidowBoth
Black CatsBogart “Bogey” Humphrey BogartBoth
Black CatsBrando Marlon BrandoBoth
Black CatsBulletBoth
Black CatsChaplin Charlie ChaplinBoth
Black CatsHitchcock Alfred HitchcockBoth
Black CatsKnightBoth
Black CatsMarilyn Marilyn MonroeBoth
Black CatsMoe The Three StoogesBoth
Black CatsNeo The MatrixBoth
Black CatsNinjaBoth
Black CatsOrson Orson WellesBoth
Black CatsSelene UnderworldBoth
Black CatsSelinaaka CatwomanBoth
Black CatsSnapeHarry PotterBoth
Black CatsTerminatorBoth
Black CatsTrinity The MatrixBoth
Black CatsVader Star WarsBoth
Black CatsVoldemort Harry PotterBoth
Black CatsZorroBoth
Black CatsBearBoth
Black CatsPenguinBoth
Black CatsJaguarBoth
Black CatsStallionBoth
Black CatsLeopardBoth
Black CatsPandaBoth
Black CatsPantherBoth
Black CatsFalconBoth
Black CatsPumaBoth
Black CatsRavenBoth
Black CatsSpiderBoth
Black CatsJackalBoth
Black CatsNeroBlack on Italian languageBoth
Black CatsPretoBlack on Portuguese languageBoth
Black CatsNoirBlack on French languageBoth
Black CatsSchwarzBlack on German languageBoth
Black CatsZwartBlack on Dutch languageBoth
Black CatsKuroBlack on Japanese languageBoth
Black CatsBlack JackBoth
Black CatsBlack BeautyBoth
Black CatsDominoBoth
Black CatsInkyBoth
Black CatsSpadeBoth
Black CatsSuedeBoth
Black CatsVelvetBoth
Black CatsJetBoth
Black CatsDieselBoth
Black CatsJohnny CashBoth
Black CatsRogueBoth
Black CatsSneakyBoth
Black CatsBlack AdderBoth
Black CatsBlack BettyBoth
Orange Cats
Orange CatsAlabasterMale
Orange CatsAmarilloMale
Orange CatsBlazeMale
Orange CatsBlazerMale
Orange CatsBrickMale
Orange CatsCairoMale
Orange CatsChesterMale
Orange CatsClayMale
Orange CatsColbyMale
Orange CatsCrimsonMale
Orange CatsFirefoxMale
Orange CatsFlareMale
Orange CatsFuegoMale
Orange CatsGarfieldMale
Orange CatsInfernoMale
Orange CatsJerukMale
Orange CatsKatomMale
Orange CatsOrenMale
Orange CatsPharaohMale
Orange CatsPortokaleMale
Orange CatsRojoMale
Orange CatsRufusMale
Orange CatsRussetMale
Orange CatsRustyMale
Orange CatsScorchMale
Orange CatsAlaniFemale
Orange CatsAmberFemale
Orange CatsAuburnFemale
Orange CatsAutumnFemale
Orange CatsButtercupFemale
Orange CatsCoralFemale
Orange CatsDaisyFemale
Orange CatsFoxyFemale
Orange CatsGingerFemale
Orange CatsGoldieFemale
Orange CatsIrisFemale
Orange CatsKamalaFemale
Orange CatsLadybugFemale
Orange CatsLantanaFemale
Orange CatsLilyFemale
Orange CatsMagentaFemale
Orange CatsMaliFemale
Orange CatsMarigoldFemale
Orange CatsOranginaFemale
Orange CatsPennyFemale
Orange CatsRosaFemale
Orange CatsRoseFemale
Orange CatsRosyFemale
Orange CatsRubyFemale
Orange CatsSaharaFemale
Orange CatsScarlettFemale
Orange CatsSunflowerFemale
Orange CatsTabbyFemale
Orange CatsTabithaFemale
Orange CatsTreasureFemale
Orange CatsTulipFemale
Orange CatsBellBoth
Orange CatsCheetahBoth
Orange CatsCopperBoth
Orange CatsCrimsonBoth
Orange CatsDaidaiiroBoth
Orange CatsEmberBoth
Orange CatsFirecrackerBoth
Orange CatsFireflyBoth
Orange CatsFlameBoth
Orange CatsFlogaBoth
Orange CatsIgnisBoth
Orange CatsJamraBoth
Orange CatsJupiterBoth
Orange CatsKarakaBoth
Orange CatsMarsBoth
Orange CatsMonarchBoth
Orange CatsNevadaBoth
Orange CatsPhoenixBoth
Orange CatsPoppyBoth
Orange CatsQuartzBoth
Orange CatsRedBoth
Orange CatsSacralBoth
Orange CatsSaffronBoth
Orange CatsSandyBoth
Orange CatsSunnyBoth
Orange CatsSunsetBoth
Orange CatsTigerBoth
Orange CatsVatraBoth
Orange CatsApricatBoth
Orange CatsButtersBoth
Orange CatsCandyBoth
Orange CatsGemBoth
Orange CatsHoney BearBoth
Orange CatsPizzleBoth
Orange CatsSunshineBoth
Orange CatsBasketballBoth
Orange CatsCarrot TopBoth
Orange CatsCat WinsletBoth
Orange CatsDrew HairymooreBoth
Orange CatsHazmatBoth
Orange CatsHooterBoth
Orange CatsJack O LanternBoth
Orange CatsJK MeowlingBoth
Orange CatsKraftBoth
Orange CatsRon FleasleyBoth
Orange CatsSnookiBoth
Orange CatsTabbythaBoth
Orange CatsApricotBoth
Orange CatsBourbonBoth
Orange CatsCantaloupeBoth
Orange CatsCaramelBoth
Orange CatsCarrotBoth
Orange CatsCayenneBoth
Orange CatsCheddarBoth
Orange CatsCheeseBoth
Orange CatsCheetoBoth
Orange CatsCherryBoth
Orange CatsChestnutBoth
Orange CatsCheyenneBoth
Orange CatsChiliBoth
Orange CatsCinnamonBoth
Orange CatsCitrusBoth
Orange CatsClementineBoth
Orange CatsCreamsicleBoth
Orange CatsCurryBoth
Orange CatsCustardBoth
Orange CatsDoritoBoth
Orange CatsFajitaBoth
Orange CatsFantaBoth
Orange CatsFritoBoth
Orange CatsHoneyBoth
Orange CatsJuliusBoth
Orange CatsKumquatBoth
Orange CatsMacBoth
Orange CatsMacaroniBoth
Orange CatsMai TaiBoth
Orange CatsMangoBoth
Orange CatsMapleBoth
Orange CatsMarmaladeBoth
Orange CatsMayoBoth
Orange CatsMimosaBoth
Orange CatsMuffinBoth
Orange CatsNachoBoth
Orange CatsNectarBoth
Orange CatsNutmegBoth
Orange CatsOJBoth
Orange CatsPaprikaBoth
Orange CatsPeachesBoth
Orange CatsPersimonnBoth
Orange CatsPineappleBoth
Orange CatsPumpkinBoth
Orange CatsPumpkin SpiceBoth
Orange CatsSalmonBoth
Orange CatsSangriaBoth
Orange CatsSherbertBoth
Orange CatsStrawberryBoth
Orange CatsSunny DBoth
Orange CatsSweet PotatoBoth
Orange CatsTangBoth
Orange CatsTangerineBoth
Orange CatsTic TacBoth
Orange CatsTobascoBoth
Orange CatsVelveetaBoth
Orange CatsWhiskeyBoth
Gray Cat NamesAjaxmeans white knight.Male
Gray Cat NamesCarbonan element.Male
Gray Cat NamesDonovanmeans dark.Male
Gray Cat NamesDustinmeans fighter. Perfect for a feisty cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesDynamo great for a cat with a lot of energy.Male
Gray Cat NamesEgon means fiery.Male
Gray Cat NamesFlash the superfast super hero.Male
Gray Cat NamesFred from Frederick, meaning peaceful ruler.Male
Gray Cat NamesGainsboro a variant of the culour gray.Male
Gray Cat NamesGutherie Scottish for wind.Male
Gray Cat NamesHaze almost like a storm.Male
Gray Cat NamesHeronstrong name for a cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesJake shirt for Jacob.Male
Gray Cat NamesJumbonice for a huge cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesJuno classy gray cat name.Male
Gray Cat NamesKane means warrior.Male
Gray Cat NamesLloyd Welsh for gray.Male
Gray Cat NamesLoki for a cat that always breaks things.Male
Gray Cat NamesMagnum a large wine bottle.Male
Gray Cat NamesMarch a stormy month, befitting name for a gray cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesMufasa from lion king.Male
Gray Cat NamesNero the famous movie character.Male
Gray Cat NamesNeutron a geeky cat name.Male
Gray Cat NamesNinja for a silent moving cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesOslo after the city.Male
Gray Cat NamesPacino for a scar-faced cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesPinball if your cat is really small, this is the perfect name for it.Male
Gray Cat NamesRai means storm.Male
Gray Cat NamesRoar for a fierce looking gray cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesRowan hippie cat name.Male
Gray Cat NamesRudyfrom Rudulph.Male
Gray Cat NamesRyanne a little king.Male
Gray Cat NamesSazi after the Anasazi Indians.Male
Gray Cat NamesScar a fierce name for a cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesSeattle nice name after a gloomy city.Male
Gray Cat NamesSomber a soft shade of purple.Male
Gray Cat NamesSpaz funny cat name.Male
Gray Cat NamesSuede a velvety kind of fabric.Male
Gray Cat NamesTheon from game of thrones.Male
Gray Cat NamesThor the Norse god for strength.Male
Gray Cat NamesTibbyfrom Tiberias.Male
Gray Cat NamesToni means irreplaceable one.Male
Gray Cat NamesTurbofor a fast cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesVictor for a brave cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesVlad from Vladmir.Male
Gray Cat NamesVulcan a dark shade of gray.Male
Gray Cat NamesWren means ruler.Male
Gray Cat NamesYin Chinese for silver.Male
Gray Cat NamesZed means fair or just.Male
Gray Cat NamesAlissa means wind.Female
Gray Cat NamesAngie short for angel.Female
Gray Cat NamesAriel this means lion.Female
Gray Cat NamesAthena a Greek goddess.Female
Gray Cat NamesBea means traveler. Nice for a cat that likes to walk.Female
Gray Cat NamesBianca Italian for white.Female
Gray Cat NamesBrio for a cuddly gray cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesCali means beauty.Female
Gray Cat NamesCharlotte the largest city in North Caruline, USA.Female
Gray Cat NamesChilly means culdFemale
Gray Cat NamesChip Coined from the popular cartoon character, Chipmunk.Female
Gray Cat NamesCleo after cleopatra.Female
Gray Cat NamesCoral what a cute name for a cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesDemi means small.Female
Gray Cat NamesDove for a very gentle cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesHenna a beautiful body drawing.Female
Gray Cat NamesIlma Finnish for air.Female
Gray Cat NamesIris rainbow.Female
Gray Cat NamesIzzy for a cat that is full of surprises.Female
Gray Cat NamesLalimeans darling girl.Female
Gray Cat NamesLeia for an independent cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesLois a female warrior.Female
Gray Cat NamesMab a queen fairy.Female
Gray Cat NamesMargo means pearl.Female
Gray Cat NamesMint coul name for a cat with green eyes and gray furFemale
Gray Cat NamesMistral a culd and strong wind over the alps towards the Mediterranean.Female
Gray Cat NamesMoana the popular animated movie.Female
Gray Cat NamesMoose nice for a restless cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesMoxie means courageous.Female
Gray Cat NamesNadia means hope.Female
Gray Cat NamesNala from lion king.Female
Gray Cat NamesOzzy female name for Osbert.Female
Gray Cat NamesPandora full of dark things.Female
Gray Cat NamesPrism a complex triangle.Female
Gray Cat NamesPurfectfor a perfect little kitten.Female
Gray Cat NamesRella for a royal gray cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesRoxie a hippie name for a wild gray cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesSasha for a feisty cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesSqueaky for a kitten whose meows sound like squeakFemale
Gray Cat NamesTalia means rain from the heavens.Female
Gray Cat NamesTate for a cheerful cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesTess as in Tessy.Female
Gray Cat NamesThora the goddess of thunder.Female
Gray Cat NamesTiki a goddess of fertility.Female
Gray Cat NamesTwinklejust like the stars.Female
Gray Cat NamesVixen buld name for a fierce cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesZelda short for Griselda.Female
Gray Cat NamesAnsel after the popular black and white photographer Ansel Adams.Both
Gray Cat NamesAshton powdery remains after a fire.Both
Gray Cat NamesBabylul, just baby.Both
Gray Cat NamesBlair means battlefieldBoth
Gray Cat NamesBrettthis name is just so coul.Both
Gray Cat NamesCameron classy name for a gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesCenizo Spanish for gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesChampagne sparkling like the gray kitten.Both
Gray Cat NamesCoal charred wood.Both
Gray Cat NamesEmber a substance that glows as it burns.Both
Gray Cat NamesEsme means beloved.Both
Gray Cat NamesFeathers lovely name for a lightly culoured cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesFinley means heroBoth
Gray Cat NamesGlacier like ice.Both
Gray Cat NamesGreer means watchful.Both
Gray Cat NamesGreyjoyfrom game of thrones.Both
Gray Cat NamesGris French for gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesHorizon strong but cute name for a cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesKalaralovely for bright gray cats.Both
Gray Cat NamesKeegan means little fiery one.Both
Gray Cat NamesLane for cats that are sneaky and like to hide.Both
Gray Cat NamesLez short for Leslie.Both
Gray Cat NamesLiath Irish for gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesMona a defender.Both
Gray Cat NamesNico means victorious.Both
Gray Cat NamesNyx Greek goddess of darkness.Both
Gray Cat NamesOrion child of fire.Both
Gray Cat NamesQuillIrish for cub.Both
Gray Cat NamesRaven for a cat with beautiful eyes.Both
Gray Cat NamesRory means chief.Both
Gray Cat NamesSaxon for a dangerous looking gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesSerry Russian for gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesShay like a hawk. Perfect for a hunting cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesSheenlusterous culour.Both
Gray Cat NamesSiva Bosnian for gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesSkittles everyone loves skittles.Both
Gray Cat NamesSpence amazing name for a catBoth
Gray Cat NamesSteel strong alloy. For a really strong cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesStoked for a cat that’s always excited.Both
Gray Cat NamesTempest after Shakespeare’s play.Both
Gray Cat NamesTeri means smooth.Both
Gray Cat NamesTex from Texas.Both
Gray Cat NamesTiara a befitting name for a princess gray kitten,Both
Gray Cat NamesTinsel silver Christmas décor.Both
Gray Cat NamesTreasure yeah, cats are actually a treasure.Both
Gray Cat NamesTressim a winged gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesUmbra shadowy images.Both
Gray Cat NamesVal means strong.Both
Gray Cat NamesWes from Wesley.Both
Gray Cat NamesZoe means life. Coul for a lively cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesSmokey A classic moniker that works well for a male kitten.Male
Gray Cat NamesEarl (or Lady!) Grey Tea lovers will enjoy this one. A regal name for a regal gray kitty of any shade!Both
Gray Cat NamesSterling Sterling, as in silver. A wonderful option, especially for a light grey or silvery cat!Both
Gray Cat NamesPearl Wonderful for a female kitten with lighter-culoured grey fur, Pearl is a lovely classic name.Female
Gray Cat NamesLilac When describing cats, “lilac” means a very pale coat. It is a pretty name for what is certain to be a very pretty kitty indeed.Both
Gray Cat NamesStorm (or Stormy) A wonderful name for an energetic cat of any gender!Both
Gray Cat NamesSkye Grey skies won’t seem so bad if you name your cat after them!Both
Gray Cat NamesKing Grayskull For the cat-owning He-Man fans out there. A fun nerdy reference for your gray kitten.Both
Gray Cat NamesGracie Both a cute name for a female cat and a cute pun. Gray-cie, get it?Female
Gray Cat NamesCinderella For cinders, which are– you guessed it– gray! An adorable name for your little princess.Both
Gray Cat NamesAsh This can be short for either Ashton (for a male kitten) or Ashley (for a female), but either way, it reminds you of gray ashes. Great for a dark gray cat.Female
Gray Cat NamesPigeon A funny name for a sweet gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesWulfie Named after the great gray wulf, Wulfie is a fabulous name for your little male kitten.Both
Gray Cat NamesThe Brain As in gray matter, another fun punny name.Both
Gray Cat NamesPayne After Payne’s gray, a particular deep gray paint culor.Both
Gray Cat NamesIron A nice name for a deep gray culored cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesMoonstone A charming feminine name for a lighter gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesMystic The culour gray is often associated with wisdom and mysticism, making this a great name choice.Both
Gray Cat NamesOyster A particular pale shade of gray, this is another cute fishy name for your cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesPowder Another sweet name for a pale-gray cat!Both
Gray Cat NamesScratchy (from Itchy and Scratchy) Another famous gray cat, this name is sure to appeal to any Simpsons fans out there.Both
Gray Cat NamesSharky Name your cat after another renowned gray hunter, the shark.Both
Gray Cat NamesSoot An adorable name for your dark-gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesSparkle Describing your kitty’s beautiful eyes or shiny gray fur.Both
Gray Cat NamesSpoon As in “silver spoon.”Both
Gray Cat NamesAluminum An unusual but on-the-nose name for a bright gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesArgent or ArgentaArgent is an archaic word used in poetry or heraldry to refer to silver. Argenta would be a cute, feminine take on it.Both
Gray Cat NamesBerloise This name references the cartoon “The Aristocats”.Both
Gray Cat NamesBugs For another famous gray prankster.Both
Gray Cat NamesCenzio Spanish for gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesEdie As in Big or Little Edie of “Gray Gardens”.Both
Gray Cat NamesGray PouponA slightly silly name. Just like the mustard!Both
Gray Cat NamesLuna Another name for the beautiful silvery moon.Both
Gray Cat NamesPewter A name for a particular shade of deep gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesNube Spanish for “cloud”.Both
Gray Cat NamesPatches A sweet name for a gray-and-white cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesCheckers Another name that would be especially nice for a multiculored gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesSardine Another fun fishy name for your silver kitty!Both
Gray Cat NamesAbo Grey in Tagalog/Filipino.Both
Gray Cat NamesDorian As in Dorian Gray.Both
Gray Cat NamesOscar As in Oscar Wilde, author of “The Portrait of Dorian Grey”.Both
Gray Cat NamesEeyore After the famous gray donkey from Winnie The Pooh.Both
Gray Cat NamesFrosty A nice one for a pale gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesGranite A nice name for a male cat, after the often culored-gray stone.Both
Gray Cat NamesCobweb A slightly spooky name for a gray cat of any gender.Both
Gray Cat NamesZiggyAs in “Ziggy Stardust”.Both
Gray Cat NamesTin Man Though we’re sure your kitty has plenty of heart, this is still an adorable name for a gray cat!Both
Gray Cat NamesGriselda A fun, slightly witchy name that derives from the word meaning “gray” in SpanishBoth
Gray Cat NamesBoz This cute name is actually Azerbaijani for “gray”.Both
Gray Cat NamesLana Spanish for “woul”, this name is perfect for a soft gray kitty.Both
Gray Cat NamesNickelodeon Combining shiny gray nickels with classic cartoons, this is another name that’ll be a hit with pop culture lovers.Both
Gray Cat NamesKoala A sweet name, referring to the Australian gray animal.Both
Gray Cat NamesGrady A punny name for a male cat.Male
Gray Cat NamesGriseo Latin for “gray”.Both
Gray Cat NamesMunkustrap For the gray tabby cat in the hit musical “Cats”.Both
Gray Cat NamesFlash A name that is perfect for a hyperactive gray kitten.Both
Gray Cat NamesGrey Gatsby (or The Grey Cats-by) A silly literary pun that is perfect for your gray gentleman cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesSir Cinders Like “Cinderella” but with a masculine twist. Here’s an option!Both
Gray Cat NamesElsaName your kitty after the princess who turned everything to ice. These last three have already been tried and tested by celebrities!Both
Gray Cat NamesTabbyIf your cat is a gray tabby, it’s hard to go wrong with the simple moniker “Tabby”. Hey, it was good enough for Abraham Linculn!Both
Gray Cat NamesGrahamSinger Ed Sheeran named his cat Graham.Both
Gray Cat NamesullieWe’re not sure why Ricky Gervais named his cat ullie, but it is a cute name for a gray cat.Both
Gray Cat NamesSelinaThe secret identity of the infamous Cat woman.Both
Gray Cat NamesKatanaThe Japanese word for sword.Both
Gray Cat NamesGuinevere This was the name of King Arthur’s wife.Both
Gray Cat NamesAngelika This is a form of the word angel.Both
Funny Cat NamesCat StevensBoth
Funny Cat NamesPuma ThurmanBoth
Funny Cat NamesAli CatBoth
Funny Cat NamesCat BenatarBoth
Funny Cat NamesCindy ClawfordBoth
Funny Cat NamesMeowly CyrusBoth
Funny Cat NamesOprah WhiskerBoth
Funny Cat NamesBrad KittBoth
Funny Cat NamesPawdry HepburnBoth
Funny Cat NamesFleas WitherspoonBoth
Funny Cat NamesCatrick StewartBoth
Funny Cat NamesCatrick SwayzeBoth
Funny Cat NamesSchrodingerBoth
Funny Cat NamesJennifurrBoth
Funny Cat NamesPicatsoBoth
Funny Cat NamesAchooFemale
Funny Cat NamesBabushkaFemale
Funny Cat NamesBabooFemale
Funny Cat NamesBink-BinkFemale
Funny Cat NamesKitty PoppinsFemale
Funny Cat NamesBlimpyFemale
Funny Cat NamesCatsey ClineFemale
Funny Cat NamesCatnissFemale
Funny Cat NamesCatsy ClineFemale
Funny Cat NamesChairwoman MiaoFemale
Funny Cat NamesCindy ClawfordFemale
Funny Cat NamesClawdiaFemale
Funny Cat NamesCotillionFemale
Funny Cat NamesCat MiddletonFemale
Funny Cat NamesHairy MulliganFemale
Funny Cat NamesCameowFemale
Funny Cat NamesAbby TabbyFemale
Funny Cat NamesKitney SpearsFemale
Funny Cat NamesClawdiaFemale
Funny Cat NamesKathmanduFemale
Funny Cat NamesKaty PurryFemale
Funny Cat NamesKitty PoppinsFemale
Funny Cat NamesMadam XFemale
Funny Cat NamesMeowly CyrusFemale
Funny Cat NamesMiss AmericaFemale
Funny Cat NamesMiss ThangFemale
Funny Cat NamesKitty BansheeFemale
Funny Cat NamesSamantailFemale
Funny Cat NamesTabbythaFemale
Funny Cat NamesVeronicatFemale
Funny Cat NamesWhispurrFemale
Funny Cat NamesBagel FaceMale
Funny Cat NamesJean Luc PicatMale
Funny Cat NamesJude PawMale
Funny Cat NamesMeowsieMale
Funny Cat NamesLeonardo DaFuzzyMale
Funny Cat NamesLucifurrMale
Funny Cat NamesLuke SkywhiskerMale
Funny Cat NamesCat DamonMale
Funny Cat NamesClawdiusMale
Funny Cat NamesButch CatsidyMale
Funny Cat NamesBing ClawsbyMale
Funny Cat NamesBob MeowerlyMale
Funny Cat NamesMr. MeowgiMale
Funny Cat NamesBing ClawsbyMale
Funny Cat NamesNeil Catrick HarrisMale
Funny Cat NamesDon DrapurrMale
Funny Cat NamesChubby BunnyMale
Funny Cat NamesDalai ClawmaMale
Funny Cat NamesDavid MeowieMale
Funny Cat NamesDonald TrampMale
Funny Cat NamesDonatelloMale
Funny Cat NamesDoughboyMale
Funny Cat NamesFuzzy NavelMale
Funny Cat NamesWookieMale
Funny Cat NamesChubbsMale
Funny Cat NamesMr. KittyMale
Funny Cat NamesAceBoth
Funny Cat NamesToastBoth
Funny Cat NamesEdwardBoth
Funny Cat NamesDudeBoth
Funny Cat NamesBuffyBoth
Funny Cat NamesOttoBoth
Funny Cat NamesJimmyBoth
Funny Cat NamesMeatballBoth
Funny Cat NamesTinkBoth
Funny Cat NamesChairman MeowBoth
Funny Cat NamesTimmyBoth
Funny Cat NamesDeweyBoth
Funny Cat NamesHamletBoth
Funny Cat NamesBillBoth
Funny Cat NamesThumperBoth
Funny Cat NamesNimbusBoth
Funny Cat NamesTurboBoth
Funny Cat NamesRamboBoth
Funny Cat NamesDottieBoth
Funny Cat NamesAngusBoth
Funny Cat NamesHectorBoth
Funny Cat NamesStanBoth
Funny Cat NamesJetBoth
Funny Cat NamesTallulahBoth
Funny Cat NamesBittyBoth
Funny Cat NamesTeslaBoth
Funny Cat NamesFergusBoth
Funny Cat NamesTwinkieBoth
Funny Cat NamesButtercupBoth
Funny Cat NamesThunderBoth
Funny Cat NamesBoboBoth
Funny Cat NamesTiger LilyBoth
Funny Cat NamesDoryBoth
Funny Cat NamesYogiBoth
Funny Cat NamesTippyBoth
Funny Cat NamesChaiBoth
Funny Cat NamesBugsyBoth
Funny Cat NamesRoosterBoth
Funny Cat NamesBuzzBoth
Funny Cat NamesDieselBoth
Funny Cat NamesBirdieBoth
Funny Cat NamesDwightBoth
Funny Cat NamesTurtleBoth
Funny Cat NamesSparkyBoth
Funny Cat NamesMortyBoth
Funny Cat NamesAshesBoth
Funny Cat NamesDoodleBoth
Funny Cat NamesToothlessBoth
Funny Cat NamesAstroBoth
Funny Cat NamesButterBoth
Funny Cat NamesDuckyBoth
Funny Cat NamesFigBoth
Funny Cat NamesPeachesBoth
Funny Cat NamesPhilBoth
Funny Cat NamesTofuBoth
Funny Cat NamesCometBoth
Funny Cat NamesFrodoBoth
Funny Cat NamesMushuBoth
Funny Cat NamesCaptainBoth
Funny Cat NamesCubbyBoth
Funny Cat NamesJulesBoth
Funny Cat NamesHadesBoth
Funny Cat NamesMannyBoth
Funny Cat NamesCat StevensBoth
Funny Cat NamesAli CatBoth
Funny Cat NamesCat BenatarBoth
Funny Cat NamesCindy ClawfordBoth
Funny Cat NamesMeowly CyrusBoth
Funny Cat NamesOprah WhiskerBoth
Funny Cat NamesPawdry HepburnBoth
Funny Cat NamesFleas WitherspoonBoth
Funny Cat NamesJennifurrBoth
Funny Cat NamesPicatsoBoth
GeneralBull’s EyeBoth
GeneralBoo/Boo BooBoth
GeneralAlmond JoyBoth
GeneralIce cubeBoth
Black and White CatAceBoth
Black and White CatAnsel AdamsBoth
Black and White CatBanditBoth
Black and White CatBootsBoth
Black and White CatBowtieBoth
Black and White CatButlerBoth
Black and White CatCharlie ChaplinBoth
Black and White CatCheckersBoth
Black and White CatChessBoth
Black and White CatChipBoth
Black and White CatChuck TaylorBoth
Black and White CatCookieBoth
Black and White CatCruellaBoth
Black and White CatCupcakeBoth
Black and White CatDominoBoth
Black and White CatDottieBoth
Black and White CatEskimoBoth
Black and White CatHoudiniBoth
Black and White CatJames BondBoth
Black and White CatJazzyBoth
Black and White CatJesterBoth
Black and White CatJokerBoth
Black and White CatMaestroBoth
Black and White CatMagicBoth
Black and White CatMarbleBoth
Black and White CatMickeyBoth
Black and White CatMilkshakeBoth
Black and White CatMinnieBoth
Black and White CatMischiefBoth
Black and White CatMittensBoth
Black and White CatMooMooBoth
Black and White CatNewsieBoth
Black and White CatOreoBoth
Black and White CatOrcaBoth
Black and White CatOxfordBoth
Black and White CatPandaBoth
Black and White CatPepperBoth
Black and White CatPianoBoth
Black and White CatPinstripeBoth
Black and White CatPintoBoth
Black and White CatSpotBoth
Black and White CatStripesBoth
Black and White CatSundaeBoth
Black and White CatSushiBoth
Black and White CatSwirlBoth
Black and White CatSylvesterBoth
Black and White CatTuxedoBoth
Black and White CatTwilightBoth
Black and White CatYin-YangBoth
Black and White CatZoroBoth
Black and White CatAlexMale
Black and White CatAlfieMale
Black and White CatArchieMale
Black and White CatMochaMale
Black and White CatMoonpieMale
Black and White CatNightMale
Black and White CatOrcaMale
Black and White CatArloMale
Black and White CatBenMale
Black and White CatPandaMale
Black and White CatPatchMale
Black and White CatPatchesMale
Black and White CatBuzzMale
Black and White CatCarterMale
Black and White CatPianoMale
Black and White CatPinstripeMale
Black and White CatPintoMale
Black and White CatCharlieMale
Black and White CatClarkMale
Black and White CatCooperMale
Black and White CatDaveyMale
Black and White CatDylanMale
Black and White CatBow tieMale
Black and White CatCharlie ChaplinMale
Black and White CatChipMale
Black and White CatElvisMale
Black and White CatFreddieMale
Black and White CatGeorgeMale
Black and White CatGraysonMale
Black and White CatHarryMale
Black and White CatJames BondMale
Black and White CatJeevesMale
Black and White CatMichael JacksonMale
Black and White CatMickeyMale
Black and White CatOzzyMale
Black and White CatPepe LePewMale
Black and White CatPirateMale
Black and White CatHenryMale
Black and White CatJackMale
Black and White CatJakeMale
Black and White CatJamieMale
Black and White CatPeteMale
Black and White CatPrintMale
Black and White CatPuckMale
Black and White CatJoeyMale
Black and White CatLeoMale
Black and White CatRabbiMale
Black and White CatReverendMale
Black and White CatSnoopyMale
Black and White CatMaxMale
Black and White CatMikeyMale
Black and White CatOliMale
Black and White CatOwenMale
Black and White CatSpadeMale
Black and White CatSpotMale
Black and White CatSylvesterMale
Black and White CatRobbyMale
Black and White CatRyanMale
Black and White CatSammyMale
Black and White CatSebMale
Black and White CatTuxMale
Black and White CatTuxedoMale
Black and White CatZorroMale
Black and White CatTannerMale
Black and White CatVinceMale
Black and White CatWesMale
Black and White CatShamuMale
Black and White CatWyattMale
Black and White CatAnnieFemale
Black and White CatAprilFemale
Black and White CatAvaFemale
Black and White CatCruellaFemale
Black and White CatCupcakeFemale
Black and White CatBessFemale
Black and White CatBetsyFemale
Black and White CatDottyFemale
Black and White CatCassieFemale
Black and White CatDixieFemale
Black and White CatEmilyFemale
Black and White CatBetty BoopFemale
Black and White CatCocoFemale
Black and White CatEveFemale
Black and White CatFifiFemale
Black and White CatCookieFemale
Black and White CatGinnyFemale
Black and White CatMaidFemale
Black and White CatMaidenFemale
Black and White CatGracieFemale
Black and White CatHettyFemale
Black and White CatIrisFemale
Black and White CatIzzyFemale
Black and White CatJenFemale
Black and White CatMarilyn MonroeFemale
Black and White CatJuneFemale
Black and White CatKrissieFemale
Black and White CatLexiFemale
Black and White CatMinnieFemale
Black and White CatMiaFemale
Black and White CatMinnieFemale
Black and White CatNelFemale
Black and White CatPennyFemale
Black and White CatQuinnFemale
Black and White CatRiverFemale
Black and White CatTessFemale
Black and White CatTuxxyFemale
Black and White CatWinnieFemale
Black and White CatZoeFemale
Black and White CatAuraBoth
Black and White CatBeatrixBoth
Black and White CatBlaireBoth
Black and White CatBlueBoth
Black and White CatCupcakeBoth
Black and White CatCandyBoth
Black and White CatCleoBoth
Black and White CatWidgetBoth
Black and White CatCookieBoth
Black and White CatDollyBoth
Black and White CatEagleBoth
Black and White CatEdenBoth
Black and White CatPepe Le PewBoth
Black and White CatFawnBoth
Black and White CatFlameBoth
Black and White CatGretaBoth
Black and White CatPongoBoth
Black and White CatHadleyBoth
Black and White CatHarperBoth
Black and White CatChipBoth
Black and White CatHunterBoth
Black and White CatIslandBoth
Black and White CatYinyangBoth
Black and White CatJupiterBoth
Black and White CatMoonBoth
Black and White CatNoodleBoth
Black and White CatNovaBoth
Black and White CatZebraBoth
Black and White CatOthelloBoth
Black and White CatPalmBoth
Black and White CatPhoenixBoth
Black and White CatPirateBoth
Black and White CatPinkieBoth
Black and White CatPiperBoth
Black and White CatSpadeBoth
Black and White CatSpotBoth
Black and White CatRebelBoth
Black and White CatScampiBoth
Black and White CatSoxBoth
Black and White CatStormBoth
Black and White CatTreacleBoth
Black and White CatWrenBoth
Black and White CatBabyBoth
Black and White CatBlossomBoth
Black and White CatMickeyBoth
Black and White CatBubblesBoth
Black and White CatButtercupBoth
Black and White CatCocoBoth
Black and White CatChipBoth
Black and White CatCuddlesBoth
Black and White CatCutie pieBoth
Black and White CatBow tieBoth
Black and White CatDinkyBoth
Black and White CatFlowerBoth
Black and White CatMittensBoth
Black and White CatJinglesBoth
Black and White CatHoneyBoth
Black and White CatKittyBoth
Black and White CatMoomooBoth
Black and White CatMonkeyBoth
Black and White CatPebblesBoth
Black and White CatPetalBoth
Black and White CatPeppermint PattyBoth
Black and White CatPickleBoth
Black and White CatPixieBoth
Black and White CatLatteBoth
Black and White CatSweetieBoth
Black and White CatTicklesBoth
Black and White CatWrigglesBoth
Japanese Cat NamesMomo – “Peach.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKuro – “Black.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHana – “Flower.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKoko – “Short.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesShiro – “White.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSora – “Sky.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesFuku – “Lucky.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMei – “Beautiful.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKai – “Ocean or shell.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesChibi – “Tiny.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAkemi – “Beautiful dawn.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesAkio – “Glorious man.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesDaiki – “Great nobility.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesHibiki – “Echo.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesHikaru – “Radiance.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesHiroshi – “Generous.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesHitoshi – “Even -tempered.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesIsamu – “Courage.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKaito – “Supportive.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKatashi – “Firm.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKatsuro – “Victorious son.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKazuto – “Harmonious person.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKenta – “Big and strong.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKiyoshi – “Purity.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKouki – “Light or hope.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesKunio – “Country man.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesMichio – “Man on a journey.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesMinoru – “Truth.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesMitsuo – “Shining hero.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesNinja – “Ninjutsu master.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesNobu – “Faith.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesNorio – “Man of law.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesRaiden – “Thunder and lightning.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesRen – “Love.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesRiku – “Wise sky.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesRyu – “Dragon.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesSamurai – “Japanese Warrior.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesSatoru – “Daybreak.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesTakeo – “Warrior Hero.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesTomi – “Prosperous.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesToshi – “Wise.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesYasushi – “Peace.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesYoshio – “Joyful life.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesYori – “Trust.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesYuzuki – “Gentle moon.”Male
Japanese Cat NamesAia – “Ruler.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesArisu – “Noble.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesAyame – “Iris.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesChieko – “Child of wisdom.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesEmi – “Beautiful blessing.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesHaru – “Spring.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesHime – “Princess.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesHina – “Sun.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesHoshi – “Star.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesIchika – “Gift.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesIzumi – “Fountain.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesJin – “Tender.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesJunko – “Pure.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesKayda – “Little dragon.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesKichi – “Fortunate.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesKimiko – “Empress child.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesKyoko – “Respectful child.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesMai – “Dance.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesMaiko – “Child of dance.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesMidori – “Green.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesMiku – “Beautiful sky.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesMitsu – “Light.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesMoriko – “Child of the forest.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesNakano – “Female warrior.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesNanami – “Seven Seas.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesRiko – “Child of truth.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesRin – “Dignified.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesSakura – “Cherry blossom.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesSatoko – “Wise child.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesSetsuko – “Melody child.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesShinju – “Pearl.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesSuzu – “Bell.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesTakara – “Treasure.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesTomoko – “Intellect.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesTomomi – “Beautiful friend.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesYasuko – “Child of peace.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesYoko – “Sunlight.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesYua – “Binding love.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesYuka – “Gentle flower.”Female
Japanese Cat NamesAi – “Love.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAiko – “Little Love.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAkachan – “Baby.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAkina – “Spring flower.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesChika – “Scattered Flowers.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesCho – “Butterfly”Both
Japanese Cat NamesChotto – “Small.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesEtsu – “Delight.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHanako – “Flower child.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHare – “Sunny.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHashi – “Chopsticks.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHimari – “Sunflower.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesIchigo – “Strawberry.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKamu – “Chewy.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKanmi – “Sweetness.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKarikari – “Crunchy.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKei – “Blessing.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKeiko – “Adored One.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKegawa – “Fur.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKioko – “Happy.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKin – “Golden.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKoneko – “Kitten.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMaru – “Plump.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMausu – “Mouse.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMinako – “Apple tree.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMochi – “Rice cake.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesOishi – “Tasty.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesPinku – “Pink.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesRini – “Little bunny.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesRozu – “Rose.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSaki – “Blossom.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSatu – “Sugar.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSayuri – “Little lilly.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesShai – “Shy.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesShizuka – “Quiet.’Both
Japanese Cat NamesSuki – “Beloved.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSushi – “… Sushi.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSuzume – “Sparrow.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesUdon – “Thick wheat noodle.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesUme – “Plum blossom.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesWatage – Fluff.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYamu – “Yummy.’Both
Japanese Cat NamesYosei – “Fairy or sprite.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAkumi – “The dark.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAmaya – “Night rain.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAn – “Dark.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAnri – “Dark jasmine.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHai – “Ash.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHatsuki – “Moon flower.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesHotaru – “Firefly.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKage – “Shadow.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKaguya – “Shining night.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKuroguro – “Deep black”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMakkuro – “Pitch black”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMayonaka – “Midnight.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMika – “New Moon.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMokutan – “Charcoal.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSumi – “Black ink.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSekitan – “Coal.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSusu – “Soot.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesTsuki – “Moon.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesTsukiko – “Moon child.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYami – “Darkness.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYamiyo – “Dark night.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYasha – “Night devil.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYoru – “Night.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAkari – “Light.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAkira – “Bright.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAwai – “Pale.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesDeiji – “Daisy.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesFuyu – “Winter.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesFuyuko – “Winter child.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesGin – “Silvery.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesIguru – “Igloo.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKiri – “Fog.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKitsune – “White fox.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKori – “Ice.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKumo – “Cloud.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMashiro – “Pure White.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMiruku – “Milk”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMisuto – “Mist.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesMiyuki – “Beautiful snow.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesReiki – “Chill or cold.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesShimo – “Frost.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesSunoboru – “Snowball.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesTenshi – “Angel.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesTsurana – “Icicle.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYuki – “Snow.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYukiko – “Snow child.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYurei – “Ghost or Spirit.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesYuri – “Lily.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesZoge – “Ivory.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesAmondo – “Almond.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesBeju – “Beige.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesBuchi – “Tabby.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesChoco – “Chocolate.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKasshoku – “Brown.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKokoa – “Cocoa.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKomugi – “Wheat.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKosho – “Pepper.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKuri – “Chestnut.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesKurumi – “Walnut.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesNatsumegu – “Nutmeg.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesReo – “Leo.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesShima – “Stripes.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesShinrin – “Woodland or forest.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesTafi – “Toffee.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesTanuki – “Badger.”Both
Japanese Cat NamesTora – “Tiger”Both
Japanese Cat NamesToro Chan – “Little Tiger.”Both
Brown Cat NamesTeddyBoth
Brown Cat NamesHersheyBoth
Brown Cat NamesToffeeBoth
Brown Cat NamesCoffeeBoth
Brown Cat NamesGodivaBoth
Brown Cat NamesAuburnBoth
Brown Cat NamesSandyBoth
Brown Cat NamesTimberBoth
Brown Cat NamesSausageBoth
Brown Cat NamesTrufflesBoth
Brown Cat NamesMonkeyBoth
Brown Cat NamesCappuccinoBoth
Brown Cat NamesSahraBoth
Brown Cat NamesSyrupBoth
Brown Cat NamesWhiskeyBoth
Brown Cat NamesToastBoth
Brown Cat NamesMahoganyBoth
Brown Cat NamesRouxBoth
Brown Cat NamesCrimsonBoth
Brown Cat NamesColaBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrunoBoth
Brown Cat NamesMochaBoth
Brown Cat NamesManureBoth
Brown Cat NamesCookieBoth
Brown Cat NamesChromeBoth
Brown Cat NamesNutmegBoth
Brown Cat NamesCarmelBoth
Brown Cat NamesChocolateBoth
Brown Cat NamesReeseBoth
Brown Cat NamesChestnutBoth
Brown Cat NamesPeanutBoth
Brown Cat NamesWoodyBoth
Brown Cat NamesKashaBoth
Brown Cat NamesHazelBoth
Brown Cat NamesChoc (for chocolate)Both
Brown Cat NamesGingerBoth
Brown Cat NamesTwinkieBoth
Brown Cat NamesRoloBoth
Brown Cat NamesTwinkBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrownieBoth
Brown Cat NamesCinnamonBoth
Brown Cat NamesSnickersBoth
Brown Cat NamesMapleBoth
Brown Cat NamesTruffleBoth
Brown Cat NamesGravyBoth
Brown Cat NamesCopperBoth
Brown Cat NamesKo-KoBoth
Brown Cat NamesJavaBoth
Brown Cat NamesMarmiteBoth
Brown Cat NamesMottsBoth
Brown Cat NamesTawnyBoth
Brown Cat NamesDutchBoth
Brown Cat NamesCronanBoth
Brown Cat NamesHeathBoth
Brown Cat NamesTwixBoth
Brown Cat NamesBiscuitBoth
Brown Cat NamesTeakBoth
Brown Cat NamesMeatloafBoth
Brown Cat NamesSquirrelBoth
Brown Cat NamesAmberBoth
Brown Cat NamesCocoBoth
Brown Cat NamesLatteBoth
Brown Cat NamesFudgeBoth
Brown Cat NamesCocoaBoth
Brown Cat NamesPeanut ButterBoth
Brown Cat NamesCadburyBoth
Brown Cat NamesBurgundyBoth
Brown Cat NamesTeddy BearBoth
Brown Cat NamesAshleyBoth
Brown Cat NamesChaiBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrunetteBoth
Brown Cat NamesAutumnBoth
Brown Cat NamesNutsBoth
Brown Cat NamesTootsieBoth
Brown Cat NamesAshenBoth
Brown Cat NamesDappleBoth
Brown Cat NamesBeansBoth
Brown Cat NamesMiloBoth
Brown Cat NamesBuster BrownBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrandyBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrownieBoth
Brown Cat NamesCocoaBoth
Brown Cat NamesGoldieBoth
Brown Cat NamesSir SmudgyBoth
Brown Cat NamesAmberBoth
Brown Cat NamesTopazBoth
Brown Cat NamesSnickerdoodleBoth
Brown Cat NamesPeanutBoth
Brown Cat NamesHersheyBoth
Brown Cat NamesMochaBoth
Brown Cat NamesMr. CoconutBoth
Brown Cat NamesSandbarBoth
Brown Cat NamesTawnyBoth
Brown Cat NamesCocoBoth
Brown Cat NamesFoxyBoth
Brown Cat NamesReeseBoth
Brown Cat NamesTigressBoth
Brown Cat NamesPebblesBoth
Brown Cat NamesCopperBoth
Brown Cat NamesShelbieBoth
Brown Cat NamesCoralBoth
Brown Cat NamesGrahamBoth
Brown Cat NamesChewy (Chewie, Chewey)Both
Brown Cat NamesNuggetBoth
Brown Cat NamesKonaBoth
Brown Cat NamesPebblesBoth
Brown Cat NamesSnickersBoth
Brown Cat NamesTaffyBoth
Brown Cat NamesWinnieBoth
Brown Cat NamesTimberBoth
Brown Cat NamesFudgeBoth
Brown Cat NamesPepperBoth
Brown Cat NamesHazelBoth
Brown Cat NamesWafflesBoth
Brown Cat NamesTootsieBoth
Brown Cat NamesCheddarBoth
Brown Cat NamesMangoBoth
Brown Cat NamesToastBoth
Brown Cat NamesDustyBoth
Brown Cat NamesBagelBoth
Brown Cat NamesKahluaBoth
Brown Cat NamesTopazBoth
Brown Cat NamesNutmegBoth
Brown Cat NamesForestBoth
Brown Cat NamesPeanutBoth
Brown Cat NamesAmberBoth
Brown Cat NamesHersheyBoth
Brown Cat NamesEmberBoth
Brown Cat NamesChaiBoth
Brown Cat NamesPeachesBoth
Brown Cat NamesAutumnBoth
Brown Cat NamesNoodlesBoth
Brown Cat NamesCopperBoth
Brown Cat NamesWhiskeyBoth
Brown Cat NamesReeseBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrandyBoth
Brown Cat NamesEspressoBoth
Brown Cat NamesToffeeBoth
Brown Cat NamesBiscuitBoth
Brown Cat NamesCoffeeBoth
Brown Cat NamesPennyBoth
Brown Cat NamesCocoBoth
Brown Cat NamesBean (Beans)Both
Brown Cat NamesCiderBoth
Brown Cat NamesDonutBoth
Brown Cat NamesJavaBoth
Brown Cat NamesDunkinBoth
Brown Cat NamesWookieBoth
Brown Cat NamesPintoBoth
Brown Cat NamesFrecklesBoth
Brown Cat NamesCookieBoth
Brown Cat NamesSierraBoth
Brown Cat NamesMuffinBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrownieBoth
Brown Cat NamesAspenBoth
Brown Cat NamesTawnyBoth
Brown Cat NamesMochaBoth
Brown Cat NamesBaconBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrunoBoth
Brown Cat NamesMochiBoth
Brown Cat NamesTeakBoth
Brown Cat NamesOakleyBoth
Brown Cat NamesChesnutBoth
Brown Cat NamesSundanceBoth
Brown Cat NamesMapleBoth
Brown Cat NamesFoxyBoth
Brown Cat NamesHennaBoth
Brown Cat NamesTrufflesBoth
Brown Cat NamesFawnBoth
Brown Cat NamesJavaBoth
Brown Cat NamesGodivaBoth
Brown Cat NamesHersheyBoth
Brown Cat NamesPorterBoth
Brown Cat NamesTwixBoth
Brown Cat NamesCocoBoth
Brown Cat NamesStormyBoth
Brown Cat NamesBrownieBoth
Brown Cat NamesAshenBoth
Brown Cat NamesPepperBoth
Brown Cat NamesShadyBoth
Brown Cat NamesCadburyBoth
Brown Cat NamesEspressoBoth
Brown Cat NamesAshBoth
Brown Cat NamesCinderBoth
Brown Cat NamesSnickersBoth
Brown Cat NamesMystiqueBoth
Brown Cat NamesSpecklesBoth
Brown Cat NamesMapleBoth
Brown Cat NamesEbonyBoth
Brown Cat NamesAmberBoth
Brown Cat NamesMochaBoth
Brown Cat NamesOnyxBoth
Brown Cat NamesEmberBoth
Italian Cat NamesBacio – Kiss in Italian.Male
Italian Cat NamesZitto – Quiet and silent. This may fit some cats but not others!Male
Italian Cat NamesEsatto – “Exact” in Italian.Male
Italian Cat NamesTenero – Tender. Perfect for a snuggly cat.Male
Italian Cat NamesAldo – Old. A funny choice for a grumpy cat with an old man attitude.Male
Italian Cat NamesCosmo – The universe. Harmony, in order.Male
Italian Cat NamesPelo – Hair or fur. A great option for a cat with a large mane!Male
Italian Cat NamesSonno – Meaning sleep in Italian, this is great for a lazy, sleep cat.Male
Italian Cat NamesAugusto – Great, venerable.Male
Italian Cat NamesBadare – Meaningful, to look after.Male
Italian Cat NamesDante – Everlasting, enduring.Male
Italian Cat NamesMario – Meaning sailor.Male
Italian Cat NamesAlberto – Bright, nobility.Male
Italian Cat NamesGiovanni – God is gracious.Male
Italian Cat NamesFabian – Bean grower.Male
Italian Cat NamesDrago – Dragon.Male
Italian Cat NamesDraco – Another word for Dragon.Male
Italian Cat NamesMattone – Brick, solid – a cool cat name.Male
Italian Cat NamesLeonardo or Leo – Like a lion. Fitting for a cat.Male
Italian Cat NamesAlessandro – Defender of mankind.Male
Italian Cat NamesGuido – Forest guide.Male
Italian Cat NamesLuigi – Famous in war.Male
Italian Cat NamesLupo – Wolf. Might be fitting for cats with attitude!Male
Italian Cat NamesVolpe – The fox. What a suave, cool cat name.Male
Italian Cat NamesPazzo – Translated as “crazy,” this is perfect for kooky, energetic cats.Male
Italian Cat NamesAdolfo – Noble, majestic wolf.Male
Italian Cat NamesAnatolio – Sunrise, dawn. How pretty!Male
Italian Cat NamesHorace – Time keeper.Male
Italian Cat NamesSalvatore – Savior.Male
Italian Cat NamesBenito – Blessed.Male
Italian Cat NamesDominico – Belonging to the lord.Male
Italian Cat NamesRocco – Rest.Male
Italian Cat NamesStefano – A crown, garland.Male
Italian Cat NamesRuggiero – Famous warrior.Male
Italian Cat NamesDonatella – Beautiful star.Female
Italian Cat NamesAdrina – Happiness.Female
Italian Cat NamesTorta – Italian cake.Female
Italian Cat NamesAlbina – White skinned. Awesome for a white cat.Female
Italian Cat NamesFarfalle – Butterfly. How pretty!Female
Italian Cat NamesUffa – An Italian sigh of distress.Female
Italian Cat NamesFlorentina – Flower. Gorgeous name!Female
Italian Cat NamesItalia – Italy!Female
Italian Cat NamesOlympia – From Olympus.Female
Italian Cat NamesStella – Star.Female
Italian Cat NamesAlba – Meaning dawn, this is a gorgeous name that rolls off the tongue.Female
Italian Cat NamesAmmiro – Translated as “I admire,” this is a sweet female cat name.Female
Italian Cat NamesAlda – Long lived.Female
Italian Cat NamesAmara – Everlasting.Female
Italian Cat NamesBambi – Child.Female
Italian Cat NamesPrima – First born. A great name for your first cat!Female
Italian Cat NamesBianca – White. Consider this for a white cat.Female
Italian Cat NamesZola – Ball of earth.Female
Italian Cat NamesCamilla – Unblemished character.Female
Italian Cat NamesEvangelina – Bringer of good news.Female
Italian Cat NamesAngelina – Little angel. Hopefully the name rings true!Female
Italian Cat NamesCarlotta – Strong. A modern twist on the popular Charlotte.Female
Italian Cat NamesAurelia – Golden. Use this for a cat with golden fur!Female
Italian Cat NamesCallisto – Most beautiful.Female
Italian Cat NamesLucia – Light.Female
Italian Cat NamesValentina – Vigorous, powerful. A great name for a strong-willed cat.Female
Italian Cat NamesOttavia – Born eighth.Female
Italian Cat NamesPia – Pious. A good name for a well behaved kitten. Or you could use it ironically for a naughty cat.Female
Italian Cat NamesQuorra – Heart.Female
Russian Cat NamesAlexander – protector of mankindMale
Russian Cat NamesAnatoly – sunriseMale
Russian Cat NamesAnton – worthy of praiseMale
Russian Cat NamesBoris – fighterMale
Russian Cat NamesValentin – strength, healthMale
Russian Cat NamesValery –also strength, healthMale
Russian Cat NamesViktor – conquerorMale
Russian Cat NamesVlad – to ruleMale
Russian Cat NamesVladimir – renowned princeMale
Russian Cat NamesSergey – protector, shepherdMale
Russian Cat NamesSasha – defending menMale
Russian Cat NamesIvan – God is graciousMale
Russian Cat NamesArtem – named after the saint ArtemiusMale
Russian Cat NamesDmitry – earth loverMale
Russian Cat NamesMaxim – the greatestMale
Russian Cat NamesEgor – farmerMale
Russian Cat NamesRoman – of RomeMale
Russian Cat NamesIlya – the Lord is my GodMale
Russian Cat NamesVladislav – glorious ruleMale
Russian Cat NamesKostya – diminutive of KonstantinMale
Russian Cat NamesYaroslav – glory of the sunMale
Russian Cat NamesMikhail – who is like GodMale
Russian Cat NamesAnastasia – resurrectionFemale
Russian Cat NamesNastya – Russian variant of AnastasiaFemale
Russian Cat NamesDasha – kingly or possess wellFemale
Russian Cat NamesOlga – holyFemale
Russian Cat NamesKatya – pureFemale
Russian Cat NamesIrina – peaceFemale
Russian Cat NamesMarina – from the seaFemale
Russian Cat NamesPolina – smallFemale
Russian Cat NamesDaria – kingly or possess wellFemale
Russian Cat NamesNatasha – birthday of the LordFemale
Russian Cat NamesElena (Yelena) – bright, shining lightFemale
Russian Cat NamesEkaterina – pureFemale
Russian Cat NamesSvetlana – starFemale
Russian Cat NamesOksana – praise to GodFemale
Russian Cat NamesAnya – graceFemale
Russian Cat NamesTatiana – of the Tatius clanFemale
Russian Cat NamesOlya – hearty, holyFemale
French Cat NamesAchille– A French form of Achilles, a Greek literary hero.Male
French Cat NamesPepe– A common French name and also that of a famous cartoon skunk.Male
French Cat NamesAbel– A French name with Hebrew origins.Male
French Cat NamesAntoine– This is another common name and a French form of Anthony.Male
French Cat NamesCornelle– This lovely name is the French version of Cornelius.Male
French Cat NamesDaniel– The French form of Daniel, a famous figure from the Bible.Male
French Cat NamesDorain– From the novel A Picture of Dorian Gray.Male
French Cat NamesEthan– This French name with Hebrew roots means strong and firm.Male
French Cat NamesGeoffrey– This name means peace.Male
French Cat NamesGeorges– Named after some famous French artists.Male
French Cat NamesLouis– A famous French king’s name.Male
French Cat NamesMael– This Gaelic name means chief or prince.Male
French Cat NamesManuel– A form of Emmanuel, which means God with us.Male
French Cat NamesMatthieu– A French version of the Hebrew name Matthew.Male
French Cat NamesLumiere– Means light and clarity.Male
French Cat NamesBeau– This word means handsome.Male
French Cat NamesCheval– This strong name means horse.Male
French Cat NamesSaber– This is the French word for sword.Male
French Cat NamesSenior– For regal cats, you can sue the word for lord of the house.Male
French Cat NamesSebastian– This common name means revered.Male
French Cat NamesMarceau– Here is a strong name meaning warlike.Male
French Cat NamesMarq– This is a variation on Mark.Male
French Cat NamesIsaak– The French form of Isaac, which means laughter.Male
French Cat NamesFelix– This common name means fortunate.Male
French Cat NamesFrederic– Means a peaceful ruler.Male
French Cat NamesVachel– This is a fairly common name meaning calf.Male
French Cat NamesVerel– Means correct, as cats always seem to think they are.Male
French Cat NamesVictor– Of course, means conqueror.Male
French Cat NamesTheron– Means hunter.Male
French Cat NamesTristan– This name means bold.Male
French Cat NamesTroy– Is a simple name meaning foot soldier.Male
French Cat NamesOdo– This unique name means rich.Male
French Cat NamesOurson– Save this for ferocious cats, as it means bear.Male
French Cat NamesKarl– Is a common name meaning farmer.Male
French Cat NamesDacey– This name is the French word for Southerner.Male
French Cat NamesDarcio– A form of Arcy or Darcy.Male
French Cat NamesPatric– Meaning nobleman.Male
French Cat NamesElise– A beautiful form of the name Elisabeth.Female
French Cat NamesEmma– This name is associated with French and British royalty.Female
French Cat NamesFanny– Short for Stephanie and Frances.Female
French Cat NamesFleur– French for flower.Female
French Cat NamesGigi– This cute name is a shortened form of Georgine.Female
French Cat NamesGiselle– This name only became commonly used throughout France in the 20th century.Female
French Cat NamesIsabelle– This form of Elizabeth is considered a regal name.Female
French Cat NamesJade– Named after the precious, green stone.Female
French Cat NamesJessica– This French name has English roots in Shakespeare’s plays.Female
French Cat NamesJosee– This is a feminine form of the Hebrew name Joseph.Female
French Cat NamesMarilou– A combination of the names Mary and Louise.Female
French Cat NamesMichele– France’s feminine version of Michael.Female
French Cat NamesMonique– This is a French version of Monica.Female
French Cat NamesAmbrette– The name of a French pear.Female
French Cat NamesBelle– This popular name means beautiful.Female
French Cat NamesElle– Here is a similar one that simply means “her”.Female
French Cat NamesSatine– Is a very popular French girl’s name.Female
French Cat NamesRouge– This name means red.Female
French Cat NamesMiette– Great for smaller cats, as it means small or crumb.Female
French Cat NamesJolie– This increasingly popular name means pretty.Female
French Cat NamesCherie– Most people know this word means darling.Female
French Cat NamesDeja– This lovely name means already.Female
French Cat NamesLilas– This sing-songy word means lilac.Female
French Cat NamesPerle– You might have guessed this word means pearl.Female
French Cat NamesPomme– This sweet name means apple.Female
French Cat NamesAbella– This feminine form of Abel means breath.Female
French Cat NamesAdrienne– For black or brown cats, you can use this word that means dark.Female
French Cat NamesAlexandra– This strong name means defender of the people.Female
French Cat NamesSuzanne– Is the French word for lily.Female
French Cat NamesMai– This simply means the month of May.Female
French Cat NamesMerci– Means thank you or merciful.Female
French Cat NamesMichele– Means godlike.Female
French Cat NamesMystique– Means a mysterious air.Female
French Cat NamesIva– Means the grace of God.Female
French Cat NamesIvonne– Form of Yvonne, meaning archer.Female
French Cat NamesIla– Means light.Female
French Cat NamesFay– Means a fairylike creature.Female
French Cat NamesFlorida– It’s not just a state; it is also a French word meaning flowering.Female
French Cat NamesVivian– Means full of life and can be spelled several different ways.Female
French Cat NamesVioletta– Is a lovely name meaning small violet flower.Female
French Cat NamesTifanie– Means an epiphany.Female
French Cat NamesTilly– Is a very strong name meaning a battle maiden.Female
French Cat NamesOphelia– Is a beautiful name that means helper.Female
French Cat NamesOrva– The name means gold or golden.Female
French Cat NamesKarlotta– Means tiny and feminine.Female
French Cat NamesKarolina– Is another form of Karlotta.Female
French Cat NamesKari– A word meaning pure.Female
French Cat NamesDesiree– The feminine name means desired.Female
French Cat NamesFrances– This form of Frank can be used for boys or girls.Both
French Cat NamesHyacinthe– This flower’s name is used for both males and females in France.Both
French Cat NamesNoel– Means Christmas in French.Both
French Cat NamesJ’aime– This means “I love you” in French.Both
French Cat NamesReve– Means dream in French.Both
French Cat NamesRue– This simple name means street.Both
French Cat NamesBleu– This French word means blue.Both
French Cat NamesCiel– The French word for sky.Both
French Cat NamesBijou– You could go with the French word for jewel.Both
French Cat NamesFelin– You could just go with the French word for cat.Both
French Cat NamesMyrtille– Here is a sweet word meaning blueberry.Both
French Cat NamesJardin– You could use the French word for garden.Both
French Cat NamesDax– Means water.Both
French Cat NamesDeon– Can be spelled a few different ways and means god of wine.Both
French Cat NamesPascal or Pascala- Means born at Eastertime.Both
French Cat NamesPercy– Means something that pierces like your cat’s claws.Both
Spanish Cat NamesPlaya (beach)Female
Spanish Cat NamesCorazón (heart)Female
Spanish Cat NamesNiebla (fog)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBiele (dance)Female
Spanish Cat NamesGata (female cat)Female
Spanish Cat NamesOsa (female bear)Female
Spanish Cat NamesFlor (flower)Female
Spanish Cat NamesSelva (jungle)Female
Spanish Cat NamesMontaña (mountain)Female
Spanish Cat NamesCascada (waterfall)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLluvia (rain)Female
Spanish Cat NamesNieve (snow)Female
Spanish Cat NamesAngel (angel)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBuena (good)Female
Spanish Cat NamesHermosa (beautiful)Female
Spanish Cat NamesAmor (love)Female
Spanish Cat NamesAconcia (comets)Female
Spanish Cat NamesAlegría (joy)Female
Spanish Cat NamesAlta (high or tall)Female
Spanish Cat NamesAmata (loved)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBaja (short woman)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBaya (berry)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBlanca (white)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBonita (pretty woman)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBelita (beautiful)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBricia (variant of Brigid)Female
Spanish Cat NamesBrisa (breeze)Female
Spanish Cat NamesCandela (candle)Female
Spanish Cat NamesCarmelita (little garden)Female
Spanish Cat NamesDia (day)Female
Spanish Cat NamesDulcea (sweet)Female
Spanish Cat NamesEriella (lioness)Female
Spanish Cat NamesEsabella (devoted to God)Female
Spanish Cat NamesEstrella (star)Female
Spanish Cat NamesFantasia (fantasy)Female
Spanish Cat NamesFaustina (lucky woman)Female
Spanish Cat NamesFelicidad (lucky)Female
Spanish Cat NamesFelipa (A woman who is friendly with horses)Female
Spanish Cat NamesFelisa (lucky and successful)Female
Spanish Cat NamesFlorita (flower or blossom)Female
Spanish Cat NamesGitana (gypsy, or wanderer)Female
Spanish Cat NamesGrecia (graceful)Female
Spanish Cat NamesHija (daughter)Female
Spanish Cat NamesJacinda or Jacinta (hyacinth flower)Female
Spanish Cat NamesJuanita (feminine form of Juan or John)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLatoya (victorious)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLavada (pure)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLeonora (bright)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLeya (Loyalty)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLindo (lovely)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLora (like the laurel)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLucita (little light)Female
Spanish Cat NamesLuza (light)Female
Spanish Cat NamesMaria (mother of Jesus)Female
Spanish Cat NamesMadra (mother)Female
Spanish Cat NamesMaite (lady of the house)Female
Spanish Cat NamesMargarita (a delicious drink, a daisy flower)Female
Spanish Cat NamesMariposa (like a butterfly)Female
Spanish Cat NamesNiña (little girl)Female
Spanish Cat NamesPaloma (dove)Female
Spanish Cat NamesPerla (pearl)Female
Spanish Cat NamesReina (queen)Female
Spanish Cat NamesRosita (Little rose)Female
Spanish Cat NamesSelena (Moon goddess)Female
Spanish Cat NamesSafira (sapphire)Female
Spanish Cat NamesSalsa (a dance)Female
Spanish Cat NamesSantina (little saint)Female
Spanish Cat NamesEsponjoso (fluffy)Male
Spanish Cat NamesCielo (sky or heaven)Male
Spanish Cat NamesGato (male cat)Male
Spanish Cat NamesLión (lion)Male
Spanish Cat NamesTigre (tiger)Male
Spanish Cat NamesCazador (hunter)Male
Spanish Cat NamesOso (bear)Male
Spanish Cat NamesRio (river)Male
Spanish Cat NamesSegundo (second)Male
Spanish Cat NamesPequeño (small)Male
Spanish Cat NamesBueno (good)Male
Spanish Cat NamesHermoso (beautiful)Male
Spanish Cat NamesAmante (Lover)Male
Spanish Cat NamesCerveza (beer)Male
Spanish Cat NamesAllegro (music)Male
Spanish Cat NamesValiente (brave)Male
Spanish Cat NamesDulce (sweet)Male
Spanish Cat NamesLeonor (bright)Male
Spanish Cat NamesLupe (wolf)Male
Spanish Cat NamesSanche (blessed one)Male
Spanish Cat NamesSilvi (from the woods)Male
Spanish Cat NamesTequilaMale
Spanish Cat NamesTierra (earth)Male
Spanish Cat NamesAlfonso (noble)Male
Spanish Cat NamesAmado (loved)Male
Spanish Cat NamesCarlito (young Charles)Male
Spanish Cat NamesChico (boy)Male
Spanish Cat NamesLobo (wolf)Male
Spanish Cat NamesLuz (light)Male
Spanish Cat NamesNachoMale
Spanish Cat NamesOro (gold)Male
Spanish Cat NamesReyes (kings)Male
Spanish Cat NamesRico (rich)Male
Spanish Cat NamesSierra (mountains)Male
Spanish Cat NamesTiburon (shark)Male
Spanish Cat NamesRonroneo (purr)Male
Spanish Cat NamesSuave (soft)Male
Spanish Cat NamesTipo (Kind)Male
Spanish Cat NamesFeliz (Happy)Male
Spanish Cat NamesNiño (little boy)Male
Spanish Cat NamesNoche (night)Male
Spanish Cat NamesLindo (pretty)Male
Spanish Cat NamesHermoso (handsome)Male
Spanish Cat NamesLoco (crazy)Male
Spanish Cat NamesFeroz (Fierce)Male
Spanish Cat NamesPeludo (furry)Male
Spanish Cat NamesBigotes (whiskers)Male
Spanish Cat NamesSombra (shadow)Male
Spanish Cat NamesCaliente (hot)Male
Spanish Cat NamesCorto (short)Male
Spanish Cat NamesFuerte (strong)Male
Spanish Cat NamesGordo (fat)Male
Spanish Cat NamesJoven (young)Male
Spanish Cat NamesSeguro (safe)Male
Spanish Cat NamesVivo (alive)Male
Black CatsAbbiFemale
Black CatsAmyFemale
Black CatsGodivaFemale
Black CatsAnnieFemale
Black CatsAvaFemale
Black CatsInkyFemale
Black CatsBellaFemale
Black CatsBetsyFemale
Black CatsMagpieFemale
Black CatsMagicFemale
Black CatsMatchesFemale
Black CatsChrissyFemale
Black CatsBooFemale
Black CatsBoo-BooFemale
Black CatsClaraFemale
Black CatsDahliaFemale
Black CatsDinahFemale
Black CatsElviraFemale
Black CatsEllieFemale
Black CatsElsaFemale
Black CatsBeautyFemale
Black CatsBootsFemale
Black CatsEmilyFemale
Black CatsFrankieFemale
Black CatsFredaFemale
Black CatsMysteryFemale
Black CatsMysticFemale
Black CatsMystiqueFemale
Black CatsGinaFemale
Black CatsGrettaFemale
Black CatsHannahFemale
Black CatsHarrietFemale
Black CatsIngridFemale
Black CatsPocusFemale
Black CatsPumaFemale
Black CatsJasmineFemale
Black CatsKaraFemale
Black CatsKikiFemale
Black CatsSabrinaFemale
Black CatsLexiFemale
Black CatsLilyFemale
Black CatsJaggieFemale
Black CatsJetFemale
Black CatsMaddieFemale
Black CatsMiaFemale
Black CatsMollyFemale
Black CatsNellyFemale
Black CatsOpalFemale
Black CatsOrlaFemale
Black CatsShebaFemale
Black CatsSilhouetteFemale
Black CatsPennyFemale
Black CatsPetalFemale
Black CatsRachelFemale
Black CatsRosieFemale
Black CatsTaraFemale
Black CatsTessaFemale
Black CatsTillyFemale
Black CatsViolaFemale
Black CatsZaraFemale
Black CatsAdamMale
Black CatsAlfieMale
Black CatsAndyMale
Black CatsSalemMale
Black CatsShadeMale
Black CatsShadowMale
Black CatsArchieMale
Black CatsArnieMale
Black CatsBasilMale
Black CatsBennyMale
Black CatsSpiderMale
Black CatsStarlightMale
Black CatsStoneMale
Black CatsBuddyMale
Black CatsCarterMale
Black CatsCharlieMale
Black CatsThunderMale
Black CatsClarkMale
Black CatsCooperMale
Black CatsDamianMale
Black CatsDannyMale
Black CatsDukeMale
Black CatsVampireMale
Black CatsVoodooMale
Black CatsDylanMale
Black CatsEddieMale
Black CatsFreddieMale
Black CatsBanditMale
Black CatsBaronMale
Black CatsBaronessMale
Black CatsBatmanMale
Black CatsBearMale
Black CatsBeastMale
Black CatsBeetleMale
Black CatsBetelgeuseMale
Black CatsBlackbeardMale
Black CatsBlackberryMale
Black CatsBlackjackMale
Black CatsBonesMale
Black CatsGeorgeMale
Black CatsGraysonMale
Black CatsHarryMale
Black CatsJackMale
Black CatsJacobMale
Black CatsJimmyMale
Black CatsChipMale
Black CatsChocolateMale
Black CatsCoffeeMale
Black CatsCrimsonMale
Black CatsJonnyMale
Black CatsLiamMale
Black CatsLukeMale
Black CatsMasonMale
Black CatsMaxMale
Black CatsMickyMale
Black CatsMoon eyesMale
Black CatsDamienMale
Black CatsDanteMale
Black CatsDarknessMale
Black CatsDarthMale
Black CatsNoahMale
Black CatsNickyMale
Black CatsOliverMale
Black CatsPatrickMale
Black CatsPantherMale
Black CatsRobbieMale
Black CatsRyanMale
Black CatsSammyMale
Black CatsDracoMale
Black CatsDraculaMale
Black CatsDrakeMale
Black CatsDustyMale
Black CatsTimmyMale
Black CatsTobyMale
Black CatsTylerMale

Your family has just adopted a new male kitty cat, but you haven’t made up your mind choosing a unique name for your four-legged friend yet.

“What styles of male cat names should I choose? Friendly, cute, funny, or tough?” “what are several hipster cat names?” “Is Rooster an awesome name for a male cat?” or a series of related questions.

All of them will be addressed perfectly in this post. The Unique male cat names and meanings 2020 will draw up fascinating guidelines for cat-lovers right up next. Let’s read on!

Why should you need to name for your boy cat? 

For the most part of parents, pets are like our kiddies. We love and take care of our four-legged friends, we get to dress them up in fashionable outfits as much as picking unique names for them.

Each male cat owns a distinctive character and personality, so their name should be unique and obviously complement their distinctions. However, honestly, it is hardly possible to list all of the name ideas for every character. Therefore, we have just selected some of our iconic and unique male cat names and meanings to inspire readers. Let’s explore them!

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Unique male cat names by color

unique male cat names

Modifying genes means the countless possibility for cat colors, namely black, solid blue, white, tabby orange, calico, and so on. So, we will start off our list of the top 6 unique boy cat names by color below: 

Cloud: this name is a beautiful symbol of nature. It is great for grey male cats.

Blacky: it is super perfect for black male kittens, an elegant name for your four-legged friends.

Coco: a shortened version of Coconut that consists of thick, fibrous, and brown shell. It is a unique name for boy cats like Havana Brown in Thailand or Arabian Mau in the United States.

Amber: a fabulous name for orange tappy male or ginger cats such as Abyssinians and Somalis.

Summer: for bicolored or tricolored boy cats that carry a vibrant and sparkling coat like Aegean in Greece or Bengal.

Autumn: this name is ideal for intense orange, shaded gold, or colorpoint male kittens.

Arctic: the name is related to snow and icebergs, so it is great for solid white male cats.

Boy cat names from movies

Are you a big fan of famous movies or cartoons? Why don’t you name your pet after your interests? Here are 6 impressive options for cat-lovers: 

Harry: picked out from the film series “Harry Potter.” this is an excellent name for smart and jaunty male felines.

Ron: what’s about Ron Weasley in this series? The boy is Harry’s close-knit and faithful friend struggling to a lot of troubles but always overcome. This name is perfect for shy, quiet, and cautious boy cats.

Lucifer: a beautiful name of the character from Cinderella.

Shere Khan: if you have not seen a famous film name “The Jungle Book” yet, don’t miss out and watch now! The character represents power and dominance.

Puss: your kitty cat is a sassy and intelligent male cat, Puss in Boots from Shrek is awesome!

Captain: the famous character from Captain America, super brave and rich in love.

Unique male cat names based on personality

Chouchou: a funny and lovely name for your feline boy.

Nacho: a relaxed name for those who love to crave nachos

Bingo: highly recommended if the male cat’s characteristic of yours is vivacious and super crazy.

Hunter: unique names for cats that are up for lizard and mice chasing

Leo: a gangster male cat names, modern and nicely!

Pepper: for irritable and wild male cats.

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We have just given unique male cat names and meanings 2020. If you have any enchanting ideas for unique boy kittens, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and feeling in the comment section below! Thank you!


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