Your family has just adopted a new male kitty cat, but you haven’t made up your mind choosing a unique name for your four-legged friend yet.

“What styles of male cat names should I choose? Friendly, cute, funny or tough?”, “what are several hipster cat names?”, “Is Rooster an awesome name for a male cat?” or a series of related questions.

All of them will be addressed perfectly in this post. The Unique male cat names and meanings 2020 will draw up fascinating guidelines for cat-lovers right up next. Let’s read on!

Why should you need to name for your boy cat? 

For the most part of parents, pets are like our kiddies. We love and take care of our four-legged friends, we get to dress them up in fashionable outfits as much as picking unique names for them.

Each male cat owns distinctive character and personality so their name should be unique and compliment their distinctions, obviously. However, honestly, it is hardly possible to list out all of the name ideas for every single character. Therefore, we have just selected some of our iconic and unique male cat names and meanings to inspire readers. Let’s explore them!

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Unique male cat names by color

unique male cat names

Modifying genes means the countless possibility for cat colors, namely black, solid blue, white, tabby orange, calico and so on. So, we will start off our list of the top 6 unique boy cat names by color below: 

Cloud: this name is a beautiful symbol of nature. It is great for grey male cats.

Blacky: it is super perfect for black male kittens, an elegant name for your four-legged friends.

Coco: a shortened version of Coconut that consists of thick, fibrous and brown shell. It is a unique name for boy cats like Havana Brown in Thailand or Arabian Mau in the United States.


Amber: a fabulous name for orange tappy male or ginger cats such as Abyssinians and Somalis.

Summer: for bicolored or tricolored boy cats that carry a vibrant and sparkling coat like Aegean in Greece or Bengal.

Autumn: this name is ideal for intense orange, shaded gold or colorpoint male kittens.

Arctic: the name is related to snow and icebergs so it is great for solid white male cats.

Boy cat names from movies

Are you a big fan of famous movies or cartoons? Why don’t you name your pet after your interests? Here are 6 impressive options for cat-lovers: 

Harry: picked out from film series “Harry Potter”. this is an excellent name for smart and jaunty male felines. 

Ron: what’s about Ron Weasley in this series? The boy is Harry’s close-knit and faithful friend struggling to a lot of troubles but always overcome.This name is perfect for shy, quiet and cautious boy cats.

Lucifer: a beautiful name of the character from Cinderella.

Shere Khan: if you have not seen a famous film name “The Jungle Book” yet, don’t miss out and watch now! The character represents power and dominance.

Puss: your kitty cat is a sassy and intelligent male cat, Puss in Boots from Shrek is awesome!


Captain: the famous character from Captain America, super brave and rich in love.

Unique male cat names based on personality

Chouchou: a funny and lovely name for your boy feline.

Nacho: a relaxed name for those who love to crave nachos

Bingo: highly recommended if the male cat’s characteristic of yours is vivacious and super crazy.

Hunter: unique names for cats that are up for lizard and mice chasing

Leo: a gangster male cat names, modern and nicely!

Pepper: for irritable and wild male cats.

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We have just given unique male cat names and meanings 2020. If you have any enchanting ideas for unique boy kittens, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and feeling in the comment section below! Thank you!



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