Aside from being pets, cats also hold signs of independence, curiosity, and courage – defining traits of a hero. Some cats are quite the warriors in favorite fictional stories, for example, Lion-O of the Thundercats. If you consider your cat somewhat of a warrior, then the first step is to give him or her a name that would fit the role. Here is a list of warrior cat name ideas that could help you decide.

warrior cat name

Warrior cat movie name ideas


Anyone who’s a fan of the 80s cartoon should be familiar with this name. From the show Thundercat, Lion-O is the fearless young leader and the Lord of the Thundercats. This character embodies all the traits of a warrior: confidence, strength, and bravery. Also, he is quite handsome. If you could see those features about your cat, Lion-O should be on the top of your list!


If the daring young warrior is not someone that you think your cat is, perhaps someone wiser and more composed? Although not a warrior, Mufasa holds a powerful spirit and kind-hearted king. Along with his patient and optimistic traits, if your cat seems to be emitting these qualities, this is the perfect name for your cat.

Warrior cat book name ideas – Aslan

Fancy a name that you’re more familiar with books? Does Aslan ring a bell? Aslan, king of the world of Narnia, is a representation of all that is good. He is kind, loving, and generous. Not only is he the creator of Narnia, but he also has often protected it from evil forces. If you like to portray your cat as a godly-pet, a king, and a warrior, look no further. Aslan is the perfect portrayal and inspiration for your cat.

Warrior cat tribe name ideas

Tribes of Endless Hunting consists of some of the fearless warriors out there. As the name suggests, these cat warriors are always on the hunt. What they are hunting for, not so many people know.

Lightning – flickering in a storm

With great stealth and fast movements, this name is the perfect option for any cats who have bright colored eyes and a talent to hunt. With the word “lightning” embedded into their name, you can expect fast movements and surprise attacks.

Feather – glides with the breeze

For any cats who love nature, this name is suited for smaller and leaner cats. With the smooth and gentle sound that the name holds, if your cat is peaceful and quiet, you should consider naming your cat like this.

Sun – setting before dusk

Any ginger or light-colored cats with emerald eyes, this name is for those who like to wake up early in the morning to hunt. This is the name for your cat if your cat shows traits relating to hard-working, driven, and smart cat.

Warrior cat clan name ideas – Sky Clan

If the Tribe of the Endless Hunting is known for rummaging at night, warriors from the Sky Clan is infamous for their athletic moves in the air. These warriors, while not the strongest, are very fearless. While it would take the typical cat five steps to get from the couch to the carpet floor, it would only take the warriors of the Sky Clan two steps to land on the hard-wooden floor from the highest wardrobes and land so gracefully that cats from the other tribes would give Sky Clan the look of envy.      

Warrior cat story name ideas

Now that your cat has gotten a name and a tribe that he belongs to, let’s not forget to give him a background. You could come up with a name for your cat’s story. It will be something that alludes to the character of your cat warrior.

Lion – Without Courage

Nothing is what it seems at first glance. This story’s name applies to a cat warrior that has the appearance of a king but doesn’t have what it takes to be one. He walks like a king, eats like a king, and sleeps like a king. However, when faith calls for a moment of bravery, the lion runs away from it.

Catter – with a Goal

This name is simple and easy to understand story name. It tells the story of a cat that lives with purpose. The warrior believes in doing meaningful work and living a useful life. Thus, he spends time wisely and never wastes a single moment of his life.

Name that cat

With flexibility and creativity, coming up with a warrior cat name should be a breeze. It’ll be clear once you find the perfect name aside from the suggested names and depending on your cat’s personality.

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