So you have to give the cat a chance to be active. And here are my tips for Keep Your Indoor Cat Active and Healthy.

Keeping cats indoors has many benefits, from protecting wildlife to keeping cats safe from threats (from predators, cars, diseases, etc.). However, life in the house is not all favorable for cats.

Keep Your Indoor Cat Active and Healthy

Cats are natural athletes, and most of their exercise comes from outdoor activities. It’s a complicated problem for indoor cats. Cats need a lot of practice with a high-protein diet. Meanwhile, when left in a human’s home without stimulation or attraction, cats have a hard time getting up and moving. They may feel bored or even have weight problems when inactive.

1. Set up an active space

Cats need space to walk, climb, and explore. So, arrange a quiet room in your cat’s house or at least a separate corner for your cat with climbing plants and scratching posts to serve as his climbing and scratching bridge. Both of these activities help cats build muscle and stay active and encourage them to play.

Your cat’s private space doesn’t have to be large. Cats like enclosed places and love to hide and climb into objects such as cardboard boxes, paper bags, etc., and will even use this location to sleep comfortably. Leave a paper bag or box for the cat so he can hide, jump, and play.

Another way to give your kitten some room to work is to install a “catio”. While your cat may live indoors, they may prefer to sit outside in a protected environment. A catio is a self-contained structure that you can install in your yard or on your deck or porch to allow your cat to play outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight without the risk of escaping or being endangered. 

If you don’t have a yard or don’t have room to cover it, you can also consider a window to attract the cat. Cats love to observe small animals. So you can install a fish perch in your cat window or place a bird feeder outside the window. Your pet cat will have hours of viewing fun, and the wildlife will be safe.

2. Spending time playing with cats is essential to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active and Healthy

Playing with cats ensures that they get proper exercise and helps them integrate into society. It would be best to interact with cats because indoor cats do not have many opportunities to socialize with other animals and people.

Schedule your cat’s playtime to suit your activities and free time. Your cat probably gets at least ten to fifteen minutes of exercise each day. You can break up playtime throughout the day (for example, five minutes of playtime before your cat’s breakfast, five minutes of play after work, and five minutes of playtime before bed).

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Some of the following interactive toys will come in handy:

  • Balls: Your cat can play, chase and pounce to have more exercise. The different types of balls on the list of The Best Cat Toys Balls to Keep Cat Happy can keep cats entertained for a long time.
  • Use a laser pen or flashlight to shine on the floor or wall. Cats are attracted to moving points of light. Therefore, he will try to chase the light and feel very excited.
  • Cat wand: You can use this popular toy for cats by slowly pulling the rope on the ground to let the cat pounce or grab the object. 

Change toys to keep the cat’s interest.

Cats can get bored with toys after a few days. If you want your cat to stay active without constantly buying new toys, you can put some toys away and leave other toys out. When your cat gets bored with the toys they’re playing with; you can bring the old toys back. Your cat may think they are brand new.

3. Use some catnip

Catnip is a plant in the mint family that has a unique effect on cats. If your cat reacts to catnip, it can be another tool to keep your indoor cat stimulated and happy.

You can buy a potted catnip plant and sprinkle its leaves inside a ball, cardboard tube, or felt toy to lure the cat. You can also buy a spray bottle from a pet store and spray it on your cat’s toys.

4. Raise more cats

Cats can be alone but will also be happy to have friends. Few of us can stay home all day loving our cats, so consider picking up a second cat as a companion. You can have more cats if you can afford it. Having a friend to run and play with can help keep your cat happy and stimulated. However, you need to think carefully before choosing this option.

5. Hide food around the house

Cats are curious animals. In addition to toys, you can help your cat exercise her natural hunting instincts by hiding their favorite treats around the house. That will encourage the cat to move around the house in search of food for them. Not only will this get cats more active, but it can also help encourage overweight cats to start a more active routine.

6. Stimulate your cat to jump

Jumping is an excellent exercise for your cat. If your cat doesn’t respond to toys typically, you can use treats to get them to jump. They can jump high in the air or on the back of a sofa. Just make sure to reward them after a few minutes of play.

7. Take the cat for a walk

Some cats can go outside on a leash and harness. You may not need to take your cat for long walks. Sitting on a leash outside with your cat may be enough to encourage physical activity. They may play with leaves, explore their surroundings, or scratch at trees.


Cats actually need exercise to stay active and healthy, especially with indoor cats when the need for activity is often overlooked or limited by fewer opportunities to play. 

A tired cat is a happy cat. And thankfully, you don’t spend too much time and effort to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active and Healthy with some simple ways above. 

Remember that all you need to do is take the time to care for and play with your cat. You and your cat will enjoy playing together and bonding more!


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