Yes, cats are resourceful and independent animals. However, sometimes it can not solve all the problems around.

In this case, it is forced to beg for help from a relative. That’s you! Let’s get to know how cats can ask you for help if you do not have enough knowledge of this problem!

Ways your cat can ask you for help

Meow Meow

I think you will be surprised when the cat only calls Meow Meow with humans in the way of communication. The case of Meow Meow with another cat is when it was small. It cries meow meow to have the food.

When it calls meow meow for food or any other requirements, you meet for it. For example, you are working; the cat wants you to open the door by calling Meow Meow and waiting for that! In thought, the cat had taken notes and that this knowledge would transmit from this cat generation to another cat one. Consequently, when the cat meows meow, maybe it has problems and needs your help!

The next element is the cat’s purr

If it is a purr, we think of the peaceful prospect of a cat lying on our lap in front of the TV screen. But in another case, the catcalling was now a plea.

Maybe a poor cat is begging you for help because it is hurt? Purring is also a cat’s way of soothing itself when it is sick.

The cat’s change of habits is worth caring for

This point is a real point worth your attention there! It’s not normal for a cat to suddenly change his habits! We already know that cats are a habit animal, so you’ll see cats develop certain behaviors.

One possibility is that the cat is feeling unwell or stressed about something. Be aware of that change. 

For example, if your cat likes peace or flees to other places to calm down. Suddenly, one fine day, it just follows you. This sign is an unusual one; watch out for house changes that could affect cats.

The paws of the cat is no exception

This case is that I think you can see and meet a lot already, but I still mention it here. Your cat pats your face or pats your arm repeatedly to show it wants something. Eliminate the reason for food or concern as the cat keeps doing the same action. Take the cat to the vet to see if the cat has any medical problems. The cat does this because it trusts you and feels safe asking for your help.

There is a possibility of peeing outside of the litter box

Peeing outside of the litter box is rare when you’ve trained your cat to do it. Often, peeing outside the litter box happens when a cat is sick or very stressed. Continuously crying and scratching into the litter tells you that your cat may be in pain. Peeing in bed or another position such as a hammock or sofa, the cat may be very stressed. The cat cannot talk to tell everything that happened to him.

Although this article is about ways your cat asks you for help, the cat may not be sick. Maybe it just wants to joke with you. Maybe later, you haven’t had time to care for cats, so it does the behaviors I mentioned above, so you can give it some time.


You know, there are a lot of problems around that affect cats. As a cat owner, everyone wants cats to be with us forever. If you are busy, from now on, take some time to care for and play with your cat more often. Through this article, I hope you have partly understood the topic of ways your cat can ask you for help.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you live happily with your lovely cat.

Have a nice day!

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