Cats reveal their happiness in different ways. You can read the high feline mood in the cats’ actions, such as being playful, vocal, and chilling even on their own.

But what if the happiness goes beyond? Maybe the little furball just had his favorite meal with teriyaki salmon or baked maguro. Will your kitty become hyperkinetic and tend to bite out of his excitement? There are actually signs your cat is overjoyed that you can read. Those universal clues you’re going to know right here.

Signs Your Cat is Overjoyed

1. Vocal

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A happy cat may not say it, but an over-pleased kitty will shout out loud. What you would hear is a higher pitch of “meow” that tends to be more demanding. That’s an indication of encouraging that an enigmatic feline is signaling. Meaning, you should give him the same exotic food or toy.

2. Engaged and confident

A good sign of a happy cat is him being confident in the surrounding. He may show an unusual interest in the environment that you rarely catch when the kit is in the normal mode. A happy cat reacts more positively to strangers. He’s likely to approach and say hello when he has the highest happiness quotient.

3. Playful

An over-exciting kitten can play nonstop with any given object. Playing is a terrific sign of pleasant. Well-socialized kittens may spend a significant amount of time racing and wrestling with draining the energy of happiness. If you are on the list of the cat’s playmates, congratulations, you are trusted.

4. Positive body language

We all know that a happy cat raises his ears upward. But a happy play kitty expresses his comfort beyond with backward tilted ears, indicating he’s in the hunting mode.

Signs your cat is overjoyed
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Cats’ eyes are also expressive. You can read the joy in the pupils that may squeeze or dilate. A relaxed kitty delivers their happy message in the “sleepy eyes” that slowly blink. When you see a cat blinking in slow motion with you, that means you are receiving very feline kisses.

The way a cat holds his whiskers also tells you if he is in a good mood. If the cat points his tail upward with the whiskers held forward, that’s a great sign to conclude an overjoyed kitty.

5. Good appetite

Healthy means happy. Joyful kittens crave their food like a machine. In another scene, you lovely furball would continuously ask for food by rubbing his head against you. The kit will likely give you a gentle kiss through the eyes.

If you see the cat consumes food in the bowl, leaving no leftover out of the correct portion, your cat is extremely happy with his current.

6. Social

No stressful cats like to greet you and other animals. But if you heard the meow from afar, you know that your fur fellow is in the mood. When you enter the room, the meow wouldn’t stop but coming with endless rubbing, asking, and following.

Many kittens even run around to welcome you home. They bounce from one place to another, scratch the pole but still pointing their sight on you. What is it if not an over-happy cat?

7. Sleepy

A cat sleeping too much can be a bad sign, but that’s a good indication of happiness in an appropriate amount of time. If you find your cat snoozing any time after the meal or playtime, you know that this cat is functioning no more than an overjoyed lovely cat.

8. Groomy

What would an unhappy cat do? He would not care about his own hygiene. But a happy cat does. Licking and cleaning fur is an emotional act that felines do when they are in a good mood. In fact, when a cat grooms himself, his body provides an amount of endorphin, keeping the cat content.

9. Use the litter box correctly

Relaxed cats know how to use their toilet. However, a delighted cat enjoys dashing out more sand after the business. It should be the accomplishment that triggers the high mood. When a cat releases his waste, he may celebrate the toileting experience and jump out of the box with a low pitch of “purr” out of his mouth.

10. Play with the belly up

Showing the belly, the vulnerable part is a sign of trust. Besides, the cat is letting you know that he is in extreme mode, ready to play. An over-excited cat doesn’t mind lying on his back, displaying the belly to play with you.

When a kitty points his paws up, showing the stomach, he has ultimate trust in you as well as an ultra-pleasant stance of play.

11. Bite hard

Don’t get upset if the cat bites you while playing. Yes, it hurts, but it’s not worth scolding the little creature. He’s just being excited playing with you.

Sometimes, the bite doesn’t hurt, but a too-happy cat may bite you hard enough to bleed. This is not that the kitty hates you or feels threatened; he is just getting too excited.

Final line

Those are the signs your cat is overjoyed. There is nothing worse for a cat to be overexcited because a happy cat means a healthy cat. When your kitty is happy around, you’ll feel the same thing.


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