Sneezing is the typical behavior of taking the air out to eliminate some substances through the nose. Surely, cats’ bosses see that cats sneeze continuously. Sneezing is the sign of upper respiratory tract irritation, especially at noses. How should we understand this? 

The expression of respiratory allergy is often asthma, and cats will not sneeze; they just cough. Therefore, allergy at cats cannot occur. Cats often lick their noses after sneezing because of wetness. They do not cough. Their eyes are sparling and clear. They behave and eat normally. However, what causes cats to sneeze a lot


Frequent sneezing is not a signal of serious illness. Like the human, sneezing at cats is because of many reasons. You may worry if something is wrong with your cats when they sneeze. Cats sneeze because of multiple different reasons. So, don’t be worried too much! Let’s explore these reasons! 

Non-communicable diseases

  • Bronchitis or pneumonia
  • Dental diseases: For instance, tooth abscess
  • Nose, oral, throat and tracheal cancers, having tumors

Being allergic to the environment

Just observe your cats having a signal of sneezing in what cases. Some elements can stimulate them. They can sneeze because of allergy if they only sneeze after you clean the house or in their boxes.  

Several cats are easy to catch allergy. There are many irritants in your living space. Cats will constantly sneeze once they smell strange odors to them, such as perfume, cigarette smoke, lipstick, shampoo, dusty cat boxes, insect sprays, detergents, cleaning stuff, or pesticides. Notably, the smell of pollen is very toxic to cats. If their noses or eyes are red, they sneeze and scratch their noses; they may be allergic. The best way is regularly cleaning the living place as cats like cleanliness. This will make them feel most comfortable.

Several cats are easy to catch allergy
Several cats are easy to catch allergy

You can reduce potential allergens in your house, especially in areas your cats spend much time to gather. Nevertheless, if they show an uncomfortable feeling, you should take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. There will be more appropriate treatment methods for them in this circumstance.

Cats can also sneeze because of the high humidity in the rainy season. When the humidity reaches over 90%, they are not only uncomfortable but also cold. And sneezing is easy to understand.

The odor of gasoline smoke having a high amount of carbon dioxide can cause sneezing, oxygen shortage, and suffocation. The smell of the wall, which has been just painted in a closed room, can cause sneezing at cats, too.

Cats often chase insects, for example, ants, bumblebees, cockroaches, etc. They also commonly eat grass. Insect feet or pieces of grass get into cats’ noses, and this can cause sneezing.

Cats owners should choose cat food carefully. Some kinds of cat food can cause allergy. Allergy can sometimes lead to severe skin diseases. Moreover, allergy can make cats angry and feel uncomfortable.

Maybe another cause of allergy is some kinds of room sprays or perfume. The first signal is continuous runny nose and sneezing. Natural ingredients will restrict this affair effectively. So, you should use them in your room.

If you think that your cats are allergic, they are most likely reacting with something in the air. Just remember that kittens’ noses are only a few centimeters from the floor. Therefore, you will see that kittens sneeze quite much if the floor is dirty and dusty. If you realize that your kittens sneeze at a moment and even after that, they still sneeze; they may only react with their fur or dust getting into their noses. You only need to use a vacuum to clean the floor more regularly. This is a simple solution for this affair. 

Infectious diseases

  • Virus: Calicivirus, cat flu, or herpes virus. In these cases, cats often lose their weight fast, have a high fever, dehydration, and other systemic symptoms, phenomena of spreading quickly, and high mortality.
  • Bacterial inflammation of the respiratory tract.


When cats have signs of illness like the human, they most likely sneeze. There are several specific signs, such as:

  • Nose: Virus will cause rhinitis. The phenomena of the runny nose will accompany with rhinitis. The widespread symptoms of cat flu are runny nose and sneezing. 
  • Eyes: Cats’ eyes will be red, and cats may catch corneal ulcers when they catch cat flu.
  • Mouth: Cats’ tongues will hurt when they are sick. As a result, they will be difficult to eat well.
  • Fever: Cats’ bodies will increase the temperature as a reaction when they are sick since the body must change because of infection. Cats will face dehydration, tiredness, and uncomfortable feeling if they have a fever.  You can guess your cats’ health status, based on observable signs above. The best way is taking cats to the nearest veterinarian clinic for inspection if these signs last for a long time.  


This is a pretty contagious and widespread disease. It can cause respiratory problems like sneezing. Almost vets give kittens vaccines to help them prevent this disease. 

However, some dangerous calicillin strains can affect your kittens. So, if you find any abnormal symptoms, it is essential to take kittens for examination and treatment. You should avoid letting infected ones contact other healthy ones until they complete the treatment and are healthy again. 

When seeing cats always sneeze, what should cats’ owners do? 

  • Find out and eliminate causes of chemicals, living environment or make-up widgets.
  • When cats sometimes sneeze, do not worry much!
  • Discussions in the forum cannot replace the clinical examination of veterinary clinics. They are only for reference. You should take your cats to the veterinarian if they do not eat or decrease the appetite, sneeze seriously, sneeze with blood, have signs of sickness or dirty noses. You need to pay more attention if your cats are British shorthair or Persian ones because they are easy to catch a cold. When you have not asked the veterinarian, you should not use veterinary medicine for cats indiscriminately.
  • Carefully observe when cats sneeze.

Health care for cats

You can determine your cats’ health status through analysis. You should implement a periodic examination for cats. The quickest path to successful treatment is the timely detection of diseases. 

Vaccination can prevent a lot of respiratory infection diseases at cats. Just take your cats to the veterinarian if their sneezing status lasts for a long time, and you have not found the reasons. Additionally, you should contribute to raising their body’s resistance to harmful substances from the living environment.

In the body temperature adjustment mechanism, the cat’s respiratory system plays a super important role. Therefore, you should immediately take your cats to the veterinarian when detecting that they repeatedly sneeze with abnormal signals. 


To questions related to health problems, remember to refer to the vets’ ideas! Just call veterinarians if you doubt that your cats are sick. They can know your cats’ health status, check the health, and give the best recommendations to cats.


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