Owning a cat is a gratifying experience. That’s why most people have at least one. Even though cats are known for their independence (or being low-maintenance), they still need some attention. While dogs need to go out and take a daily walk, or specific concentration, a cat can even get through a long day on its own without you. However, that will negatively affect the cat’s mood, personality, and health. On consideration, the cat still needs daily care from you. You have to do many things every day for your cat, even weekly, monthly, or yearly. But you have so much to do in a day like work, housework, babysitting, things that keep you busy. It will be challenging for you to remember all the things you need to do for your cat. That gave rise to the idea of a cat care schedule.

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The decision to adopt a cat or a dog requires your real desire and love of the animal. Because then, they have become part of your family, an equal member. For taking care of the pet in the best way, a cat care schedule is an idea you can not ignore. You can learn about and consult a variety of cat care schedules, from which to choose images that suit your cat and economic conditions. What do you know about the cat care schedule? Read on, and the door will open!

What is the cat care schedule?

The cat care schedule serves as your subject timetable. It contains content that you need to do for a certain amount of time, depending on how you divide it.

A cat care schedule helps you to keep your cat care more steady, regular, and full. If you accidentally forget or are busy with work and can’t do it, your cat care schedule will remind you and other family members to look into your cat care schedule and do it for you. 

You can set up a cat care schedule from short times of the day to large intervals. What is mentioned in a cat care schedule depends on various factors that come from their cat’s care needs and economy. Typically, the cat care schedule includes routine visits, food problems, hygiene problems, and play issues. 

Basic requirements for caring for a cat


Cats are creatures with a susceptible and difficult digestive system. Any unfamiliar or unclean food can affect your gut’s stability. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to the nutritional products you feed your cat. Health is of the utmost importance, which is susceptible to being affected by the products that cats eat. Possible problems include vomiting, loss of appetite, dry cough, upset stomach or stomach pain, diarrhea, even coma, poisoning. There are notes about cat foods to avoid, whether or not you can eat them, you can visit () to learn more.

Cats are rodents, so they like to eat several meals a day. But overeating is not suitable for the cat’s natural growth. If you want to satisfy your cat’s preference, you can give it some dry food. As with meals, cats eat canned or wet food. Don’t forget to pay attention to the average amount of food your cat should eat so that you can divide it into the good meals throughout the day. It depends on your cat’s age, physical condition, and stage of life. 

Cats need taurine, an essential nutrient for heart, eye, and muscle health. You can find this amino acid in meat products, fish, dairy, etc.

In general, make sure that the cat products you provide are of good quality, consistent with your veterinarian’s prescription.


Cats always need to refill their body, even if they have their water portion in the meal. Make sure the cat’s water bowl is clean. You should clean it and change the water daily for the cat.

Cats tend to prefer certain human drinks, such as milk and soft drinks. However, these drinks can be harmful to a cat’s health to some extent. Therefore, you should carefully consider and consult experts before deciding to feed your cat.  


You may not have known that cats love to sleep (the target we will aim at in this article is domestic cats). Cats sleep a lot, sometimes even more than they are awake. However, they are incapable of sleeping for many hours and will wake up between sleep sessions. Every cat’s sleep requirements are different, but their average sleep is 13-19 hours a day. This number depends on how active the cat is in the environment it lives, whereas some cats sleep when they feel bored.

It would be best to prepare your cat for a suitable, well-fitted, cool place, or perhaps a favorite spot for the cat from the cat’s sleep requirement above. That ensures that your cat can either relax in their sleep or relax after hours of continuous play. 


Having a cat is like having a baby. They need to play as we do. You can entertain your cat by rewarding them with mood stimulating items such as a colorful, mobile toy, another companion, or spending time playing with them. These times of playing together will help you and your four-legged friend become closer and happier. 

An excellent clean litter box

Any animal loves cleanliness, even cats. Cats always want to pee and poop in a clean box to make them feel comfortable and safe. So it would be best if you prepared the cat an excellent clean litter box. You can also design something your cat likes to add to the chest. Making a cat happy can sometimes be just such simple actions. 

An interesting space

The living space is also a place that significantly affects the quality of life. What is an exciting area? It is where the cat can comfortably run, play, lie, or sit. Cats also enjoy observing life activities such as pedestrians’ flow, cars moving around, a canopy with birds singing, etc. And indeed, you have come across a cat lying still by the window early in the morning. It is heating the sun. That’s why a space with warm windows is the perfect place for a lazy cat to lie down.

Ginger Cat laying on a bed

Most of all, an enjoyable space should also be a place to create a sense of safety for the cat. That also depends on what you share with the cat. 

Cat care schedule

Developing a cat care schedule requires cat owners to understand their cats and what is appropriate and safe for them. Each cat’s preferences are different, and the habits and needs in a particular area are also isolated. To create the best cat care schedule, cat owners need to take the time to observe and record those things. What’s more, at each stage of life, cats develop different behavioral tendencies. So it is impossible to take care of kitten-like to take care of an old cat.

Some notes about the three stages of a cat’s life:


Kittens have a weak immune system, and their internal organs are in the process of maturing. They are extremely sensitive to the surrounding environment, such as noises, loud animals roar. The warm, discreet environment is the one that works best for them. Besides, during the first four months of life, the kitten should drink breast milk for better growth.


At this stage, the cat is most stable. Therefore, you can quickly identify what is not suitable for the cat to prevent. And don’t forget to sterilize your cat at the right time. Experts say that neutering cats as soon as possible prolongs the life of the cat. 

Old cats

As a cat is old, the functioning of its organs becomes impaired. That is when senior cats become more easygoing. Older cats are susceptible to diseases of the joints, liver, kidneys, and diabetes. Older cats also prefer to sleep, move more slowly. These are issues that should be kept in mind when caring for a senior cat.

There are different types of cat care schedules. It depends on how you allocate the time of day or care periods in a year. In this article, we present a one-year looping cat care schedule. The schedule below is for general purposes only. Therefore, when you are consulting and developing your cat care schedule, it is necessary to consider the above three life stages.

Schedule to take care of cats during each time of the year


The things you need to do every day are always many. With the cat, you need to fulfill the cat’s physiological needs: feed it, drink, clean its litter box, and don’t forget to spend time playing, talking to its, and petting it for even a while. 


Cats need weekly routine care such as bathing (2-3 times a week), grooming, and taking the cat for a walk. It would be best if you also cleaned up your cat’s sleeping area to keep both the cat and your home clean. Simultaneously, check the status of the surrounding area and the sanitary condition of the cat beds; change the litter (or according to the manufacturer’s instructions). 


For your cat’s health, one of the things you need to do is apply a flea medication if you are using a topical flea treatment for your cat. Fleas are an extremely frustrating problem for cats. Once fleas appear, it isn’t easy to get rid of them. Fleas can also cause problems such as itching and unsanitary in people. Therefore, keeping the cat away from flea attacks is also a way to protect your family. 

Every month, cats also need to be dewormed. There are different types of worm removers, such as tablets, syrups, gels, creams, or topical treatments, so consult your veterinarian before choosing. 

Claws are also something you need to notice and check every month. You need to determine if the cat’s claw is too long or too pointed. If so, trim the cat’s claw at home or seek professional help. However, claws are very important for cats, be careful not to damage the soft under the claw (if you cut them yourself).

Besides, it would help if you also refreshed the cat’s toys to avoid boring them. 


To ensure your cat’s health, you should take your cat for a regular check-up and perform some cleaning services such as cleaning the ears, checking to detect and remove brown tartar areas (a bad oral condition for cats). 

Don’t forget to get your cat vaccinated as well. Some serious cat illnesses can happen at any time, such as cat flu, feline enteritis, and rabies. Yearly vaccinations help to minimize the risk of these diseases for cats. There is some advice that cats only need to be vaccinated every few years instead of once a year. Better yet, talk to your veterinarian for more appropriate methods.

In particular, with pillars, which cats scratch to blunt their nails. Make sure the pillar is perfect for cats to blunt their claws naturally. It’s a much better and safer way than human intervention.

Some care products

You can take better care of your pet with the help of several specialized products. Here are some care products to consider:

  • Petwell Massage Tools
  • No Bowl Bead Container
  • Necoichi High Foot Bowl
  • Calm Paws Calming Collar
  • K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Pet Pad
  • Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer
  • Etc.

In the last word

What is the perfect cat care schedule? The answer is no. An ideal cat care routine is one that fits, in balance, with a cat. A cat breeder will always be perfect with their love for cats.

Hopefully, the article has brought useful information. How did you develop a cat care schedule? Please share your experience as well as that schedule for everyone to refer to it. 


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